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Movie qawali time, podcast episode, number 34 Quality, Roofing or Tulsa roofing company, and today I’m going to be going over some things. You need to know about replacing your until they’re certain things that you know people is as homeowners look forward to. As far as fixing up their home goes, you know doing a bunch of remodeling the inside, but normally the roof is the biggest Overlook. One people don’t really pay attention to what I really think about it very often. Yet it really is one of the biggest aspects of protecting anything inside your home and making sure that that everything stays in good shape for for a very very long time. So you know it’s really the most overlooked and people are really think about it, and you know people a lot of times when even know what the cost of a roof can be just because it’s so rare that anybody just looks of the roof in a size. Hey I’m just going to replace it today, just like they didhey, Tulsa Roofing I’m going to paint my bedroom. So it’s really not something that people pay attention to very often, but it is very important whenever it comes to. You know the quality of your home and keeping everything secure safe. You know keeping the rain out any elements from the outside. You really don’t want those coming in side. So that’s really! You know they ass, like that, so you really need to need to consider a roof and whether it’s just replacing it because you want a different look on your own.
That’S one thing but replacing it because you need that layer of protection to be completely replaced because it’s gone bad, then that’s another. So you really need to consider maintaining your roof inspection. You’Re, afraid you know there is maintenance involved with a roof, believe it or not. So you know this is something that you know you should definitely be looking at often and and take care of. So definitely takes take the time to inspect the roof and, if you don’t have the time to inspect the roof, hire somebody to come out and inspect the roof Quality Roofing. We do free roof inspections. Tulsa Roofing So if you ever need us to come out and take a look at anything by all means we’ll be there, you know you just definitely want to have it inspected thoroughly before you consider I’m actually going to replace a roof, so thorough inspection, not just somebody. You definitely have a professional come out to do this portion.
I would say you know at minimum, I have you inspected. The air by quality trusted roofing company. Tulsa Roofing Have somebody come out at least once a year and take a look at it. You know if you have storm damage so you’re, aware of then I was going to make a second trip if you’re on the once your schedule, but definitely have that done at least at least once a yearI would definitely do your research and be prepared, because it’s Not going to be cheap as far as the roof guess, so if, in the event that you’re having to pay cash, then unfortunately it’s just not cheap. It’S a lot of a lot of work, a lot of material, there’s a lot of things that really go into into the roof and they’re, just not the cheapest thing. So you know a small roof could be anywhere from 8 to ,000. So it’s really just not you know most people just don’t have it laying around and send in their roof fund. As far as what they’re able to do, so in the event that you know we’ve come out, we done inspection and we’ve decided hey. It looks like you’re going to need a new roof. Hopefully you have homeowners insurance first and foremost, and then I threw that I would definitely start checking with your homeowners insurance. The first step is to make a claim with your homeowners insurance. Have them send an adjuster out, and we typically like to be there when that adjuster is there, Tulsa Roofing so that we can make sure that everybody’s on the same page and through that process is going to determine the insurance going to cover the Ford place whenever you are, they Just going to cover some kind of repair on the roof, what exactly are they going to cover and are they going to cover everything? So a lot of things that missed me, people are human. There’S not a robot come out there to take a look at your roof until what’s bad and what’s not so you know it’s a whole process and you know we do like for everybody to be on the same page. We really like to be there whenever, whenever that meeting happens, to make sure they’re not overlooking anything to make sure you get the full amount that you should get for. Your claim there’s just a lot of reasons for that, so, but through that you’re going to figure out, you know what what your insurance is going to cover. You know it.
Sometimes I don’t cover it at all.
I mean. Sometimes we will come out. We find legitimate damage, but for whatever reason, the insurance company just decides that they’re not going to cover it. It happens and we will go to bat for you for sure to try and get that taken care of by the insurance. If wewe think that a roof needs replaced and some adjuster has come out and said that, for whatever reason it doesn’t, then we’re definitely going to come back that for you, because we want you to be taken care of, and the last thing you want is just You know somebody messing up so that there has to be another adjuster come out or something whatever needs to be done. Will work with you and try to help you to get that done, because you know we’re not out here just to keep people out of money in and try to put a roof on. We’Re really here to take care of you as a customer and ultimately the biggest thing is dealing with insurance. Tulsa Roofing As you know, insurance company – they don’t really want to pack, but you know if you legitimately need a new roof to protect your home, and we see that we noticed that then we’re going to do whatever we can to try and get you get you taken care Of as far as you know getting, together with the insurance company and making sure they cover everything that they should really be covering, and then that also comes with you know, hiring somebody, that’s that’s professional somebody local to me. That’S what they’re doing and we do this every day I mean this is our business. This is it so, ultimately, you know we’re going to be here for a long time, and so we want to take care of everybody that we possibly can to the best of our ability so definitely hire somebody. That’S reputable get online. You know it’s a big thing anymore. I used to be useful at the Old Yellow Pages and and take a look at everything and try to find a a roofing company, but anymore everything’s just got online and people can leave reviews online very easily and they do people like to voice their opinions. So when they’re taken care of they like to tell everybody and when they’re not taking care of they like to tell everybody so check out a company’s Google reviews, FYIQuality Roofing, we have the most Google reviews in Tulsa Oklahoma, but definitely check those out and see. You know what check out a company’s reputation.
That’S what I would do. I mean go to the Internet check out the Better Business Bureau check out there, Google listening check out there, Google reviews Facebook is another place and probably got some kind of reviews on there as well, but be looking at those that way. You can really tell who’s going to do that pretty quickly. Like I said, people are, Tulsa Roofing are very quick to voice her opinions and they don’t like something there actually a lot faster, the voice that opinion and they are when they do like something. So there’s a lot. A lot of Truth, they can be found when it comes to those those reviews. Honestly, and if you see a pattern as far as bad reviews go, then I would definitely stay away from that company and in the biggest thing, is definitely do with somebody local. So if for instanceare in a large storm of a tornado or something a big hail storm, you know you’re part of a large event and then there’s a lot of people. There. Basically storm Chase and don’t come from all different states all over the country. And then you know they’ll just kind of all the storm and try to bang out some roofs and move on to the next one of those 500 companies are not going to be around whenever you need them, so I’m a good local contractor somebody that you know His license is local, has been around. Has the reviews and there’s just a lot of reasons to use that company versus maybe a little bit cheaper guy? That’S that’s just flying by night and coming through. Another big reason is going to be whatever work you have done. You, Tulsa Roofing if you want to have some kind of warranty on it, so if somebody is fromWest Virginia and they’re just here chasing a storm and doing some Roofing and then going back home, then that’s really not going to be good for you in the event that you Need to make some kind of warranty claim Tell me the meaning factory warranty or a workmanship warranty, but he won’t even here anymore, so you’re definitely have a hard time when it when it comes to that so and then, outside of all of that, to avoid needing A new roof earlier than you probably should just definitely keep up with the with the maintenance keep up with inspecting your roof. Keep your roof clean. You know outside of that, and you know you may have some some of you may have a large storm and hail storm or tornado. You may have something that causes your roof damage and that’s one thing, but if it’s just from General in the collect it shouldn’t be because you should just keep your room cleankeep an eye on it, keep inspecting it regularly and you should be in pretty good shape.