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This is the Eco Quality Time, Podcast Quality Roofing your toes a roofing company, and today we want to talk a little bit about what you need to do as a homeowner in regards to maintaining your roof and getting the most out of your roof making a last. The longest that you possibly can you know preventing it from aging early deteriorating early, just steps that you can take in order to make sure that you’re going to get the most years out of your roof possible. And the very first thing is probably the most obvious. Everybody talks about, but to be keeping your gutters clean. That’S a really big thing: everybody hates cleaning, the gutters. Everybody talks about cleaning the gutters, but it’s really the last thing that anybody ever wants to do. No one really wants to get up on the roof in and clean out gutters. It just seems like a chore but gutters are a functioning thing that mean they said they have to be taken care of. They have to be cleaned out and Dupree builds up in gutters. Very quickly and easily, you know, there’s several things out there that you can get to kind of cut down on you know the build-up in your gutters are kind of covers and things he can get to go over the tops, but in all reality that’s going to Be a hundred percent to keep everything from building up inside of your gutters. So she make sure that your whenever you can, you know, make it a monthly thing, make it every 2 months or 3 or whatever, but just make it a regular thing where you’re getting your gutters cleaned out. Because really what happens? Is you get a lot of buildup in your guttering debris leaves sticks, you name it all kinds of things get in there and who sings Hold moisture and not only do they hold moisture, but then, when it does rain or snow or whatever anything is really going To cause any kind of water in your roof area, those things will hit those gutters and and the gutters are backed up and then you’ll just have water pooling in the gutters and essentially that’s going to deteriorate and cause wood rot and cause. You know the shingles towards the Gathering to really shorten your lifespan. I mean there’s not going to be as good as there’s not going to last long.. This is not going to happen so make sure that you clean your gutters as often as possible.

You know I put that as a regular thing that you do get whatever Nifty tool you you can find the help you make that quicker and easier, but just make sure that you’re cleaning your gutters and then on top of cleaning. Your gutters make sure you’re cleaning. Your roof, so obviously debris is going to build up in the gutter area, but debris also build up on the roof itself, so in the valleys and and basically anywhere near, leaves and sticks in and all kinds of things that are just going to stay in one Spot on your roof, you need to get those cleaned off, because what will happen is those those are foreign objects when it comes to your roof, are going to hold moisture as well, and what’s yours really not a a good thing when it comes to would obviously Which makes up the decking of just about every word about their moisture is a bad thing, and you want to get rid of moisture. You don’t want to hold moisture the whole job of a roof that has multiple jobs, but one of the biggest job is obviously keeping the rain from coming inside your home. So you’re kicking off water, hear you’re keeping water from coming in and you know knowing that you don’t want to just have it wet all the time, especially one just stationary area. So you definitely want to make sure that your your cleaning off any kind of debris or anything that builds up on your roof, because that’s just going to cause a lot of Heartache later for something so simple. Tulsa Roofing So if you need to get up there with the leaf blower and blow it all off, I’m really not suggested, but most of it should be able to and should be pretty easy, so make sure you’re getting that done and then really you know you should be Doing some kind of inspection on your roof Parts only yourself periodically at least a couple times a year. You know looking for anything out of the ordinary anything wrong that you should really be doing that. But at the same time we go out a professional call: Quality Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company, will come out we’ll take a look at it for you and make sure that you’re not going to have any any issues or anything make sure that everything still intact. We really just want to make sure that they, your current roof, is functioning the way it should be and that you don’t necessarily need an Uber for whatever reason.

So you know you should make that a regular party or processes actually inspecting your own roof and then really called the professionals. Call us call your Tulsa roofing company will come out, will take a look for you every so often just to make sure that you’re in good shape, good standing as far as the roof goes now a big thing. You know a lot of people notice and I’m personally guilty of it recently, but trees overhanging roof. The really not a great thing sure you know having nice big old, healthy trees around your houses is great and all, but when you have low hanging lens, they can actually scrape the roof, really not a good thing at all. You know if they’re touching your your roof, then you have a shingle roof which is going to be the most common. Obviously you have those limbs that are getting blown around and scraping your roof. They’Re actually scraping off granules from the shingles and that’s not a good thing. That’S really not a good thing at all. You know those granules on the shingles are there for a reason. That’S what keeps the Integrity of the shingles, and so you know if you have something scraping across that and taking the granules off as it does so, then that’s not a good thing. So once you start to have granule loss on your shingles, then it’s just a matter of time before they deteriorate to the point, where they’re not even doing what they’re supposed to do anymore. So not as far as you know, trees go make sure you keep those trimmed up, make sure you keep them away from the roof as much as possible. You know they’re pretty and all, but at the same time you don’t want to have anything really coming in contact with the roof, because it’s just a recipe for disaster. It’S going to, like I said, it’ll cause everything deteriorate just so much faster than it should. So. I’M keeping your trees, trimmed and away from your roof as much as possible is definitely something it’s going to be recommended because, Tulsa Roofing like I said, I mean it’s just if that can rub against your shingles at all and take out the the granules in you know, you’re Going to be putting on a roof lot faster than you really need to tell as far as preventive maintenance goes keeping your trim, trees, trimmed is a big thing and then really you know keeping an eye on on your roof.

You know after big storms come through. I mean work we’re here in Oklahoma, Tulsa Roofing a lot, but the thing that you really need to keep an eye on it. We get storms, we definitely get storms in Oklahoma. We get hail storms in Oklahoma, we get tornadoes honey. We get high winds. We deal with that, so you know when a storm does come through and you need to be confident enough whenever you’re looking at your roof to tell if you have any kind of any kind of damage now, if you can obviously leave that up to a professional, You know I wouldn’t ignore it, so it if the storm does come through at any point time and you think maybe lady that hail in your neighborhood. Maybe you had high winds recently, then I would call Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company. I would have us come out, give you a full-blown inspection, make sure that your roof is still standing up to the standards, and it should be make sure that you don’t need a new roof and make sure you know the damage is an extensive. And if there is a problem, then hopefully we can catch up soon enough, where it’s just a quick and easy fix, as opposed to needing a completely new roof put on. So we really are here to help at any point. I’M whenever you know somebody may have issues with the roof. Tulsa Roofing Maybe you think you have an issue, you know, even if you just for whatever reason, just haven’t thought that your roof is. Maybe God has recently seen some kind of wind hail some kind of storm damage, something that you know. Maybe you don’t have the immediate effects of inside of the house or anything but significant enough to have it checked out. So I would call us right away. Get you on the books? Let us come out, give you a full moon inspection, see how things look see if we can get you taken care of and make sure that you know as soon as possible, so make sure you call Quality. Roofing Company will come out whenever we possibly can to give you a full-blown inspection and make sure that everything is holding up the way it should