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This is equality, Time, Podcast Quality Roofing, your total roofing company – and this is just going to be a few tips for you. As far as what to expect should you have any kind of kind of damage on your roof? You know if you’re going to be getting any kind of roof inspection. You know you think that something’s wrong with your ears. May there really is something wrong with you can just don’t think there is really is regardless. This is going to be just the typical steps that you’re going to need to take as far as that goes and getting you on the path to to get everything fixed up. So, first and foremost, I would obviously be you need to get a full-blown inspection. So you know, I wouldn’t just take it upon yourself unless you are a qualified refer yourself, but I wouldn’t take it upon yourself just to look at your roof and and make a determination on whether or not you’re going to beMeda a full replacement. So, first and foremost, you need to call obviously Quality Roofing, and then we will get a Tulsa Roofing inspector to come. Take a look at your roof and see what the damage is, and so we’re going to be. Tulsa Roofing Looking for you know, I miss a lot of things, but mainly you know, your damage is going to come from hail and wind, just weather Daemon. So sorry to be the biggest thing. Storm damage the biggest things that we’re going to look for, and aside from that, you know, once we get there, we’re going to do a full, full blown inspection on your roof. Let you know what we find as far as any damage goes, so I’m going to be looking at not just the roof itself, Tulsa Roofing but anything that could have been damaged also so I’ve seen air conditioning units that were damaged during this damage, windows window screens that have been Damaged so there’s a lot of different things. Not just threw that sell that a lot of people don’t consider, but the biggest thing August 4th self. You know with the damage, then you could have you know Winx. It occur which could further damage the interior of your home and a lot of other things.

So that’s another thing you know making a claim, depending on the extent of the damage that may be a lot of other things, not just once I mentioned, but I mean I can be things on the interior of the home that were damaged as well, so hopefully Throughout all of this, you know you have homeowners insurance, because that’s going to be the biggest thing that you’re going to need in this instance that you know you have extensive damage and you’re going to need a full pool, pump replacement and maybe replacement of the other Things that I mentioned that, but you know obviously it’s a great idea to have homeowners insurance if you don’tI know why you wouldn’t. Tulsa Roofing So you know, that’s that’s very, very important thing for anybody to have, but save it like. I was saying as far as far as damage goes and then it could be not just everything that I missed on the outside, but it could have actually made its way to the inside of the home. So when you’re making a claim and then I’ll just cover just the roof, though maybe all other aspects they need to be considered as well. So my only good thing is when you deal with a Tulsa roofing company, like Quality Roofing, now you’re going to be dealing with somebody. That is a professional as far as insurance claims go. So, whenever you are making an insurance claim, we’re going to try to get the absolute most that we can for you so that everything possible can be, can be taken care of and you know, that’s that’s just what you want. You want somebody’s going to be able to take care of you for me, it’s an expert at what they do and somebody that’s really experience in insurance claims. Tulsa Roofing So I’m you want somebody! That’S really going to get every penny that I possibly can from your insurance company for you so that you can get everything possible repair.

You really don’t want. Anything over, looks really don’t want anything left on the table. So you really want somebody. That’S going to be able to do that for you and help you through the whole process from the initial inspection. All the way through the repairs are finished, getting all your checks from the insurance company and sometimes they’re. Even things that will come up after the inspection, while the work is actually taking place, so those supplements may come into play and that’s where you no other damage can be found that wasn’t notice originally found the didn’t, make it to the original report. The original inspection, and also the insurance adjuster, may not see all the damage originally. So this those supplements to the work and getting everything possible that I prepared for you or replace, is really going to be beneficial for you, so you really want somebody. That’S experience in that when I’m just like your tilted roofing company Quality Roofing, so I’m just making sure that you’re dealing with an expert in the field of claims, I was going to be the biggest benefit to you.

Now typically. What will happen is we will make our initial inspection and then let’s say that we have come to the termination that it is enough damage that it would warrant an insurance claim. You know you’ll have to call your own insurance company and in initially make that claim, but then we would like to be there when the actual adjuster comes out to make sure everybody’s on the same page, everybody knows what’s going on, make sure that the adjuster notices Every bit of damage that we notice originally – and maybe they notice things that we didn’t know. Sometimes I can even happen, but you really want somebody that’s going to be there. They can really take care of that claim, process and is experienced in dealing with insurance adjusters. In the whole process, so with that you know, obviously I would say that work we’re the best choice out there. But you know, if you just want somebody, that’s experience in the whole process and somebody’s going to be there for you, and so once the adjuster comes out and then they decide you know there isn’t updating their to make the claim. Then you know they’re going to they’re going to process their paperwork they’re going to put in their inspection and then they’re going to determine how much they’re going to pay off. You know, depending on what your deductible is dependent on the amount of damage, all those things. So they’re, ultimately going to make the decision on how much money is going to be coming to you to get everything taken care of so and they will not process happened. You know that there’s multiple ways that they will issue money to you to take care of those repairs. You know most of time, it’ll come in at least two checks, so typically they they issue a check in the beginning for certain amount and then they’ll issue. A second check once all the work is done completed, and then they do a final inspection to make sure that all the work is done according to their initial inspection whenever they come out. So another they’re really just making sure that nobody is going to try and get one over on them and it just take the money. So they are going to make a second inspection to make sure that everything was done.

Everything was done correctly and you know what I say: everything was down there, the really looking to make sure that everything on their initial report was completed. Now again, there may be some need for supplemental work. On top of you know that original inspections they make. So you know a lot of times the biggest thing. The most obvious thing is once you tear into a roof, there can be damage to the decking. That was not noticed on the original inspection very common, you know, maybe a portion of the decking with wrought a tour or something, but that’s typically, the biggest reason for you know somebody to have to come back in and request more now, there’s there’s a lot of Other things that could happen as well, but you know that there’s just certain things that you don’t or can’t notice right off the bat until you actually start the work, tear everything down and see what you’re working with and then you can really see if there’s any Kind of additional damage, and so in that event you know again, you want a Tulsa roofing company. That knows what they’re doing when it comes to issuing any kind of supplemental work to the insurance company and trying to get them to to pay. For you know the additional damage and being to make sure you’re taken care of so again I mean the biggest thing is dealing with somebody. That knows the process to Mint experience in the process and somebody that really can I work for you whenever it comes to getting the most out of your insurance claim and again you know: Quality Roofing near Tulsa, roofing company. We are very experienced in that and we can definitely help with any insurance plan that you’re going to have, and you know we just we just know it in and out start to finish, and so we’re really just here for for our customers and making sure that They’Re taken care of throughout the entire process and making sure that you know nothing is left on the table when it comes to to make a claim with your insurance and getting as much as you can for that claim, so that you can get everything possible. Fixed