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Sissy Quality Time, Podcast episode, number 24 and Cisco Quality Roofing in Tulsa roofing company today going to be doing over some things, you should definitely ask a roofer before you hire them to work on your home, so things that use a homeowner should be aware of questions. You should ask things you should definitely find out before letting somebody perform any kind of work on your home in the very first one is probably the biggest and that’s are you licensed so in order to do any kind of work on your roof? You know you’re going to be protected on make sure that somebody license. So a lot of people say that they can. They can do work on a roof that they can do these things for you that they can do whatever, Tulsa Roofing but maybe they’re not licensed. That’S not good, so definitely have somebody. That’S license. That’S going to be able to do the work for you and do it correctly. So it’s me, that’s not license is not going to be able to offer you all the all the things that somebody that’s license is so, if somebody’s actually taking the time to go out and get license, because this is what they do for a living. They do. This every day, so that is definitely something that you need to look for. It’S hard to anybody goes is going to be doing. Any kind of work on your home is make sure that they are licensed. Insurance is another big thing, so ask him if they have workman’s comp insurance, because the last thing that you want to do with and and I’ve said that several times, but the last thing that you want to deal with is if somebody the on there screw this working On your home gets hurt on the job, then do they have workman’s comp insurance to cover that person, because if they don’t, if they don’t carry the right type of insurance,
they don’t care that workman’s comp insurance, then at the the the end of it all you, The homeowner actually to be responsible for whatever person was doing work on your home that got hurt, because that’s that’s really. What that that insurance is in place for so make sure that anybody that doesn’t any kind of work on your house. I don’t care what type of work it is. Anybody is going to be working at your home, not just on a roof, but just make sure that they carry the right type of insurance for letting you know anybody is going to be working on your house, because you just really don’t want to be responsible for That another type of insurance to look for is general liability insurance. So do they cover it. Because you know: if anything happens, to your property, while they’re working on it mistakes can happen accidents happen. Do they have the right type of insurance in place to cover any type of damage that might happen you’re home,
because workman’s comp is one thing you know taking care of the guys that may or may not get hurt, but that’s definitely something to look for, but The general liability insurance will cover whatever damage might happen to your house as a result of whatever they’re going to be whatever work they’re performing so make sure that they carry both of those types of insurance, general liability and workman’s comp and in that way, you’re going To be definitely protected as a homeowner having somebody come out and work on your help so again, like I said those are not just you know as far as a roof goes, Tulsa Roofing I would say that if anybody is coming out to work on your house, because anything Can happen, Tulsa Roofing I don’t care what it is, so, whatever type of work they’re performing it doesn’t matter, make sure that they carry enough insurance so that your home is covered and then whoever is going to be doing any type of service at your house is going to be Covered as well as soon as they’re, going to take off your old roof to sometimes guys will just come out and we’ll slap on shingles on top of shingles and just layered up and that’s a very common, but ask him. How are you actually going to take off the entire roof? Knock it all the way down to the docking, put new felt down, put new shingles that are you going to actually go through? Tulsa Roofing All of that, so every time you ask somebody if they’re going to take off your old roof,
you always want them to say. Yes, you don’t want them to say we’re going to cut this corner, we’re going to do this or not do whatever we’re just going to slap it on top of the old roof. Sometimes I work and you’ll never have an issue, but it’s really not the proper way to do things, and I definitely don’t recommend it so make sure that they’re going to take your old roof off is there going to be any type of drip, edge or metal Edge. When you, when you saw the new roof, you definitely want those things, so you definitely want a drip edge because that’s going to help with with just the water flow from the rain, but it also helps whenever it comes to ice and those types of so you Definitely want to have drip edge and and metal Edge. You know whenever, whenever somebody comes out, we use stabilizers on your ladders to protect the gutters. When you install a roof we should do something that people tend to overlook and you’ll see it often do you know guys just kind of throw up a ladder just right on top of the gutter and get on up there will not that study for one thing and Also, they can been together pretty easily so me personally, I’m not that big of a guy,
but somebody might be a little bit heavier or maybe they put a little bit in there. That’S not a good thing so make sure that you know they’re they’re taking precautions whenever it comes to the gutter area. You know whenever they put ladders up there I mean it’s going to happen, but make sure the leather taking the right precautions to get that stuff. Tulsa Roofing Keep it from getting damaged do, you guys bring something for refuse, so it could be a giant trailer and could be a roll off dumpster, but make sure that they’re going to be providing that in using that, because there’s going to be a lot of material coming off. Your roof and you’re really going to need that and then ask him where it’s going to go so I’ve had people specifically request. You know sometimes that that container or whatever has to be dropped off in the driveway or in the yard, and it’s got to be there for a couple days so make sure that you know wherever it’s going to be is good enough for you. So you still have access to whatever you need to have access to so make sure where they’re going to put it – and maybe you can kind of guide on them and say this is really weird. She go what’s going to happen in case of bad weather,
so you know sometimes it happens in the middle of a job. Storm comes in. Will, if you tear off everything on your roof, then you’re not in a silly protect it so make sure they’re prepared for that types of tarps and things that we can throw up on a roof. We, you know you’s a very strong felt and really wants that felt. Goes on it actually waterproof your roof, but make sure that they’re they’re prepared for any type of bad weather that might come in make sure that their local. Tulsa Roofing So I’m not a big fan of guys that we call Storm Chasers and just go out there and find companies that just kind of you know go wherever the storm is and try to get a bunch of work to make sure that their local in the community And you know, if you ever need them again, you’re going to be able to find them. They’Re not going to be 10 states over so make sure that they’re there, a local guy make sure that they’re going to be giving you a warranty. So definitely ask what types of warranties do you have? You know you should be looking for not just a a workmanship warranty, but you supposed to be looking for a warranty on whatever material they going to be using so definitely check. Ask them go ahead and find this out, because a lot of people overlook this, but ask them what they will charge if they have to replace any decking on a roof happens. A lot I mean there could be damage decking, that you do not notice until all the shingles come off your roof when you’re getting ready to put on new ones – and you don’t want to put a new roof on to damage, would so you need to get That stuff replaced so be prepared prepared for that, and I can be an extra cost to you as a homeowner.
So don’t let it be a surprise whenever they say Hey,
you know you have a few pieces of damage, checking we’re going to need to replace those. Sometimes I would just get so rotten to the point where you can’t even get a nail in it so that lets the biggest thing that people over looking and don’t consider is what, if you guys need to replace any any type of decking. I don’t think that thing is that expensive, but it can get there if you know maybe have an old roof or maybe there’s a lot of damage. You know it can add up, so you definitely want to go ahead and figure out in the beginning. You know what your charge for that. So, Tulsa Roofing if I need to, I need to replace decking. How much is it going to cost me? Make sure that they’re going to protect your your flowerbed, Tulsa Roofing your yard, anything down below you know figure out how they’re going to do that and then figure out. You know how they’re going to get to clean up afterwards because of him a lot of things coming off. Your roof, it’s gon na get a little messy. There is a part of the process where we have to go through and clean up every single time, so that we make sure that you know what you figure out ahead of time, how they’re going to be protected areas and then how they’re going to be clean. It up and thengoing to be a foreman on the job is going to be somebody there at all times that you can communicate with that. You can talk to that. You can trust to make sure that you know you’re you’re dealing with somebody that there’s at least one person watching everybody and make sure that that everything’s going smooth and everybody’s doing the the right work and then, lastly, you know make sure that you get a an Estimate from somebody a lot of times, it doesn’t really come into play whenever you’re getting an insurance claim Insurance kind of determines for us what things are going to cost. But you know it if maybe you’re paying out of pocket for something and then definitely make sure that they’re going to give you some kind of estimate, and then that is all I have for you today. So again this is Quality Roofing roofing company,