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It’s the quality time, podcast episode number 22, and this is Quality Roofing here in Tulsa roofing company. Today we are going to talk about some tips on how to get the right roofing contractor to take care of it on this end in some earlier issues, but podcast issues, but basically what we’re going to do is just going to give you a quick rundown on What you should do as far as trying to find the right person to come work on so it’s a big deal. Your home is a big investment, and your roof is a big part of protecting that investment. So you want to make sure you’re getting connected with the right person to take care of everything for you. So what we’re going to do is just going to give you a quick rundown of what to do as far as getting connected with the right person to to take care of you. First thing that I would do is definitely get referrals. So if you you have anybody that you know of that, maybe they’ve had some roof work done then I would definitely talk to that person and see who they use, and maybe they will tell you do not use that person. Maybe they had some issues. Maybe they were great, so maybe they have a good good referral. For you definitely talk to people, you know first, maybe even just get on the old Facebook threw out a deal. I just said: hey, who do you recommend to use for my roof? That can be pretty easy and you’ll probably get a lot of responses, and you probably get a lot of feedback on who’s good and who isn’t so definitely look for referrals from from people. Tulsa Roofing You know that that’s that’s seems to be were pretty much. Anybody starts whenever they’re looking for anything to get done, but definitely look for some referrals look for destinations from from manufacturer, Tulsa Roofing so it’s kind of like aI, don’t know someone call it a badge of honor whenever somebody gets designated from the manufacturer, so you have all different Types of shingle companies out there and they had different things and roofing companies eventually will do so much business with a certain company, and do it well enough that they’ll actually get designations from the manufacturers and that’s a really good thing to to look for. As far as you know, people that have some more than that right, I guess you could say place to look as well, might be the Better Business Bureau. So maybe have somebody picked out, or maybe somebody told you about somebody. You want to come to check them out a little bit me know, I’m not a huge believer and everything when it comes to the Better Business Bureau, but at the same time some people are so. If that’s you, maybe you should just check it out, see what you think see if they have any any bad ratings,

any good ratings and just kind of where things are on thereso. That can be a quick and easy to look. You can look at online. One thing that I would say anymore, I’m just outside of that I’ll, throw my my own spilling here. But what can OK, Google, so look at their Google listing and look at how many reviews at company has on Google lot of times. People will go that route. I mean that’s, that’s more more prevalent these days, so that’s definitely where I would look is look at the reviews on Google and see you know how many people have not been happy. How many people have been ecstatic and you should be able to tell pretty quickly? You can also look at the number of reviews. It’S pretty obvious on how many roofs somebody’s putting on so somebody’s only putting on one or two a year, then they’re probably going to have very many Google reviews at all. But you have those people that are not going to come out left and right all day. Everyday and those who were probably going to have a ton of reviews me them good or bad they’re, probably going to have quite a few. So I would definitely look there as well. Just side note Quality Roofing has the most Google reviews and the entire area as far as Tulsa guess. So we are the most reviewed, Tulsa roofing company. There is then definitely be concerned about safety. That’S a big thing, Tulsa Roofing so you know that’s something to look forward and you can tell pretty quickly if you have somebody come out and give you a quote or get up on the roof and take a look. Just maybe sit back, watch him a little bit and see how they handle themselves up there, because safety is a big thing and if the first guy that comes out is not being very safe, then that probably means the entire crew guys are coming out or probably Not going to be very safe, so definitely watch for that warranties! That’S going to be a big thing! Make sure that they’re going to offer not just a workmanship warranty but as well as a manufacturer’s warrantyyou should get to warranties for Less. You should have the roofer warranty and the work that they’re doing so the actual craftsmanship, the work that they’re they’re performing. There should be a warranty on that, but there should also be a warranty on the materials that they’re using. So you want to make sure that you’re getting offered a a solid warranty in both aspects and then make sure that they have the right licensing and insurance. So one thing that you know a lot of people tend to overlook, especially if somebody says hey. You know I’ll knock this out and I’ll do a cheap. Is they don’t really think? How are you doing it cheap?

How can you afford that so maybe they’re not paying for insurance like they’re supposed to – and the last thing you want – is somebody to get up on the roof and maybe take a tumble fall off, get hurt, and then you ultimately are the one responsible for it. So you definitely need to be connected with a company that has the right Insurance to handle. Ever another thing is licensing, so some areas were roof, worker is going to be performed, they actually require permits and things of that nature so not just as somebody need to be licensed, but they need to know the right steps to take in whatever area they’re going to Be working in so they need to make sure that they have the license so that they can do the work, and then they also have the ability to go out and get whatever permits and types of things that that are going to be needed here. Pay your deductible. That is one thing that you have to consider, so somebody me slide in and say: Hey you do not need to pay your deductible at all. Really trueyou do need to pay it. That’S that’s part of it. I mean that’s what you signed up for whenever you got with your insurance company they’re not going to pay for the entire roof they’re. Just not, they don’t give you. Well I mean, if you have this type of coverage. Let me know cuz, I want it, but you know it’s. Not a hundred percent dollar-for-dollar deal so a lot of times. They they say Hey. You know this. This total roof to be completely done is probably going to cost about ,000, and so your deductible is ,000. Only going to give you an ,000 check will there’s another ,000 that needs to be paid so that this work can be completed and then., You know, covers cost of covers a lot of things. So not only is that your responsibility, Tulsa Roofing but that’s also money that has to be made to perform the work. So nobody can really work for free and if they can’t work for free, they can’t do it for very long, so make sure that you’re you’re paying your deductible handle your own claim. So you definitely need to be in charge of that, but you know we definitely help people when it comes to what to expect a lot of times will be there whenever an adjuster comes out to come, Tulsa Roofing take a look and take a look at your roof and Make the claim we do? You know lights at least, be there, so that everybody is on the same page because we’re all in this together. So you got your contractor, your homeowner and your duster, so all of us are in this together. We all want to be on the same page, so it’s not necessarily a bad idea for a contractor to be there when that happens. But, ultimately you know you’re you’re in charge of that. So it’s you, the homeowner,

you are in charge of you, know, dealing with your duster and getting everything from them, getting the documentation from them back to them that they may require. The check is going to come to you. So all these things are, you know really your responsibility – will gladly help you, because you don’t necessarily do this everyday, but the end person who is in charge of all that is ultimately going to be the homeowner. Don’T give him any kind of heavy sales pressure. You know a lot of times: it happens when you guys out there that are just we call it commission breath or hot and heavy to get out there and make some money, so they definitely want every single roof that they look at 2 to file a claim. So that they can get paid – and that’s not always the case so sometimes the roof is perfectly fine and nothing needs to be done and will honestly be the first ones to tell you that. But some of these guys out here you’ll deal with it. Then we’ll just you know, really try to push you into something, I’m trying to push you into signing something or get a rift on. Tulsa Roofing The really does not need to be done. So that’s definitely, you know something that you need to watch for is really just the the hype your ass back to the up some of these sales gas and then, lastly, know what you’re putting on your roof so you’re getting a roof, no know what kind of things Are going to be put on? No, the the shingle type know the felt type know how they’re going to nail it or they you know old school where they going to handle everything. Just know what types of materials are going to be used on your roof and make sure that you’re getting a good grade in a good quality. So do a little bit of homework on that and in and check that out. So that is about all I have for you today. So again, this is Quality Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company,