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This is the quality time podcast episode number 18 and on this episode, we’re going to be talking about negotiating a contract. So everything is going to be involved whenever you actually negotiate a contract for repair on your roof and see if you can get any kind of additional things out of to that contract, any extra work that you may need done or upgrades and things of that nature. This is Quality Roofing here, Tulsa roofing company and negotiating a contract. So pretty much all aspects really should be able to be negotiated by you, and you know if you just want your contract that you signed, you want everything to be beneficial for you and your contractor. Everyone needs to be happy at the end of the day, but ultimately it’s your house. It’S your choice on everything that you’re doing so just know that you do have the option to not just necessarily say: hey, I’m just taking whatever you’re giving me. You can honestly say: hey, there’s some things that I want to add on there’s some things that I want to see about. Tulsa Roofing So first thing that you could consider would be so you can get an extended warranty. So when extended manufacturer’s warranty that can be offered on a lot of different things, so you can just talk to them about that see if that’s a something that they can offer, maybe it would cost a few bucks to do that. Maybe they can throw in for free, but it doesn’t hurt to ask so that could be a big one to try to see if you can get a extended warranty looking around your house. Sometimes you know if you had damage to those types of things and you’re. Maybe your screens on your windows or damaged talked about that several times, but that’s a pretty big one and something people tend to overlook, and maybe insurance won’t cover it for whatever reason and you need some of those replaceable. When I try to get that negotiated, it then see if they can do that, while they’re there and get you taken care of on that side, look awesome window screens really are too expensive and,

like I said it’s just something that people tend to overlook. So the insurance isn’t covering it and they’re just going to send their people, don’t really read think about it, but why not so go ahead and get those done and also after time they just kind of get worn down, and you know we have experience in and Doing these types of things and replacing those screens all the time, so why not just go ahead and ask see about getting those done again? Maybe that might be something that you’d spend a little extra out of parking lot to get done. But in the end it probably worth the a lot of people have satellite dishes and just kind of thrown this little tidbit in there. But a lot of people have satellite dishes and those are going to need to be obvious. I taken off your roof and put back on your roof whenever you can a new roof on so talk to them about getting that reset. But at the same time I would definitely have your satellite provider company on speed dial so that once they’re done, you have somebody out there getting that thing set making sure everything’s good Tides point right direction, you’re getting a good signal, all those things, but that’s something To definitely definitely think about and consider that you’re going to need your you need somebody to come back out and get that exact for you. One of those are pretty pretty touchy so and then just think about what upgrade you might want, so the insurance is going to pay x amount for whatever you’re going to be doing, Tulsa Roofing and you know that’s, maybe you can spend some money out of pocket for an Upgrade or maybe the roofer has enough, Morgan built in there that they could offer you an upgrade just kind of depends, but I would definitely consider it and look at it and see how much that I upgrade my cost, because that could be a good deal for You so there’s different upgrades that you could do, but one of the main ones would be single, so maybe she will type so maybe insurance was paying for you to get a 30-year shingle butt. Tulsa Roofing You rather have a 50 more heavy duty, Tulsa Roofing single something that’s going to last a little bit longer and just look at the cost of that and see that something you might be able to do like I said, maybe maybe there’s enough built in there, where the roofer Can go ahead and get some 50 year shingles at a decent cost and everything you can just be wrapped up and whatever your insurance is covering plus your deductible or maybe you just pay a little bit more out of pocket to get those. But ultimately, I think it be worth it as long as the the cost was good enough for you and it’s amount that you can afford and you can swallow that bill. But that’s definitely something to consider is why not go ahead and get your get your shingles upgrade that’s going to be good for nausea to you, but what, if you sell the property later on, and you got a nice heavy duty, upgraded shingle on there, so that Could be definitely something to look at? Also, ventilation is another one. So a lot of times in my experience, insurance as an entirely covered you putting on new regiments on your house, but they have a very, very good look in a very good purpose. So why not consider the cost of that as well,

while you’re doing it a lot of times? I can be a fairly cheap upgrade, so that can be something that you can look at and probably not cost you very much money at all to get done and upgrades a lot of things. I’M crazy look as far as the roof goes, and it’s also going to upgrade your ventilation quite a bit because it’s going to add a ton of ventilation to your attic. Assuming that you know, you’re in the area of your house faces the right way. It was all kinds of things to look at whenever you’re looking at ridge vents, but that’s definitely something that I would look into and consider adding if I were five or somebody getting a new roof put on and then there’s a lot of things that roofers Tulsa Roofing General Contractors is a lot of things that they can do outside of just the roof on your house, so maybe you’ve been considering some upgrades to your home in general, so maybe you may consider it an extra work around the house and some types of construction work in The house of upgrading – I would definitely talk to whoever is going to be doing the roof about that and see, if maybe that, sometimes they can do for you while you’re there. I mean why not just go ahead and get everything knocked out all at once. So you have somebody there doing the roof, they have the experience and knowledge and know-how the ability to do a lot of upgrades. As far as your home goes man here, you are wanting to do those upgrades, so it might be a good time to have it all done at once. So get the roof done, get a get. A new bathroom in a new kitchen gets divorced in the house. I mean there’s, there’s all kinds of things that you can do, but that’s that’s very common to have you know somebody. That’S already there doing some work to just do some other work that you wanted done anyways now. Obviously that part of the work truck when I can be covered in Insurance unless it’s some type of you had a major storm. You had a lot of storm damage and there’s some restoration work going on. But if it were just something that you were planning on doing as far as getting some upgrades done inside the home outside the home, Tulsa Roofing then I would definitely talk to whoever is going to be doing at work and see if that’s something that they can do and See if there’s a way to maybe get that added in, for you then see what I cost would be,

so you know maybe even planning on it for several months several weeks a year several years and now it’s just kind of the perfect time when you’ve already Got somebody working to just go ahead and have them continue to do some other work at your house and just get everything done for you. So that’s definitely definitely something that I would look at you doing. You know if, if you’re you’re in that upgrade mindset – and you want some things done – obviously you know exterior things are, are one thing you got your roof and siding and all those things on the outside of the house that can easily be taken care of at The time, then, you know the roofers there, but a lot of people, don’t really think about will hang you know. I had this bathroom I wanted upgrade and I have this this kitchen. I want to redo and all these other little things I say little things of another kind of kind of projects I can’t be so just kind of depends on the size of them, but that would be something to definitely talk about. If that’s something that you’ve been planning on doing for a long time, then why not just see if that’s something they can handle for you see what that cost would be and just see if you can just catch them while they’re there keep them there and get A bunch of work done, weather there and, in the end, you’ll be happy. If I have a lot of stuff done, you have a new roof. You’Ll have a new upgrade wherever else you wanted it, Tulsa Roofing and that that’s something that I would definitely consider looking into and trying to negotiate if at all possible. Just like, I said, a lot of people, don’t necessarily think about those things or consider those things as as being an option, and maybe they just handle it later on. But why not just go ahead and get it all done? We got somebody there that can can do it all for you, so negotiate your contract so that you’re happy so that everybody’s happy, but in the end you’re the homeowner. So you need to benefit the most. Obviously so just know that a lot of those things on there are negotiable and there’s a lot of things that you can potentially add on. So you don’t know, if you don’t ask that’s what I would recommend doing.