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Cd quality time podcast with Quality, Roofing, Tulsa roofing company, and today I want to go over how you should really go about choosing the right contractor to repair or replace your roof. But what steps should you take to the ear protected? And you know that you’re you’re dealing with the best company possible and you’re going to be taking care of them. So we all know that the days of the phone book are pretty much dead. So you know going through and just picking up the Yellow Pages as if not really an option anymore, I mean, I guess. I guess it is an option, but it’s just not the the route the most people take. So what I would do, first and foremost, if you were going to get any kind of roof inspection done. The very very first thing I would do obviously take to Google. That’S probably how you found us in the first place, but take to Google and get online and to search for your area. So for us, it’s just going to be Tulsa Roofing see what comes up see how many companies pop up for you in the Tulsa area – and you know just go with your list that way, because, obviously that’s just in our day in age, that’s the phone book. So go to Google type in Tulsa Roofing check it out, see what you can find from there. You know you’re going to get a a pretty solid Lyssa companies. Tulsa Roofing There’S going to be quite a few that pop up several several pages in those pages worth of roofers, especially in our area, but so you got on you evil, Tulsa Roofing. What I would do next, as I will start looking at reviews, especially if you’re on Google, you can pretty quickly and easily see how many Google reviews each company has and if they don’t have any reviews at all probably, not a good thing if they have several reviews. But they’re not a five-star company. Maybe there are three star company with the future use. That’S probably not a good sign either. So you definitely want to be looking at the reviews. Each company has the amount of reviews that they have and their overall rating, because that’s going to give you a pretty good idea just based on you know, but the platform, the most people use that’s going to be a pretty good idea that companies standing on the Weather going to be able to do for you, so you know I obviously you want to go with. Whoever has not only the most reviews but the best reviews anymore. Everybody is just going to take 2 online and they’re going to let the world hear it. If they’ve had a good experience or bad experience, and so you know whether that’s a very very quick and easy way to tell who you’re dealing with when it comes to any company, especially in this day and age, any established company is really just going to be.

You know what kind of reviews does a company have? Are they good? Are they bad? How many do they have? I can definitely say that Quality Roofing has the most reviews out of any Polska roofing company, and we also have the best reviews. So not only the most, but we also have the best reviews out of any company in Tulsa. And we always will so that’s one good thing about dealing with Quality Roofing and then what I would do is you know. Maybe maybe you got one or two and they’re tied as far as reviews go, I was asking your friends ask him who may be used in the past and what kind of experience they have them in. Your friends will be quick to tell you. You know if they had a bad experience or if they had a good experience, and then you know if other companies coming to play outside of what you found on your own and and looking at reviews, then look those companies up as well. Look at the reviews. You know it’s very easy to tell you know I mean. Maybe one person had had one great experience and 10 others had terrible experiences. It’S probably not something that you want to be dealing with. You definitely want to be with them being great experiences and that’s. What’S going to deal with with her new, so it’s really just going to fall back on that again, but just like I said I mean just really in this. The easiest and quickest way to tell how a company’s new and it’s just going to be their online presence and their views so dealing with the Tulsa roofing company. Definitely ask your friends, look for reviews and go from there. Then I mean – let’s say you know: maybe you still have a couple in the Running Y, not interviewing. So you know I wouldn’t just be looking for.

Can I get the best deal, you can do the cheapest, because anybody can do something cheaper than than the next guy. But it’s the quality of work that early in the supper, and maybe it’s it’s – the quality of materials you’re going to get that are really going to suffer so then you don’t want to be looking for. Who can do it? The cheapest? You just want to be looking for for the best now, when I say now, you don’t want to go to bring me the cheapest. I’M not saying that we should pay an arm and a leg. You should definitely get a reasonable price on on anything down, but what I am saying is you know you really just you get what you pay for, so you know if, if, if prices are sure your bottom line, then you’re probably not going to get the best. Now, you’re not going to get the best company you’re not going to get the best material and those things just are not synonymous with with lowest price. It’S just that doesn’t happen, so you know, don’t know just have it in your mind, I’m just going to go with, whoever is the absolute cheapest. Whoever has the bottom., But you know so you have a couple of companies and I would just have them both come out and give you inspections and go from there. You can tell pretty quickly that when somebody comes out now as far as inspecting your roof go, so you can get pretty good vibe off of them until you know, are they experience or they knowledgeable? Do you have a good feeling with him? Do they sound confident? Are they somebody that you can trust to handle this, because the roof is probably one of the most expensive parts of your house and the function of the roof is one of the most important that I’m? So you really want to be dealing with somebody that they trust and somebody you know they can can get you taken care of, and so knowing that and saying that you probably had a couple different people come out. Hopefully that point time you got a pretty good, pretty good fuel, for you know who you’re dealing with what you’re dealing with you knowing and hopefully you know I’d like to think that everybody in this world will be honest and in a straight shooter with you, but Hopefully you know everybody was and then it’s just really on you at that point to to make the decision on who you want to go with dumb now and some things to look for when ever you’re you’re talking to those companies, I mean, let’s just say that They’Re both tied neck-and-neck as far as reviews go or referrals from your friends and and good feelings that you have for me, then you know maybe start looking at what kind of material are those companies using? Is it a high grade? Is it great material and then look under warranty? They offer so that’s going to be a big thing.

You don’t just want a one of the other one. It comes with warranty, so you’re going to be doing with the warranty on the craftsmanship comedian, with the warranty on material, and so you don’t want to be dealing with. You know anybody that can offer a solid good warranty for you, especially in both areas and meet me just want to make sure that you’re covered. So definitely ask him what kind of warranty they offer and take a look at that and really way that into whatever decision you’re going to make, and then also so you know consider especially in the event. So we’ve got a giant storm events. Osage Iowa hail, storm hits roofers really come out of the Woodworks. Whenever that happens, if you’re going to be dealing with, you know a lot of a lot of local companies here to be dealing with a lot of not local. There’S a lot of out-of-town guys are really just kind of storm chasing. It really does Chase it all or they going to areas where there’s just been a lot of damage and try to get as many roofs they can skip town and go to the next area. So should really be looking for found somebody local, because when it does come down to the warranty that they’re going to offer you in a meeting with somebody that still hear somebody that can actually come out and get you taken care of whenever it comes to that Warranty work, so you know when you’re dealing with a Tulsa roofing company like Quality Roofing, then you know that we’re going to be here we’re local we’re here for you, but we need to do with anybody else or not necessarily from our area. You know they could be five states over and you need more to work on stuff can be pretty difficult for you to 241, even get him on the phone and for two then to actually come out and do any kind of warranty work for you. Cuz they’re, not here, so definitely look into you or they are they local or are they licensed? The way they’re supposed to be me know how many reviews they have. Are they good company? What kind of vibe you have just from you know your personal experience whenever you meet the the estimator at your house or the salesman or whatever you want to call it, but you know you should really look at all of these things when it comes to making A decision on who you’re going to use as far as in Tulsa roofing company, guys and you know if you just want to be – want to be confident that you’re being taken care of