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Susie Quality Time Podcast with qawali Roofing, store Tulsa roofing company and go over just some things that you need to do as far as a homeowner gas in keeping your roof in the best condition possible. So they can get the longest life out of your roof. So not a lot of people realize this, but you know there are some steps actually been maintaining roof that you need to. Do you maintain your your vehicle? You maintain the interior of your home. You maintain a lot of other things and it’s often neglected. You know a lot of people just think: hey. I have a route from my home, I’m good to go until something happens: major storm comes through or for Hail cancer or something you know a lot of people just kind of tender. Forget about the fact that you know there is some. There are some things that they use: a homeowner actually need to do in regards to taking care of your roof so that it does not deteriorate faster than it is in a really should, and so that you can get the most out of your roof. And it’s going to last, you know the longest time possible for you, so the roof is a very important aspect of your home and protects the entire interior of your home from the outside elements. So it’s it’s a very important feature and it’s again it’s just that. A lot of people turn into galaxy and don’t realize it. There are some things that you actually need to do to make sure that you’re getting the the most life out of your room. So the biggest thing you know with with any well anybody is going to know as far as we go here in Oklahoma is you’re going to be dealing with hail. That’S that’s a big one, um wind! Tulsa Roofing so we lot of storms in Oklahoma. We get tornadoes in Oklahoma, so any Tulsa roofing companies going to be experienced in this, but you know you for those types of things, but you know, as far as maintaining your roof goes outside of these special event: storms, weather events. You know that those are going to be more worried about. You need to actually maintain your roof, so it’s hard to wait a year ago, so you need to be first and foremost cleaning your gutters, I’m just making sure there’s no debris build up in there. You have a regular schedule as far as cleaning your battery goes down, but you just want to make sure that you’re doing that and getting that taken care of.

If you go get clogged and water can build up in their water buildup in there, it can damage not just the immediate Parts like the patient and those types of areas where the Gathering is going to be, but it can essentially sorted Centigrade. Other areas where there’s would write in that area because water is going to build up on pool and kind of Pawn in those areas, so water is not good when it comes to Wood and there are a lot of wood areas any roof. So you need to watch for that and make sure that you’re, maintaining your Gathering, making sure that that that’s cleaned out always accept gutters are the biggest another thing that you need to watch for my own and make sure that you’re on top of is any kind Of debris that gets built up on top of the soap sticks leaves branches, You Name It Whatever ends up on top of your roof and stays in one spot. Those things need to be removed, so you need to be not just cleaning your gutters regularly, but actually clean off your roof regularly, Tulsa Roofing because very common to get a lot of buildup in in your valleys and those types of things and what happens is when. You have the leaves and sticks in and other kinds of debris and just sitting in an area when those get wet will hold moisture and the whole purpose of the roof is to send water away his not to let water to sit and and stay in one Place so when you have something that’s that’s retaining moisture like that to breathe it’s just sitting on your roof, then that’s going to actually deteriorate. The areas were sitting a lot faster than than it should so it can cause a lot of problems later. So big thing, for you is a homeowner is just make sure that you’re you’re cleaning out not just your gutters but keeping any kind of debris buildup off of your roof. So anytime, you notice anything. Building up. You just need to make sure you’re on top of it and make sure you’re getting that cleaned up and an offer there just as soon as you can now.

As far as trees go big, one trees are beautiful, but they’re not meant to touch it until you know his trees roll over the roof. That’S one thing, but you know the branches in those types of things can can actually end up touching the roof and as the wind blows or anything else, it’ll scratch against the whatever roof material you have, and that’s not good, so you really don’t want anything to Actually be able to touch your roofs, keeping your trees, trimmed up and away from your roof is going to be a big benefit to you, because whenever those branches mistakes are just hanging and blowing in the wind and they’re grinding against your roof, they’re really just going to Tear apart whatever roofing material, you have, and that’s not a good thing if you want to keep keep the roof for as long as possible, and you don’t want to tell it to deteriorate quickly. And then you want to make sure that you’re on top of tree branches and in those types of things, are going to be hanging over your roof and make sure they’re not touching her. So keep those cleaned up as often as possible and then keep an eye on ice and snow. You know those are big things so, especially when snow melts when snow melts is normally still cold enough outside for that to turn into ice. And then what happens? Tulsa Roofing Is you know when the snow melts water or get into areas, and if it refreezes it’ll, probably be in an area where it wasn’t supposed to be in so you know, things like flashing is a big area where you know that the ice will actually get into Cracks and areas and push that flashing away, and then you could end up for the week inside of your home, so keep an eye on areas where you have flashing, because you know for the most part flash in the last a long time. But you know it is prone to to rust and and we’re away and Ice build-up can be a big thing so, during the week old Seasons, whenever you’re dealing with ice in those types of things just keep an eye on on your roof and areas of your Roof and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary, but you just want to be to be watching for that, I’m for sure and then, as far as any Tulsa roofing company goes, you know we. We know that we deal with basically all types of weather in Oklahoma, so it can be 80 degrees in one day and I’m freezing the next. So with that and and the weather events that we get you know ice isn’t super common in Oklahoma. But you know as far as probably like maybe northern areas we go going to be a lot more common there, but we do see it here, and so you can get some get some problems from that. So you just want to make sure that you know areas around flashing or sealed. Seals are tight and those heels are maintained.

So if you notice that any kind of seals, maybe wearing away or Breaking part of weathering mean if we want to get those checked out, especially early because there may be just a simple Neil repairs that they can be done for this thing. Types of areas, as opposed to having a full-blown replacement later, so you shorted me to keep an eye on vulnerable areas of your room. So we talked about making sure your gutters are cleaned, make sure your trees are trimmed keep an eye on on flashing those types of areas. You also want to know, I would say at least inspect your roof yourself a couple of times a year and maybe once in the fall and maybe once in the spring. But you know it can be dangerous depending on the picture, your roof, but are slope of your roof? What I mean it could be something that maybe you don’t need to be doing. Maybe you should call a professional out today, but you know if you’re capable and your roof allow it, and then you should definitely do your own inspection at least twice a year. I mean look, look around your on your roof and see if you had any kind of damage that maybe you didn’t notice, maybe there’s some kind of hail damage, or maybe you have shingles missing or whatever roofing material. We have maybe something’s broken or missing. But you know you at least want to do that at least a couple times a year, and then it’s probably a good idea to have Tulsa roofing company, like Quality Roofing, come out at least once a year. Even if you don’t think you have issues, but just make a regular schedule of it now, so that we can give you a full-blown professional inspection and and our opinion, on the other condition of your ear from. If there’s anything that that maybe there’s more damage goes or anything, could you just want to make sure that any of that gets caught as early as possible? So do your own inspection but definitely make sure at least once a year you’re having call roofing company, let Quality Roofing come out and take a look at it and see what they think as well.