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This is the quality time podcast with Quality Roofing near Tulsa roofing company, and I wanted to go over some things that you should expect whatever you’re getting a proof, inspection, so something’s happening, or maybe something happened, happened. Maybe you’re just having us come out at some point. In time just to check and see what kind of condition your roof is currently in, or maybe you had some kind of event, maybe a storms come through or something happened, and you have called us out for an inspection either way. This is just what to expect when ever you have Quality Roofing come out for your roof inspection first and foremost, we’re going to do is we’re going to check from ground level, so I mean everything is going to be starting from there. So I’m very first thing: once we were going to be looking at ground level will be looking around at the gutters at the downspouts of the gutters and looking for any kind of build up. We called manual buildup from loss on your shingles and I’m so be looking for any of that around the the downspout areas. Just go ahead and check to see if you know if we’ve gotten any granule loss so far and then from there we will actually be getting out the ladder getting up onto the roof and take a look from there to really see what kind of damage we can Find so I’m in the whole time we we check for granule loss, so you know I was just starting with the gutters will see if there’s any kind of granule loss in that area off the shingles and then will actually start our full-blown inspection on the roof. At cell and their Chevrolet raise, Tulsa Roofing the roof will be looking at and it’s really going to depend on. You know what kind of material you have as roofing material. I really you know what we’re going to be looking at looking for. So what will do is you know what the very beginning just just kind of a Head and Shoulder take a look around see if we notice anything it’s right off the bat and, then you know we’re looking for quite a few things were looking for, but you know Look for loose loose shingles with flashing now those are you know to the very basic things are going to be looking for, especially right there at the at the Eve or near Warrior, for your gutters make an area. That’S her and start looking. Look at how many layers you currently have some shingles on your roof, and it’s really not recommended to have more than one layer on the roof. It’S just not made for the weight of multiple layers but.

It is very common to come up on a house with multiple layers, but we’re going to be looking to see how many layers are are trying to get an idea of the condition of the the decking on the roof as well, not just right there. At the beginning, where the keys are, but you know just from walking around on the roof, you can tell if there’s any kinda way or damage looking for soft spot in the decking. So those can be areas of concern. All the while, you know, checking to see if any shingles are missing or loose will check flashing in all areas so anywhere where there may be flashing attached to the refrigerator was looking at. All of that make sure it’s not old and worn and damaged interested in and pulling loose, because it was very, very common, very common causes for leaks, as wellI mean what we looking at is you know, maybe maybe you had a a storm come through? Maybe out of hail storm come through, we’ll be looking for, Hail, dings on the roof and we’ll try to mark all this off that we notice – and you know it hail – damages almost pretty much takes a train to i-22 Russia on any roof. But you know when you’re handling Tulsa Roofing, it’s very common for hail in our area as well as high winds, but you know what we looking for Hail means. Obviously I’m trying to find those areas of concern, Tulsa Roofing because the biggest thing is when hail hits. You know and I’ll just talk about asphalt, shingles, but it’s just the most common material, but when Hill Hits asphalt, shingles and you’re going to be dealing with green Walls and what area that you have those feelings and it can be expensive and then again it may Be just very, very light minimal, very minimal damage yeah, but it’s something that you want to get looked at and then we’ll be doing a fool full-blown at all areas of the roof. Looking for any hail damage that we can truly see. You know the extent of that damage and to really tell if you know you have reached a point where, hopefully you have insurance on your house and if you don’t, you need to get it right now, but you know we’ll be looking to see if it’s really Reached a point that hopefully, insurance will cover it, Tulsa Roofing should you need an Uber from there? I mean, let’s say that we’ve determined that that you actually do need a new roof.

The next Point, step in the process, is really just going to be for me to call your insurance company and actually did to file a claim with your insurance company and then what you’ll be doing from there once you file, that claim. Is there going to send out an adjuster, and hopefully, after this meal, at least by this point, you’ve already had Quality, Roofing roofing company come out and take a look at your roof and inform you that that making a claim with a wife and children is something That you should do and then once the adjuster comes out. It is a good idea to have us there at the same time as well, so that we can make sure that we’re on the same page with the adjuster. And if we need to be a fight for you for any reason, maybe the adjuster is trying to lowball. Maybe the adjuster is trying to say that there’s not as much damage as a really is just want to make sure that somebody there to help defend you, and you know, that’s obviously a big part that we can play for you and help with. So I’m definitely a good idea to have a cigarette the same time that I’m adjuster comes out. Tulsa Roofing So was he just called you and set up that meeting and they’re going to be coming out to your house? Just make sure you let us know so that we can be there at the same time again I mean we just really want to be there on your behalf and make sure that your best interest her are taken care of, and so we just going to come Out and pretty much do the exact same infection that we’ve already done, but they’re just there for the insurance company they’re. Obviously the ones are going to write a check so they’re going to be. You know maybe a little bit more, hopefully all of them more thorough, but they’re, just going to be probably more skeptical is going to be the biggest thing, because not all insurance companies just want to write checks and – and they claims all day long. But you know hopefully that in the event that this happens, there’s enough damage there they’re going to file a claim and and getting your you’re through taking care of it.

So assuming you have the adjuster’s come out and they realize the damage is enough, that they were born to claim that you’re going to need a new roof. Put on your home. Then, at that point, where they’re going to do is depending on the the company and sometimes Penny on the dollar amount, they made you a check right then and there so that we can get started. We’Ll do is a little bill issue, a lot of times, they’re going to issue checks there an issue one check in the beginning and then one check once it’s complete and for them to issue that second check. There are probably going to send out at an adjuster again how to check to work and make sure it was done and done correctly. Tulsa Roofing I have everything that they put on their report, make sure that all that was done before they issue that last second check for the remainder of the new roof. What’S the FM typically.. Perfect, they rights not enough to cover the entire cost of everything. That’S going to be done, but that’s going to be enough to cover at least get it started and get everything going for you again. You know where you’re going to be at that point, with the with the first check, that’s enough to to get everything started. You know you have Quality Roofing near Tulsa. Roofing company will be go ahead and get everything started at that point time, and then you know once it’s all done and don’t come out. Do that that final inspection for you and help on that final inspection they’re going to issue that that’s so I can check it. Sometimes I can take you know a couple weeks, maybe even longer, and some cases that, depending on their workload and and claims and everything’s going on at the time, but you can take a little while fast, I can check to come in to get everything done on Time sometimes it’s done just just one check.. That’S it that’s all issue, but a lot of times. It’S just going to be that not two separate checks.