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This is the quality time podcast episode number 14. Today we are talking about what insurance adjusters are going to be looking for whenever they come to inspect your house after storm damage, so you can file an insurance claim exactly what they’re going to be looking at was going to be looking for whenever they come out. Trying to finalize a claim for you, so the first thing they’re going to look for us. If there’s any any kind interior damage, did your? Did your power go out? Did you one question? I always ask: did any food in the fridge is spoiled or the freezer? So that’s pretty common. The power might go out and could be for an extended period of time, and if that happens, it could Kennedy ultimately result in some spoiled food. So that’s a question I always ask, but the ultimate Lee ass. Is there any kind of any kind of damage inside of the home? Tulsa Roofing Now you may not necessarily have any kind of weeks in the house, after Hills from where we may take awhile for that to for the roof to progressed to the point where you’re actually dripping straight water into the home, just from Halestorm Halestorm massive I mean they Can actually put giant hole in your roof and when that happens, for sure you’re going to have your going to have weeks inside the house. But for the most part – and that’s that’s not super common, so ultimately it would take a while for four things have progressed to the point. Where do you start seeing the leaks actually inside of your home? But that’s just one thing that the last meal start with a a walk around in the house they’re going to look for that, just what they can ultimately see from the ground. First, so they’re going to look at your your downspouts of your guttering, your siding and see, if there’s any damage done to any of that, those particular areas a lot of times. Your your window screens can actually take a pretty good beating, Tulsa Roofing will look at those, and that can all be part of your claim if that happened. So first going to start on the ground, just ilvl, what what can they see anything from there? Tulsa Roofing What they’re really looking for it and and something that insurance adjusters are really trained, for they have an eye for what it actually hail damage and maybe me and made me image. So there are some dishonest people out there and there’s even some dishonest roofing companies out there that will actually come out and we’ll try to make things.

Look like. There’S actually help me in between there wasn’t so that’s definitely not something. I would advise anybody of doing. Turd, dishonest, don’t be a dishonest person ever so, but yeah they’re going to they’re going to be very well trained and what they’re looking for as far as hail damage goes, and so, as far as on the roof they’re. Looking for different insurance companies have different guidelines on how many impacts are looking for, but they’re going to look for that on each section of the roof. So each pitch actually going to be looking for impacts in a certain number that number could be, for it could be 10. It’S kind of depends on the insurance company, exactly how many impacts are going to be looking for and then that’s going to be. That would be what makes it to the point where your roof a qualify for a claim with your insurance company. So again they all have their guidelines. They all have different requirements on how many impact they have to have in a certain area. Typically, it’s a 10 by 10 area on each pitch of the roof and they’re going to be looking for hail damage in that area for the roof inspection there they’re marking off a hundred square feet of 10 feet by 10 feet and they’re going to be doing This on pretty much every slope, so typically your biggest slopes of your generally, the back slope, the front slope. So that’s where they’re going to be looking, they will take chalk, so he can a brighter color chalk and they were actually Circle, every indent that they see. Tulsa Roofing That’S actually hail damage and it’ll. Tell those up so you’ll see him up there mark and stuff off and what they’re marking it actually hail damage and and seeing, if there’s enough marks for that, it’s actually qualify for a claim thought. You said it’s a really good idea. I said it several times, but it’s a great idea to have your roofing contractor there at the same time as the adjuster, because they may miss things. They may not necessarily see things that everybody can. I need to be on the same page, so as a as a roofer. We see this every single day as an adjuster. They see it every single day, but at the same time it’s very good for both parties to be there so that they can make sure hey. I noticed this area and you didn’t really look there there’s a lot over here. So then you can kinda guy them over there, so they can. You can make sure that they’re, seeing that damage and vice-versa, the dust from A Fine things that we use roofers, don’t so that’s just just part of it.

So it’s always a good idea to have both parties they’re. Taking a look at everything now the number of hail marks are really going to determine whether roof replacement going to be paid for by your insurance company or not. So that’s kind of a good thing about having the contractor come out before the adjuster. So before you make that phone call go ahead and have an actual roofer come out. Take a look see what they think before you go through this process of and have to take off work and I’m going to be there to meet the adjuster and all those things definitely have an inspection done before the adjuster gets there. And that way we can have a pretty good idea. Whether or not your roof is even going to be worth the time to go ahead and go through a claim. The adjuster will will come off the roof. They will do the same thing regarding your siding, I’m so sending you have siding on your house they’re, going to kind of looking at a 100 square foot area again. Tulsa Roofing For the same you know, just kinda depends on the insurance company how many impact they’re looking for and that’s going to determine whether or not that is going to be covered in the in the claim as well. So you know the roof is already going to take. The wallet of everything I mean it’s just everything’s, really going to hit that more than more than anything else around the house, but it is common for it to happen to you too, damaged, siding and and other things around, as well so they’re going to go. Take a look at all that stuff, it’s a it’s a lot easier to get the roof and siding, and the gutters and all those things approved by the insurance company as far as to claim goes as opposed to other areas and home sale in particular like right. Now we’re dealing with somebody that they have multiple AC units on their house and both of them actually are damaged as a result of the same storm that warranted a hail claim for her. So insurance came out, they take a look at the roof and they claim the roof and everything. You know what we were good to go on that and then she realized neither one of her air conditioners are working and they’re. Both kind of went out of the exact same time and it was the same time as the storm that they called the hail damage. So she actually has excessive damage as a result of the hill in the storm that came through outside of just the roof. Tulsa Roofing So we’re working with her to get all that other stuff claimed as well, but that can be a little more difficult than I really just looking for you know a direct result from from hail storms in those types of things. So in this particular case, she lost power at the same time, the hailstorm and then somehow something something burned up inside of both of her hate you in it’s the same thing at the same time on both units and it’s just kind of a phenomena that that Happened but it did and so again we’re still working with her to get all that worked out and in as part of the plane, because it really did happen at the same time, this lady, she doesn’t.

She doesn’t live at that house full time, so she doesn’t necessarily know so again. One of the questions that they asked her was did you have any damage inside the home and obviously her first response was no there’s, no obvious signs of leaks or anything like that. But now she’s going through, she actually took a look in the freezer and realize pretty much everything in there was spoiled because the power was out for an extended amount of time. So it’s little things like that and in that happens, a lot to do. Maybe somebody owns a rental house or for some reason the house is vacant, Tulsa Roofing they own it and they’re in the process of making a claim. They don’t necessarily know everything, Tulsa Roofing cuz they’re, not there every single day, so that’s kind of what happened with the AC unit. She knows she didn’t really pay that much attention. She knew that the roof was in bad bad shape. So we made a claim on that and you know it wasn’t necessarily a hot day that we were all out there and she didn’t have any she’s going and then, when she finally went to tournament, realize hey something’s, not right and she said she’s pretty sure it. So it’s all results of the same thing so little bit more difficult to go through, but not impossible. So that’s a good thing. Is she contacted us first and so we’re working with her and her just her to get all that taken care of so definitely always have a roofer a contractor. Somebody come out. Take a look at everything before you go to file the claim and then make sure that they are there at the same time as the adjuster, so they can help that claim process. That’S all I have for two