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This is a quality time, podcast episode, number 13 and Quality Roofing Wholesale Roofing going to be talking about filing your insurance claim. So should you file a claim, should you not file a claim and kind of wood to look for from there so say it’s been determined that you have damage on the roof and it’s bad enough that you need to make a claim, possibly so how to do That so somebody come out, somebody saying look: Quality Roofing has come to your home and we’ve determined, hey, you got hail damage and it’s bad and you need to get it replaced. So now it’s time to get the insurance company on the phone and figure out. You know, will it cover it? What do they think so? A lot of people think if I make a claim on my insurance and then they’re going to drop me legally. Tulsa Roofing They can’t do that when it comes to so you got a hail claim on your roof unit, replaced they. They can’t just drop you just because you’re making a claim so that that’s a big worry with a lot of homeowners. What’S going to happen, I don’t want to get dropped and legally they can’t do that. Now it’s happened in the past, where maybe they didn’t renew a policy after a claim was made, but again that’s not something that they can do. If you have a legitimate claim on the Roof, then they can’t just drop you. So if they refuse to renew you too – and they say the reason is because you file a claim or what-have-you, then you really need to take out of with the state, because that is not something that they can do now.

It’S not really like your car insurance. You know every time you make a claim. Your car insurance goes up. Your your homeowners insurance is actually based on the area that you’re in so when it comes to your premiums. Making a claim your homeowners insurance doesn’t necessarily mean that your premiums going to Skyrocket, because in reality those the streaming should really be set forth by the area that you’re in and not necessarily the claims that you’ve made so much in this early go up. Your premium should necessarily give up just because you’re making a claim on the roof. I mean it is the hail damage that you received it. It’S considered an act of God, so it’s nothing that you did nothing that you could prevent. It happened so, but you know you should not suffer because of that. There are some sometimes when it might not be a great idea to file a claim, even if your home was damaged, but you know the reasons that you would file would be. You know if you’ve had a lot of storm damage. You know what a hell lot of those helmet indoor wind then and the repair costs could be higher than what your deductible is. That happens quite often, and in that scenario it’s probably a good idea to file that insurance claim that supposed to pay out of pocket. So you know if the new Roots going to cost 8010 thousand and your deductible is only ,000. Tulsa Roofing And why would you pay that extra seven, nine green, whenever you can just claim that on your insurance get that taken care of for you, because in the end, Tulsa Roofing you’re you’re protecting your largest investment, your home? So you definitely want to get that taken care of. After any kind of any kind of storm damage, you just need to be need to be protected, Tulsa Roofing moving forward and then failed to repair the storm damage show again. People give me scared of their premiums are going to go up and those other things. If you fail to to repair that storm damage, I can actually lower the value of your home. So that’s you know who wants to buy a house? It is so you need to sell your house and who really wants to buy a house with an immature. It’S just not going to happen, so we see that every day of the week somebody calls I’m trying to sell my house. I need to get my roof replaced buyers not going to buy it until it’s done. So that happens all the time. So you definitely need to make sure that your do. You have any kind of storm damage that you’re being proactive and you’re. Getting those things fixed, your insurance rate, it just goes up every year, it happens, insurance and taxes. Those are two things that go up all the time, so, whether you file an insurance claim or you don’t file an insurance claim, your premiums are going to go up over time. It’S just going to happen there, just not as sheep today they were five years ago and they’re, not they were more sense than five years ago and they were the five years before that.

So insurance premiums are going to go up whether you file a claim or not. That’S just something. That’S going to happen, so you know you need to be protected. You need to be taken care of, and especially, if you’re going to have an expensive repair, then you should definitely get with insurance, get them to pay for it and cover as much of that expense as possible. For you – and I mean that’s ultimately what they’re there for that’s, why you have that insurance is in case something bad happens to your home and you need to get it fixed, so reasons that you, you probably would not file claim is say the damage. Isn’T is a very bad bad day, it’s just kind of slight damage, but you still need to get it fixed. You know, maybe the cost of that repairs actually less than what your deductible is, and why would you even file claim you? Wouldn’T it just doesn’t make sense, and maybe you have minimal damage and you don’t have a. We call it a RCV policy on your insurance. So it’s really impossible to determine whether or not you need to file claim just just from sitting on the ground and looking up at your roof. So somebody really needs to come out. Somebody that’s experience, Quality Roofing. We do Tulsa Roofing every day the week, somebody that knows what to look for when it comes to that damage, and is it going to be extensive enough for you to have to actually file so again it it happens all the time you know somebody just has A a little repair and it’s way cheaper than their deductible. You can just take care of that out-of-pocket down, but either way insurance or not. If you have any kind of damage you definitely want to get that repaired. Because again, Tulsa Roofing you don’t want to be in a scenario later on down the road where you need a whole roof done, and the insurance is saying that it’s simply because of neglect that you didn’t fix things whenever they needed to be fixed. So they’re not going to cover it. That’S not a scenario that that you want to be it so definitely have somebody come out and take a take, a look and see you know what kind of damage you may have. Somebody with experience, because that’s going to be the biggest thing we can, we can help. You know what the adjuster is going to look for and make sure that you know it’s going to be something that’s going to be covered. So it’s really a good idea – and I say it time and time again,

but when your adjuster is coming to your house, have your contractor with you, because the insurance companies really just don’t want to pay. They don’t want to pay, so they make more money. The less claims that they have so when they filed that the claims filed and they have to pay out-of-pocket, they don’t want to do that. So make sure that somebody is there with them when the adjuster is there make sure that they’re on the same page and you’re you’re at a point where you’re getting taken care of you need to say you’re at the point where you need to file a claim. This is what’s happening, I’m doing it so find your insurance policy called the insurance company claims department get your claim started typically right after that, you will get contacted by the adjuster directly to schedule a time with you to come out. Hopefully we’re at a point where you know: we’ve assessed image for you. We can come out there at that adjuster appointment and be there when it happens. There’S a couple different types of a dresser, so it’s kinda depends on the season when, Tulsa Roofing when things happen, so there could be a dressers that they’re just salary that works great for an insurance company and then you know and in the event of of big storms. Osaka things will actually have they called the catastrophe. Adjusters independent they’re trained just for disasters, and they will be there. You know in the event of a large storm, get a lot of areas being hit and then they’re going to be around there going to be checking everything out and then you know it is definitely better to have one of those adjusters if it all possible. But I mean you, don’t really get to get to choose, but obviously they’re there more well-trained when it comes to storm damage in those types of things, because that’s all they handle. So they really know what they’re looking for. But regardless, whichever one’s going to come to your house, doesn’t matter, make sure that your contractors with you when they’re there everybody needs to be on the same page, need to make sure they’re. Looking at the same things that were looking at when we determined you’re at a point where you need a new roof, so that’s all I got whenever it comes to, should you or should you not file an insurance claim?