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You’Re listening to the koala-t roofing qawali Time, Podcast episode number one. We don’t have any business music yeah today, you might ask: what are you going to talk about on your very, very first episode of quality time with Quality Roofing? What are the five things that you should come to work shift 10 things were going to split up into podcast of the first. One is five things you should do when you’re looking to hire a roofer to give you an estimate on your house or to replace your roof. So here’s the deal a lot of homeowners running these obstacles when they’re trying to like fix or replace the roof, is trying to figure out the right person who they pick right. So I just had a storm last night. Actually here, where there’s a storm, I got a leak. I got a problem, I got shingles off, I got damaged, I got stuff happening, so I got to get someone out quick right. What do I just choose? The first guy that knocked on my door? That’S what happens dude by the way and that what happened! That is because they just knock on your door. They might just be from Florida and they just drove in with their whole team to go, try to put roots on Storm Chasers, Storm Chasers. They call them or their storm storm chasers, not the good guys that are like warning us about storm for talking about the Alta towns are roofers that are blasted into town. Take your deposit, never fix your roof, so be very careful. So here’s what you need to get number one. The number one thing get local referral, so somebody that’s in the market. Somebody that’s been around somebody that has reviews on Google like Quality Roofing, your Tulsa roofer. That’S what you need absolutely you need somebody that is local, because you know what, if you need something after the fact, what will you have Tyler? You will have a local company who is in your town. Is it’s a fly-by-night, then where’s, your warranty, we’re going to be tomorrow. I can’t go bang on the door. Cuz they’re gone, so there’s less chance of potential issues or scams when you choose a contractor from your community. What they’re saying that’s what I’m saying right here? Bro they’re more familiar with local rules and they got relationships Tyler with what cruise suppliers suppliers when it can be cheaper for you in the long run I mean local, helps and all I think so. I think that’s kind of a big thing so specially I personally, I’m not really going to be trustworthy with somebody that shows up and they’re trucks have something about Louisiana or Florida. Like okay cool, you have to say, Tulsa Roofing glad to hear you want to see. Tulsa Roofing because you’re in Tulsa, so you got to be at Tulsa River. That’S the move right! Yes, that’s number! One get a look! Referral number two look for manufacture does ignitions. So like what we’re saying, there is like it’s like a badge of honor that a contractor gets because they put on a lot of roofs for the same person or company.

That makes the shingles that makes them that manufactures the the the not the equipment but the materials right. If you had someone who put on ,000 a year and that use the specific shingle company, then that shingle company might endorse them, they might say: hey these people doing a good job. You know he does a good job there, your Tulsa roofing company, because what they put on a thousand rich last year and they do a good job. So you want to look for manufacture, designation, something to read this for you, there’s a so many factors, more stringent requirements, but GAF strictly enforces their top designation by allowing 2 % of roofing contractors / Market to be recognized as master elite contractor. So that’s that’s, a type of shingle right is GAF and what they’re saying is they only allow in a market, 2 % of the roofers get that designation, so they’re not just handed out like candy they’re, Tulsa Roofing giving it to Quality roofers that do good jobs that that Are master elite contractors right so, unlike other manufacturer designation master elite contractors, cannot use that top destination in the territorial in the location of the storm right. So that means a fly-by-night guy. I mean he could he could have that GAF designation in Florida, but he can’t just come use that in Tulsa not according to their rules. So yes, number one was get local referral number to is look for manufacturer designations where the manufacturers back them up and then Tyler number 3 research, the BBB, the Better Business Bureau. Now I will tell you I’m just going to tell you personal opinion. I better business bureau is great, but here’s the deal when it comes to roofing company. When you talk about of Tulsa river is they should be registered with the Better Business Bureau so that the Better Business Bureau Canfield complaints? Okay, it isn’t necessarily a problem if a company has had a complaint, it’s a problem as of how they dealt with the complaint if they, if they fixed it, if it manager, if it worked out as anybody listen to this might know, sometimes Tulsa Roofing you can’t make people Happy I mean some people just aren’t going to be happy, just the how it goes, but you need to have a company that has a relationship with the Better Business Bureau so that they have a way of fueling issues that happened to the Better Business Bureau knows Who they are, they can report any complaints that Come Thru come from consumers from houses are rules that they fixed or messed up in the neck. You can look at the rating from the Better Business Bureau. Okay, now there’s a whole nother thing on like whether the Better Business Bureau, A rating, is accurate or not. Leave that to yourself, but it is a. It is a way to go check to find out. Personally, I mean tell me what you think, but as far as complaints go, if you’re doing a ton of business you’re going to get a complaint at some point, I think it’s going to happen and if you don’t then you’re probably not doing a ton of business. Like I said it, I think it’s all about how come he responds to it to me. That’S what it comes down to its like. How did they respond to the complaint? Take care of it? Then they take care of the customer,

because the Better Business Bureau allow the consumer to make the point. But then they allow the company to respond to the complaint and then allow the consumer to respond. And then they say whether it was resolved satisfactory to the person. Following the client and many times they are, and if they’re not that’s a reason to look but more importantly, that look at Google get on Google reviews on Google, the Better Business Bureau in a regulated they’re not going to take it down. If you don’t like it, they’re not going to like deleted, if they’re in a plus, plus plus plus rated business, it’s on Google trust me. I’Ve had bad reviews on Google before for people over just trying to accompany you can’t do anything about death. Go to show up there just there! So, look at Google go to Google and put in Tulsa Roofing and find a roofing contractor and look at the reviews and read what their customers are saying, because that’s where you’re going to get the meat potatoes and what they’re going to do on your houses. From previous clients, for so we said, one was good luck: referral to look for manufactured designations, 3, research, the Better Business Bureau or Google, or both get an extensive warranty. So now they put my roof on. What are they going to want you to work right now? I have a leak next week. What’S going to happen all the more reason to have a local roofer right, I mean you need to come to this kind of warranty their work and then the product needs to be warranted. So you know it’s not just going to be something that they found it somewhere house somewhere in the middle of nowhere. They just have some overflow, and you know I bought some shingles ain’t, no need something with that comes with a warranty, so they can provide that through. You know what what they buy. They buy good quality products that use a good quality craftsmanship. I mean everything that they do needs to be in our our world koala-t and if they are they exactly, if you’re looking for a company, then look for one that that has a warranty that warranties their work and I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find somebody. That’S in a different state, that’s flown in because there was a hail storm, that’s going to want it or you just going to come back in two years when something happens or whatever you know. I’M a good luck, Tulsa Roofing so you’re going to have to have that local person, so I’ll come right back out when something’s wrong right. So one is get local referrals to is look for, manufacture, designations, 3 research, the Better Business Bureau, Google, Google reviews get an extensive warranties for in the fifth thing, is be concerned about safety. This is another. This is another big tank, because Tyler contract without training or safety program or a safety program, may not be the best person for you, so they might leave Nails in your yard. You know they might Hammer nails through your ceiling, they might drop. I mean there’s, there’s a hundred things to make it fall off your roof and sue you and Ruben slam a couple Nails in right right. You want somebody that’s going to follow the proper safety precautions to make sure that one they put on a quality roof into somebody. That does it right at in a way that doesn’t put you or your family or your neighbors, or anybody in danger right. There power line sometimes that are connected to roofs there’s if you got the power lines that are above the ground, there’s a lot of different factors that go into that,

and you just have some knucklehead climbing up on your roof that doesn’t have a safety program that Doesn’T have safety protocol doesn’t have anything. Now you got a guy getting electrocuted on your roof and I got falling off your roof. You got a guy falling into your house. How many times have you seen that happen? I mean it’s up on the roof and falls in your living room, and you know what happens the next day. They don’t come back because they’re went all the money they’re making my job and they have to redo your whole living room because they fell through your. Your ceiling and knocked your your ceiling in your floor, that’s when the fly-by-night Florida, because we didn’t follow the safety procedures and now we fell through the roof. So recap for you: get a local referral! Look for manufacture designations research, the BBB research, Google, look for Google reviews, get a warranty, get a warranty and be concerned about safety. Don’T just take it like with a grain of salt. Tulsa Roofing When it comes to safety, you want to be sure that you have a company. That’S going to follow safety precautions, okay, somebody that’s been trained on how to get on a roof and not hurt you or kill you or kill your family. Okay, that’s it! That’S all we got for today, you’re listening to the quality time, Roofing podcast, with Quality Roofing. Your Tulsa roofing company,