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This is the quality time podcast episode, number 36 Quality Roofing near Tulsa roofing company, and she want to go over a little bit about some warning signs. You need to look for Morris when it might be time to replace your roof, so some things that that people don’t really take into consideration very often a lot of people don’t really think about getting a new roof until it’s actually waiting inside of their home. So it’s not really something that people pay a lot of attention to all the time, but they really should so. I definitely recommend check it out your roof at least a couple of times a year, no more in the fall and Emily in the spring and then probably want to you’re having somebody come out and take a look. Tulsa Roofing Professional wise so call Quality, Roofing and we will come out and obviously give you a free inspection. But you really only probably need that about once a year unless you have some kind of extreme situation where you know you have a big weather event or something that causes you to. You know have some issues at the definitely need to be looked at by a professional, but, like I said, most people don’t really take a look at the roof until it’s actually a problem to until it’s actually leaking and by then you know it really reached a Point where you probably could have caught it way before it happened, so you should definitely look for these things. So, first and foremost is how old is your roof? You know typically a roof, alas, between about 20-25 years, depending on the material but you..

That’S a typical life frame of your roof, so is it you know actually getting close to that end of its life span, or you know it. Is it past it until those are some things that definitely consider is the age of your roof, because really it’s only made it last so long and then another thing: is your shingles can start curling or buckling overtime, and so you know it’s definitely a sign that you Can see pretty obviously a lot of time just from the ground, Tulsa Roofing so you don’t have to get up on your roof to to look at and find that out, but even when shingles start to start to get old and weathered start to start to curl. It’S not the Buckle will start to crack I’ll, actually lose their granules overtime, so curling and buckling pretty obvious signs that don’t take a professional de to spot and point out so, but you know that that’s on this early, just something that comes over time. I mean it could actually just be a defect, so you know if you’ve had a new roof within the last 5 years or so, and you still have a manufacturer’s warranty on it, then I would definitely look into that. If you’ve already got curling and buckling going on on your shingles because, Tulsa Roofing I could easily be a manufacturing defect and you could get that covered under warranty. So that’s something that I would definitely look into it and then a common problem area would be roof valleys. Tulsa Roofing so you know if your shingles are falling apart are missing in the Valley area. It’S going to be a definite sign that you will need a new roof. Valleys are really one of the most important areas of your roof and this because the snow and the rain they flow through the valleys and into the gutters. So the valley is very integral part of the roof and if that is for any reason, not functioning the way. It supposed to then you’re going to be very susceptible to your roof, actually leaking so keep an eye on your valleys and then a lot of times. I can be debris and things that build up in the valleys and that’s something that you want to make sure that you get out just as soon as possible. Keep your room clean. So your gutters are one thing that you know everybody kind of considers hey. I need to clean my gutters, but you should really keep any debris or anything else off your roof as well. So if you have any sticks for leaves or anything building up in the Valley area,

you should only take care of those and get those out of there just as soon as you can and then a very obvious sign. It’S going to be, if you have any missing shingles on your roof, so you know overtime. The shingles can come loose Southern Tier 8 to the point where the nails are no longer holding them in and they can actually come with pretty easily. You know little bit a little bit of wind or rain or whatever and then usually get knocked off so missing shingles or are an obvious sign that you’re going to need some kind of either repair or probably even a new roof of that point and then chimney flashing Is an area where problems can come up pretty commonly and not just chimney flashing? It can be around skylights or any kind of events that come through the roof. So, basically anything that penetrates the roof can be a point of concern. Over time I mean the the seals around that will will work, overtime and oftentimes. I can wear quicker than the roof, so those are some areas that you should have to keep an eye on and pay attention to. As far as you know, the condition of the seals around them a lot of times, if you have a leak inside of your home, they can come from. These areas are typically the main ones where I would say, they they would come through, so I’ll definitely check your seals around that in that area, but they’re pretty easy to to fix as well. Tulsa RoofingI mean you know. Typically, if you have just a small leak coming in around a chimney or something you can just take some car in a roof cement and put that up around there and normally recreate that steal to the point where in the longer leaks. Sometimes it can be a lot worse off than that and it could be too late to register a bandaid on it, but a lot of times. I can be pretty quick and easy fix if it’s cotton time and then who is check for any granule loss. You will see that, typically in your gutters and on the ground, around your gutter, downspouts, basically she’s going to look like you’re going to your downspout and you can see probably what you would think we’ll be a little pile of sand starting around that area. And now it’s actually Greenville from shingles or coming off just over timeI mean I could be hail. It cause that it could be something that we called blistering come there’s really a lot of things that can cause that. But you definitely want to watch for any loss of those granules because that’s going to really compromised the Integrity of your roof and it’s not going to be functioning properly as it really should so keep an eye on Greenville loss and check for, like I said, check In your area, that’s going to be the easiest place to find that and then typically, if you’re walking around on your roof and you’re doing your own inspection, you may see little bare spots where you can see a little little circle. You know you see little open, expose black area of the shingle and around that.

That’S where the granules are are coming off. So that’s that’s where all that’s really coming from in a lot of times. That’S for Hail! So that’s something that we we come across a lot and then obviously, if you can see any signs of daylight coming through your roof into your home if, you get up in your attic and you can actually see daylight through your. Then it’s definitely time to call somebody to take him out and take a look and see what kind of problems you have. I mean there’s really a lot of things that I could be, but it’s obviously not a good thing to have daylight to the point where you can see it. I mean that’s just an obvious sign that next time it rains you have water inside your house. So any signs of just wide open daylight that you can see really something that you need to call Professional, so call Quality, Tulsa Roofing Roofing or Tulsa roofing company, and we will gladly come out and inspect it before you and, like I said I would definitely have a professional. Come out at least once a year, whether you need it or not at least once a year, and then you know in the event that you actually having a big storm or hail storm wind storm tornado something come through. I would definitely call somebody out to check that out as well. Even if you just had her roof inspected a week, beforeI’m just anytime, you think you may have storm damage, make sure you have somebody else come out and take a look, and we will be glad to do that against Quality. Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company,