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You’Re listening to the koala tea time, Roofing podcast with Quality Roofing. That’S right! We’Re today going to talk about Prince the revolution, we’re talking about 5, more things that you should learn about, that you should do when you’re hiring a roofing contractor and where trying to get everything together on our side, so that we can talk about five more. So we had to set the timer when you do a podcast about Roofing in Tulsa Roofing, you set the timer okay, we got to set timer talking about today, one two, three four, five things: five more things that you need to watch out for when you’re looking To hire refer that we talked to the previous podcast about getting local referrals looking for manufacture designations research on the Better Business Bureau. Google reviews getting an extensive warranty from your Tulsa roofing company being concerned about safety and now we’re going to talk about checking for the pop proper license and insurance. So you want to make sure that the guy that’s going to come put. Your phone has a license to do it right, yeah. You want to make sure that he’s got liability, insurance, cuz. We talked about safety before and if you haven’t got that unlicensed, who do you think that comes back on if something bad happens? Tyler who’s going to come back on you, a homeowner, your toasty, now you’re paying you know, you’re doing another Insurance claim, because some dude fell off the roof with a subcontractor to have insurance, to be careful to make sure that your checking for the proper licensing and Insurance now, a contractor should have insurance for all their poison to Country, subcontractors and Tyler any roofing contractor any Tulsa roofing company should be able to provide a copy of their insurance right.

So beware of this: if you tell, if you have a guy bang on your door systems for the refund, they should be carrying copy of their insurance on top of their license information cuz. If they don’t have that, I mean Kelly validate that they’re legit and you can’t validate the third even allowed to do business. So it’s not having adequate Insurance could potentially lead to litigation between a contractor in a homeowner. If a roofing employee, the Saints sustained an injury at the home, so somebody gets hurt on the roof, shoots a freaking nail gun through their foot and then they come get you because they’re on your roof and the and the ripping how to be able to tell Immediately, you can come to tell baby talk to you, I’m sure, but at the same time, that the cost difference if you’re going to couple quotes – and somebody is latan cheaper than somebody else. Good chances are probably not much cheaper, cuz they’re, not paying insurance so yeah. I mean that’s considered so be careful and make sure that you’re checking for proper licensing and your checking for proper insurance. Now in states where licenses are required, make sure your contract provide you the copy license and confirm their status online. You can go online and look it up in Most states require that the the roofing contract have a million dollars in my building. Quality Roofing has a million dollars liability insurance. You have to know how many times you have more than that that’s the minimum. They require that you have a right so, when you’re looking for a Tulsa, roofing contractor make sure that you’re looking when they’re knocking on your door when you’re calling them ask for their license and insurance cuz. If you don’t have that, then they probably should be getting on your roof number to pay your deductible. Tulsa Roofing If a roofing contractor says that they can handle the repair without having a homeowner pay, their insurance deductible, it may not be legit okay, it may not be now. Some roofing contractors, depending on how you do it, might give you a discount. Did I give you a discount after the fact right that allows you to kind of role that in okay, but most of the time there is going to be some out-of-pocket expense that you’re going to have that is related to the rip, the replacement of the roof? So don’t think that in every circumstance that you’re just going to get a free roof out of you, you have to be careful not to put yourself in a position where, were you trick your insurance company or done something that you maybe shouldn’t have done so be Aware that there’s fraud that happens in insurance and you want to get with a contractor – that’s going to do things right and proper kind of the next thing is handle your own. So at Contra any contractor who says there are claims specialist, so they can handle your insurance claim, may not be able to okay. So if you have a qualified, roofing contractor, that knows what they’re doing that is come through a personal referral that has good Google reviews and they’re helping you contact your insurance and working with your adjuster. There’S no problem with that, but handing the reins completely over to a roofing contractor for them to go, do whatever they need to do, not probably good idea.

I would not recommend that, because, if they’re asking you to do that, it may not be the right thing for you. My personal opinion handle try to handle as much of the claim as you can. It’S not a problem to have the roofing contractor there when you’re talking to insurance. It’S not a problem. Have the roofing contractor there when they’re doing the assessment of your route from when he claims adjusters out looking at the roof? That isn’t a similar problem, but to just hand it over to you know I mean Tyler. I wouldn’t just hand that over to you and be like here, you go bro house and work on my insurance and figure the whole thing out right when it’s a good idea to have your contractor, at least with you when you’re talking to him, I mean just To help you in that process, so you don’t do roofs every single day. You have a roof, but you don’t do them every single day so have that chances are you’ve, probably never got on your roof. If you like me to come over, I don’t want to be a more if it’s dangerous, the pitch is very hot and very steep. I would fall. I don’t have the cool boots or whatever that have spikes on them right, so yeah I mean, definitely have them. So you have that professional. I mean it’s just like fit in any of street, but you know you need that professional and obviously somebody you can trust if you’re going to be handling it in that aspect. So but personally I think it’s a good idea to have somebody help you with that. Not completely do it, Tulsa Roofing but to help you with that process, Tulsa Roofing so I 100 % agree next. This is a big one. Don’T give in to pressure so watch out for a contractor who pressures for you to sign a contract before the insurance company’s estimated the damage, because some contractors say they can work with whatever your insurance company settles upon. However, you need to as a homeowner. You need to ensure that it’s not just any amount, but it’s a right about right, because if it really that’s what I’ll fix think about that, it may not be what it cost right and, if you’re getting a root, if you’re getting an estimate. What’S the whole point, what is the whole point of getting an estimate on a roof repair? You need to have an idea of what it’s going to cost. So it’s not a bad idea to get an estimate from from other roofing companies, especially if you’ve had one. That’S just shown up with an unmarked vehicle with no license no insurance, and they just said all climb on your roof for free and I’ll. Give you a estimate on what it takes to be there I’ll give it to your insurance company. Make sure that whatever information that that you’re getting from the contractor that you communicate that with your insurance company and you make sure that you don’t feel like you’re getting pressured to just sign a contract, they should thoroughly examined the home and check that the insurance adjuster. Didn’T miss any images so because your insurance adjuster may not notice some stuff. What do you think the insurance adjusters trying to do they’re trying to save money? So you need a contractor. You can trust that is qualified to be able to get up there, but at the same time you don’t want to just hand over the reins or have a contractor that just pressures you to signing a contract so that they can get your plans just be careful About that, don’t just sign a contract with the first year for the locks on your door, materials, okay, so the last one is know your material choices Tyler.

So when you’re talking about knowing your choices, some contractors may not even a few different options. They just have one price and they give you the crappiest of the crap you get ever get in on your roof. Would you agree that there’s a difference between one single in another she’s, absolutely okay, when shingle might be really cheap, one shingle might be really expensive. It’S like anything: it’s like buying an iPhone versus buying a flip phone. You know it just you can get the iPhone or the shingles or you can get the flip phone and what are you getting? So you need to know what the quality of that is. I’M in the contractor he’s not offering you different option is not looking for your butt out for your best interest. So we talked to two: are our estimators about this right and you’re, going to Tulsa Roofing estimate and you like the like style and color? Okay, it’s like well, that’s really a preference like what color do you like and what style do you like, but the quality of the craftsmanship of the shingle of what you’re getting, I think is what is important, but also the style and color that you put on There can affect to resell cuz if you put some pink shingles on your roof, people are going to want to buy the house. Maybe I don’t know our logo screen so just be careful and make sure that you’re picking up the right style, the right color. If the insurance is paying for a new roof, it may be the perfect time to change and upgrade to a more Unique Style that suit your taste. You know if you got the money and the insurance company is paying for it, because you had a claim and you get the claim anyway, then why not update it? Just like you would your kitchen, if you had to update your kitchen, you would get new appliances. You get newer, better, nicer stuff, because why it helps the resale value of your house, so we’re talking about real, quick, the five more things that you need to do when you’re looking for roofing contractor check for proper license and insurance, be careful with your deductible make Sure that you’re paying that handle your claim it on your own, don’t give in to pressure from your contractor and know the material choices of what you’re getting with your new roof. That’S all we got today for the Qawwali time, Roofing podcast you’re, listening to quality time with Tulsa roofing contractor Quality, Roofing