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See Quality Time, Podcast episode, number 43 Quality, Roofing your Tulsa roofing company and I’m going to go over some things that you may notice on the roof and what they could really mean so kind of like woodruff’s, probably trying to tell you so you know these are Just really going to be warning signs that that you shouldn’t ignore on your roof and you know a lot of times. Tulsa Roofing We see people just neglect problems and they don’t really think it’s that big of an issue time at the time and then it turns into one very large issue in the end. So these are some things that that you may notice and really when you do go out of some, you should definitely call koalafied roofer to come out and give you an inspection and see what the problem is and see. If I get it taken care of as soon as possibleI’m done just like, I said it’s not going to go away, so definitely make sure you know you get taken care of so first one very common. I see this in a lot of homes is going to be water spots very noticeable on on the ceilings. Water stains – and you know now – maybe you’re – buying a new house, and maybe there are water spots on the roof or on the ceiling, and you see those stains. Maybe the other homeowner actually took care of the roof problem, but didn’t take care the inside and get it all fixed up and and done nice and proper. If that’s something you notice, especially for your purchase, a new home, you don’t know a lot about it. I would definitely have an inspection done to see if whatever that problem was actually taken care of, but water spots on the ceiling. Now it’s could be a small week. It can be a big leak whatever, but they’re not get. And definitely need to be checked out immediately. So I should never be water spots on the ceiling. Tulsa Roofing If there are, you probably have a problem water spots on on walls on the outside of the home yeah. I can be pretty big signal that maybe the flashing is loose or damaged, or maybe even rusted out, so you know replacing flashing. It can be a little difficult, but you know that’s that’s just kind of a common area, so flashing Sibley made out of metal and in that case over time, metal can rust and Brake and break down.

So you can’t have issues where you do have flashing, but definitely look for the water spots on outside walls and. Then, as far as your gutters go, if you see any kind of little bitty rocks almost like sand that can be granule loss inside of your guttering tell if you get up there on your roof, you don’t even really have to get on it, but just up High enough for you can see inside of your guttering, if you see material inside of there, that can be granule loss from the shingles, and that could be from a multitude of reasons. But that’s not a good thing. So once you start losing Greenville. For shingles a loser, integrity and they’re not really going to stand up the way they’re designed to maybe they reach their end of their life span and that’s the old are falling apart and maybe you had a hail storm come through. Maybe the sun has just damage the shingles enough overtime that the granules are coming loose from from the asphalt several reasons why that can happen very easy to spot? If you just get up high enough for your hair, Tulsa Roofing you can look in your gutters and if you see that kind of kind of material inside of your Gathering, then you should definitely have somebody come out and take a look because that can can cause problem. So just come just because you see it and you know – maybe it’s just a little bit doesn’t necessarily mean that you know I can’t call her a bigger issue. So you want to get that taken care of as soon as possible and have somebody look at that and inspect everything before really becomes a problem for you and then, as far as shingles go, you know again over time. They could cracker blister me as they get older. They lose more more of those those green ones that we just stopped and talked about it once I start getting exposed to too son, and it’s just straight being down on them. They’Re going to become very, very brutal when that happens, it’s very common for for the shingles, actually crack can blister and really deteriorate pretty quickly, and then you know when that happens, they’re not really providing the protective barriers that are supposed to, Tulsa Roofing and then you have the issue With when it does rain that water is not going to be deflected the way it’s supposed to be, and you may even end up with some of that water inside your home pretty quickly so you have an aged roof is really not a good roof.

There. Only designed to the last for so long and that cracking and and blistering if shingles, are really a big sign, they’re, probably at the end of their lifetime, and it’s time to consider a new roof now again with no age. One thing that may happen is going to be the shingles me curl as well, but not just so much because of the age. You can just be improper ventilation, so maybe they’re just not enough ventilation on the roof, and this is going to cause, shingles actually curl over time. So it’s very very important to have proper ventilation in your system, and you know that’s just one thing that they can cause. It I mean, I know that things could be just if there’s underlayment that wasn’t done correctly, underneath your shingles, then you know you could have that Curly happened very prematurely, so the proper layering underneath is very important, and maybe you know something was just done incorrectly. Maybe it was a poor job, but some roofer not Quality Roofing, because we wouldn’t do that kind of poor job for you, Tulsa Roofing but maybe somebody did and that’s that’s where you can have some issues, so I’m curling shingles are very obvious to to spot. You wouldn’t answer. I have to get up on your roof yourself to notice of things. You probably be able to just see all that from from ground level, and if you see that at all you have an issue, you need to call Quality, Roofing Nationals at Buckle. You know that can be caused by the the wood decking underneath the shingles and could also be caused by the underlayment under the shingles actually wrinkling up over time. So if you see a buckled area, that’s really not a good thing.. You shouldn’t really have a hump in the middle of your roof, so that’s definitely not something that should be ignored at all. So get that checked out and then very, Tulsa Roofing very obvious one or if you’ll be Roofing, you see the shingles are missing now, I’m. If you see missing shingles, you have a problem: it’s not supposed to come apart that way home.

If it is, it can just be the age of it um. It’S just you know recent of its lifetime, but again it could be from improper installation. So regardless, if you have missing shingles, you need to have an inspection done now, decking the that it’s wavy that’s kind of common, and he doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s damage and you may need a new roof and you may need to replace all your neck and Just because you see maybe some slight waves in your now it could. We could very well mean that that that decking is damaged and it will need to be replaced. But it doesn’t necessarily just because you have it doesn’t surly mean that they have a problem. But if you feel like you have ways on your roof and you want to get that checked out. Definitely I would just have a professional opinion on if you notice it at all, and then you know when you deal with with decking may be easy to spot. Whenever somebody is on your roof and expecting you, if you have kind of soggy areas or feeling very soft areas in the decking as a walking around, they can typically feel bad, and you can tell pretty much right away is just from taking a step on it. If you’re going to have damage in that area and then the age of the roof is going to be the big thing. So, typically, you know again and you miss home materials going to be asphalt, shingle and it’s really only design for about 20 20 years or so, and so you know it’s, Tulsa Roofing it’s pretty obvious. Take a look at a wedding field: roof em that it’s reached the end of its like 10, so I’ve seen several that surprisingly they’re not leaking into the house. Yet I don’t know how why I don’t get it but yeah. Oh you! You can pretty much tell with just just from ground level and a quick look if I receive its lifespan in it’s not pretty, and it’s definitely something that you need to consider getting inspected and getting replaced as soon as possible. So just pay attention to some of these things that I’ve mentioned. Don’T let them become bigger issues later. That’S really the last thing you want to do so, if you think you have any kind of issues whatsoever, make sure you call the inspection, call Quality, Roofing, roofing company