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Cd quality time, podcast episode, number 37 Quality, Roofing your Tulsa roofing company and go over some things. You should know before you replace your roof when you’re going to need to replace your roof and some things about shingles. So sometimes you know if you have a big event, come through sometime, a large storm or something you know you might have to make these decisions pretty quickly, so hopefully you’re coming across Quality Roofing here in Tulsa in advance. But you know it is just kind of the biggest thing is in the event of you: no bad weather or some extreme event happening that damage a roof severely. There’S a lot of things are going to have to know and have to know him pretty quickly and get them done pretty quickly to protect the interior of your home because having your earroof damage and things exposed for too long. I can be a bad thing for sure, so the first thing you need to know is obviously what it’s going to come down to when you hire a roofer. So I would definitely look online and look at their presents online. Look at any reviews that they have a while before I even make the first phone call and then once you do speak to him, Tulsa Roofing make sure that there are properly licensed there at local is going to be a big thing as well, because there’s going to be A warranty involved with your roof, and you definitely want to be doing with somebody local when it comes to any type of warranty work. Somebody that you know for sure is going to be here whenever if a problem does arise, you want to make sure that you can get a hold of that person and they can get out there quickly and the only way they’re going to do that if they’re Going to be a local company so make sure you know, the biggest thing is obviously going to be licensed and insured. Tulsa Roofing The last thing you want is somebody working on your roof getting hurt and then you being responsible for whatever hospital bills that they rack so. You want to make sure that you have a reputable company that has a proper licensing and insurance and then yeah. I said the biggest thing is just going to be reviews, so do your research on companies to make sure that they have good reviews with no customers, I’m in the first place people are going to go in anytime. Now is really just going to be to the internet and they’re going to let everybody know was that a good experience or bad one so pay attention to those areas, and then obviously you know the things about when you know you need to replace your roof outside Of any kind of made her stronger than or something is just simply going to be is simply going to be. You know, depending on a lot of things, so you’re going to have to have them looked at either by professional or or by yourself whenever you’re doing. Hopefully your checks a couple times a year missing, shingles crack shingles any kind of damage you can see.

I would do if you have a leak in your house. If that’s one thing that you have, you know you have a leak, I would get up on the roof for the garden hose and I would just see you take your gardeners up there. Have it running full blast. Have somebody on the inside and check in the area that you’re walking around on with that garden hose see if you can recreate the leak that you’ve had from from rain and try to narrow it down to figure out where it is? But you know, typically, we can do that, for you obviously so call Roofing professional Quality Roofing before it reaches that point yes far as roofing material goes for several different types, but typically your your main one day, you’re going to come, come across as going to be asphalt. Shingles, that’s just pretty much the most common roof out there and you have in a wood shingle. You have metal roofs. You have tile, there’s there’s a lot of different materials out there, but asphalt shingles are going to be the most popular on the most common and really the most budget-friendly when it comes to replacing a roof and then, as far as I go, there’s a couple different Types of architectural, and then you have three tab. Architectural is, is a newer type of shingle, as opposed to a three tab. Architectural style can actually cost about 20 % more than the traditional, which would be three tab, but it’s not just you’re, not just paying, for the good looks at the the material that you’re getting your you’re actually paying for a much more solid, much longer lasting. She was supposed to do the regular 3 tab. That’S been available for a long time and then architectural shingles have a lot higher wind rating than just a 3 tab. Tulsa Roofing Shingle does so now there’s just a lot of lot of benefit that you’re going to get for that more high quality material whenever it comes to replacing a roof, and then you know everybody’s got to consider you know picking colors as far as a roof. Guess maybe you don’t just want to go straight back with the same color that you had before and there’s a lot of ways to do that we actually have a program or we can just snap a picture of your house and throw the different types of shingles On it through the program and have you look at it and see what it’s actually going to look like on your home’s, pretty neat and it’s you know something that helps get through that that color choice so and then a big thing that you have to do. Is you don’t necessarily have to do this, but you know if you’re a planner for somebody that wants to know everything for sure and then estimate the size of your roof, and so that’s something that that obviously we do and we do it pretty easily. But you know, maybe you want to do it to the double check and make sure nobody getting one over on you just know she was foretold in squares and each square is about 100 square feet, and so you know typically, you know if you have about a 2300 square foot home and then you have about a 30 square foot roof,

but then we we have what we call a waste of actor and then we’ll go on top of that. And so you know, there’s just some things are going to calculating all that because it’s not just going to be here are the the squares and we going to put them on, and you can have a new where it’s at 4 and have to tear off your Old roof and we’re not disposal true, so there’s a lot of them. A lot of things are going to go into: what’s actually going to going to cost to do your roof, and then I should definitely suggest any time you replace a roof. You should not layer over the top of it because you know maybe some people think of their head, that you can have double protection because you have shingles underneath shingles. But we really doing is your adding weight on to something? That’S not designed to hold that much weight, and so you can have issues over time of that actually buckling just from the sheer weight of the the double up of the shingles he did so that’s really not something that I would. I would consider do it so if you going to do it the right way, you’re going to strip off all the old material and you going to start fresh with all brand new material, and that’s just my my opinion. That’S the way that I would prefer to do it every single time, but you know another thing to consider. You know if you layer over the top of other shingles, if you have any kind of wood rot on your decking or anything then it’s, really not going to be visible at that point, and it’s not going to be easy to find. Maybe you had it before and since we didn’t strip your roof off, we were able to see it because we just slapped on the shingles on top of the old ones, and that’s really not good, so you’re really going to do it right, you’re going to strip Off your old roof and get it done that way and then, Tulsa Roofing when it comes to flashing flashing, is going to be required here. If it’s really required anytime one material to another type of material and so make sure that proper flashing is being used and you’re. Getting the correct use out of it, and so I’ve seen flashing installed so many ways that were not correct. The biggest one is a lot of people, try to install it backwards, made for aesthetic reasons, and I don’t know why. But it just does not look right to me because it’s wrong so make sure that flashing, his use anywhere, that you know what material meet another because that’s its it required. I mean it’s going to prevent any kind of leaks or damage in the future. Tulsa Roofing I mean you may still have some overtime, but it’s really required to to prevent a lot of that so and then make sure that you check for warranties. The roofing company is going to offer. You make sure that, in addition to just a manufacturer’s warranty that you also get a Taylor, the craftsmanship, you know the work that was done by the roofing company to make sure that you’re protected there, because people are human and they’re going to mess up.

So they could easily happen when your Roofing I eat, if I want to be protected, so make sure that they offer a solid warranty, not just on the on the material but through them themselves on the workmanship. Make sure that you get that more to make sure you get in a riding, make sure you get copies of it and make sure you have that in your hand before you, let anybody leave your house and says they’re finished. Tulsa Roofing So that’s just going to be a big one. If any issues map you want to check first, you know, is it? Is it from the craftsmanship? Is it from the material or were those what cause my problems? If you have a problem after you got a new roof now was it some kind of event to happen, and it just naturally causing damage, but regardless you definitely want to check first, if you have an image after the fact that you know that that may or May not be covered by the warranty, but that’s definitely something that I would look into and make sure that that you have a solid warranty through the company on both sides on material and craftsmanship and then that’s about all. I have to go over as far as I am just going to some steps on replacing a list of Quality, Roofing Tulsa roofing company