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The quality time podcast episode, number 34 Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company and today we’re going to be going over. Do you need a new roof so some ways to tell that that you’re going to need a new roof? Some things to look for, and realistically I mean you’re, really not something that you look at very often it’s not really something that you consider that you’re going to need to replace. I mean you just got a kind of overlooked. It take it for granted and you don’t really check it out all the time. So you may look at the tires on your car all the time. We don’t really look at your roof on your home, so you should really make it a habit to actually take a look at your roof somewhat regularly. You know it’s pretty obvious and her big storms come through and that’s a great time for you to take a look, and you know whenever it rains hard and there’s a lot of lot of winter storms or anything. So that’s obviously a good time to check it out, but you’re going to put yourself on any schedule for anything I would at least go check it out, probably sometime in the spring and sometimes in the fall. You know just check it out around then maybe throw the third one in there sometime during the summer, Tulsa Roofing check that out kind of see where you’re, where you’re sitting see if you had any kind of damage unexpected. But you know just just some things that I would consider and so did some things that I would look for as far as on the inside of the home or places where the roof decking might be sagging and places you can see signs of water damage on The inside of the home any dark spots and then, if there’s any outside light, you can see Sunshine from the outside of your house on the inside your house. That’S not good! If it’s coming through your window! Okay, if it’s coming through the roof, not okay and then as far as checking things out on the outside of the roof, you should definitely you know, look forthe obvious what you mean it kind of cracked or torn or missing shingles, assuming you have a shingle roof. Also check to see, if you have any bald shingles because overtime, you know he if she gets damaged by hail or what have you been essentially the granules that are on top of that she can wear often and come completely off, and you have just basically a Bear or bald shingle and that’s really not good,

so check to see if you have any of those green walls are really there for a purpose and if they’re missing, that’s not good, so look around and see if anything’s loose. You know – maybe if you see a single, it kind of looks, looks a little strange, maybe reach up there and get a little tug see if it’ll, if it’s loose at all, and then you know what for any kind of the amount of of granules like I was Talking about on the shingles, you know check for a buildup of that, so you can find out in the gutter area. You can find that in the downspouts of the gutter actually on the ground, you know how to look like sand or something and eventually it can actually just make a nice little pile. So you want to you want to look at that and look for that because you may not notice. Obviously, while looking at it. That involves looking at your shingles eat that you’re having Greenville lost. But if you can see it in your in your guttering and and off the downspouts, then you definitely have granule loss and that’s something that I would get checked out professionally check for mold and rot and moisture. Tulsa Roofing That’S kind of the biggest thing where that decking Mike and damaged a lot of times. You know shingles, make him loose and then moisture can build up underneath those and they will damage the underside, which is your your decking mold is not, a good thing. As far as what shingles go and as far as your roof goes in general, so you know all that’s just just to cause my sure so that the roofing materials essentially made to divert all the water from you know, staying stationary building up and in causing these Problems, but you may have an issue where you know moisture does get in somewhere, so you definitely want to pay attention to that, because you’re probably probably need at the minimum some kind of repair, but realistically, I’m probably going to need a new roof altogether. If you got some excessive amounts of the moisture building up and make sure that your your gutters and downspouts and all that stuff make sure they’re all functional clean everything’s working as it should and then make sure you know as far as the ventilation goes. So you know what we call him pipe Jack’s, her or Turtle Vincent there’s, all kinds of Vince he may have coming up through your roof. Tulsa Roofing Make sure that those are all clear or not clogged up their function properly. Tulsa Roofing Oh and then something that you know people should have this really do is just look for the simplest things first. So honestly, if, if your roof has water damage, then don’t just assume that you’re going to have to get an entire new roof? How would you say that typically, a roof cement, the last 15-20 years, so the way people buy and sell homes these days? You know you may not even need to get a new roof, the entire time that you’re there. But you know if you do have issues that you said you have water damage or moisture build-up or something something that I’ve kind of described as come back out of the ordinary and you may not know you need an entirely new roof. Maybe you just need a simple repair, you know, maybe something small minor.

Would you be a good thing or you know? Maybe you do need a new work, so you really need to be prepared in that aspect. If you do need a new roof, because a lot of things are going to come into play is insurance going to cover it oftentimes adult the look to see. If you know it was a damage caused by a storm, or was it just simply caused by neglect on the part of the homeowner and that’s the last thing you want to be doing with his if they actually say that it’s going to be neglect and that’s What caused the roof to to be so damaged, so you really want to be taking a look at your roof and inspecting it regularly. You really want to be looking for anything out of the ordinary, often because you know you really. If something does happen and it damage a roof, you really only have a limited amount of time to make any kind of insurance claim and if youyou are outside of that time frame, then they’re not going to do anything in there just simply going to say that You know any damage from here on out, as it is just simply when they collect, so you really don’t want to be dealing with that. If you want your your insurance to cover your roof, you really need to be on top of it and it’s affecting it. Like I said really just to make sure that you know nothing out of the ordinary is a small problem? Doesn’T Advance 2 to a big problem, so most people don’t really have the money just laying around so that they can go out and pay for a new roof and it’s pretty expensive pricey I mean even a small roof, it’s not cheap. So we hear it all. The time and as far as homeowner to go that don’t have insurance on their home and honestly, I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t have insurance on your house. Tulsa Roofing So if your house is bought and paid for and it’s a large investment that you spent a lot of time paying on or maybe it was just time, you spent a lot of money paying on it. But regardless you should have insurance in place to take care of you in the event that the something bad happens. And if you don’t, then I really don’t know what you’re thinking really have no idea.

But we do get an influx of people that say that they’re having to pay cash for the roofer, whatever reason I’ve yet to understand it. I don’t know, maybe it’s the Tulsa Roofing thing, but regardless it’s really something I don’t suggest advise, or whatever I mean we. We do get call sometimes that you know people need to get the roof repaired or replaced before insurance will actually cover them. And that’s one thing you know: maybe you buy an investment property or something and yeah. We are working through it and doing whatever remodel or anything you kind of plan to get a roof, and you need to get insurance. I can understand that butcome, if you actually own your home outright, there’s really no reason for you to not have insurance on your home, just the pure expense. As far as Roofing goes it’s just like I said I mean just most most people don’t have the ability to to handle that. So now, if you’re going to to replace your entire career, then you know make sure you get a good quality contractor and use good material quality material. Whenever you do that, because, ultimately you know, that’s just really was going to come down to you as far as protection of your home for a very, very long timeso. Make sure that that you’re covered make sure that you’re dealing with a good quality contractor to get everything done for you and make sure that the materials that they’re using are of good quality as well. That is all that I have for today.