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This is the quality time podcast with Quality Roofing through Tulsa roofing company, and today I’m going to go over a little bit about a local contractor versus a non local contractor when it comes to getting work done on on your roof, going to be dealing with with A local Tulsa, roofing company versus out of town roofing company, so the biggest thing for you or for anybody, whether it’s just a simple repair on your roof or a full Bell – blown replacement of your roof me. Personally, I will I want to be dealing with somebody. Local and I really hope that you would as well so you definitely want to look for is. A couple of local is a company from out of town. Those are kind of some big factors in all reality. You won’t really be dealing with a out-of-town company for the most part, unless there’s some kind of major event, so say that you know we have some major storms in the Tulsa area, then you know you’re probably go to be dealing with a lot of out-of-town company. Is coming in and trying to capitalize on the fact that you know major event happened in a lot of people are going to be needing some roofs done. Well, you know it’s just common, it’s just our industry. It’S part of it and that’s going to happen to these guys are going to come in from out of town and I’m really going to try to do something a lot cheaper for everybody. Tulsa Roofing Then then, maybe they should and then in all reality when they’re doing things much much cheaper than anybody else, you’re, probably not getting the the quality not just of work, but the quality of material that you should be gettingTom. So you know it. It’S just common that you know that these guys will come in from from many states over in the event that we have some kind of storm or something you know, they’re just going to be knocking on doors and I’m trying to get as many as many roofs On and let’s short a time frame as I possibly can, and then next thing you know they’re going to be out of town, I’m going to be going on to the next event at wherever that is making me to say it’s over that I could be one City over but they’re just going to be on the Move constantly now the biggest downfall for for you when dealing with somebody, that’s not a a local Tulsa. Roofing company is you’re going to be dealing with any warranty work on anything that you get now.

Hopefully, you never have to use that warranty at all be on the material being on the craftsmanship. Hopefully you never have to use that warranty at all, but it is nice in that, and things do happen and they can happen to anybody. It could happen to a local contractor can happen to an out-of-state contractor anything that happened, and maybe you do need some kind of warranty work done well. Assuming do you really have a hard time getting hold of you know any kind of out of town roofing company texting, maybe maybe even change your phone number by the time you actually need some kind of War II where they may not even be in existence by The time you need some warranty work done so you’re really going to have a hard time with that point that I getting that taken care of. So you really want to be dealing with somebody, local that when it comes to that you know, especially if you’re dealing with a local Tulsa roofing company like Quality Roofing. You know that we’re going to be here – and you know that we’re going to provide a good warranty for yet and we’re going to be there in the event that any kind of warranty work needs to be done. So that’s just a a major major difference when dealing with you know an out-of-town company versus a local company. Now the other thing that you know dealing between the two is going to be. You know it’s. It’S really going to be knowing the area I’m having the proper licensing and then obviously you know people in our area know who we are in a week when you have a lot of people coming in from out of town, Tulsa Roofing you don’t really know who they don’t Know what they do you don’t know if there are good guys, are the bad guys you know, or are they just here to take people’s money? Yeah, there’s just a lot of things that you don’t know, and it’s not common for you know large store events to happen for people to get taken advantage of and when that happens, in majority of the people doing the taking advantage of are these out-of-town roofing companies? You know they’re just coming in and they’re really just trying to do as much as I can as quickly as possible and then they’re just out of town and on to the next one. So you know they’re not even here long enough for anything bad were to happen. They’Re not even going to be here, I’m going to be on all somewhere else. So you know when there an out-of-town company, don’t really have the opportunity to know very much about them.

So I totally understand you know: maybe a large storm comes through in a lot of people are affected and you know the goal is to just get get your roof fixed as quickly as possible so that you don’t have any more damage than you already do. So I mean I can understand the the you know when people turn to these guys from out of town to get the roof knocked out. On that I completely understand you know: cuz you’re, going to deal with a lot of local companies getting backed up there going to be busy, there’s only so much that they can do you know, maybe you were starting to get done as quickly as you want it To sound, but you know just know, if you can wait, then you’re definitely going to be getting a lot better, A lot better product and a lot better serve somebody that you can trust. So nothing against. You know all out of town roofing companies, I’m sure there’s several out there that are that are great and I’ve been doing this for years and you know they’re there every time the phone rings. I answer, but you know in all reality most of them aren’t. So you definitely be looking for somebody local that when it comes to getting any kind of work done on the roof, now the other big of an inch with with having a local company, take care of everything, for you is you’re going to be able to tell Pretty quickly, Tulsa Roofing you know, just by dealing with Google or friends of yours, you’re, going to tell pretty quickly which Tulsa roofing company that is really worth it. So you know anybody that does a good job everybody’s going to tell you that they do a good job. If anybody doesn’t bad job, then everybody’s going to tell you that they do a bad job. So you know it’s pretty easy to differentiate between the the good roofers in the battery first, so you know Taken 2 to Google and looking at reviews as well. As you know, reaching out to friends, family neighbors people, you know that I’ve had a roof done, you’re going to be able to find out pretty quickly who good roofing company is you’re, not going to be able to do that when you do with an out-of-town roofing Company somebody to just come up and knock on your door, trying to get your roof business. You know you’re not going to be able to get to find out as quickly about them as you will. You know somebody local, just simply because you know you obviously we’re going to no more local people and they’re going to have a better idea of the the company that you’re dealing with. So you know, and maybe even especially in the event that you know you’re in the neighborhood or something and in your old neighborhood – has recently affected near and start seeing a lot of signs go up in the neighborhood. Maybe that’s where you start.

You know – maybe maybe you try to try to get ahold of one of those companies and and bet them and then see what you think about him as far as the Tulsa roofing company goes, but you know what what you really just want to make sure of Regardless of who you use being an in-town company or out-of-town company, you want to really check them out, and then you want to find out as much as you can about him.. Unfortunately, there’s there’s a lot of people out there that just try to take advantage of people and take their money. Maybe they do Shawty work. Maybe they don’t do any work and they simply just take Jackson and run while it’s just unfortunate, but it is something that happens, and you know, unfortunately, with dealing with out-of-town companies versus local companies. You know again, it’s just more common. You know it’s that’s not to say that there’s not some out-of-town company out there that can get you taken care of and do everything the right way and you’re going to have a great experience. But it’s just to say that it’s a lot more prevalent, that you know when you hear of people not getting good work done, getting good material, getting a good product and and having a great experience. You know you’re going to hear a lot more about local companies are doing that for you down first, as these guys that are you know, Storm Chasers, just coming in overnight, trying to get as many as I possibly can and get out. So I’m just really be careful who you deal with whenever you’re you’re doing with the Tulsa roofing company down definitely look at Quality Roofing, for you know your your best choice. Obviously, in getting