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Susie Quality Time, Podcast Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company. Today we are talking about a proof of claims or deny claims. What’S what’s next? What’S your next step, you’ve made an insurance claim on your house as far as getting a roof covered and in other areas, because you had damage from the storm. We’Ve had an adjuster come out they’ve either approved or denied your claim. What’S your what’s your next step and the if you just approved to claim they’re going to write up a detailed scope of the work they’re going to give you line-by-line the repairs, the estimated cost of those repairs and they’re going to sometimes the insurance company to actually Review and it just kinda depends only seen there are adjusters out there that will come out to your house. They will do everything that kind of got a mobile office setup and their van or truck or whatever they come in, and then they will once they do their inspection, Tulsa Roofing no retreat to their mobile office. So go ahead and get everything written up for you and ultimately, their approved go ahead, an issue the check right then, and there for your clay. So it can be pretty pretty quick, pretty easy process kind of a One-Stop form they come out. They do the inspection, they say that you know, there’s enough damage worn a claim and they just go ahead and file and do everything right there from the driveway and then come back and give you a full check or a partial check, so that parking is kind Of depend it’s again a great idea to have your contractor there at the same time, because whenever they write up the report, they come back with everything. Tulsa Roofing You want to make sure that everything’s on it that they’re accurate and how much they’re actually giving you to pay. For that damage and what all is included so make sure that you know they they’ve included everything that needed to be included and make sure that they’re giving you enough to cover all those repairs. And that way, everybody’s really. On the same page. And you know that you’re going to be able to get everything taken care of with with how much they’re giving you now you will have a deductible when it comes to that. So typically you’ll get a check less your deductible, so say the damages. Is they say you know, there’s ,000 worth of damage, but you have a ,000 deductible, then ultimately, they’ll give you a ,000 check.

The remaining 2,000 is up to you to come up with, so that you can cover the full cost of repair and that’s just all all part of your deductible. What you’re responsible for sometimes it will give you checks into parts and then sometimes they will give you a check. That’S actually made out to you and your mortgage company, so you have a lien holder on your house. That can happen as well. So let me know I can make out a check to you and your mortgage company and when that happens you actually have to you have to sign it. Sign that check. You will have it notarized that you signed it, and then you have to send off the paperwork that the adjuster gives. You hopefully have a contract at this point with a with a contractor to do the repair and then you’ll need to send all of that off. To your mortgage company, who will in turn take that check turnaround. Give you another check for that same amount, but you know. Typically, they still have two signers on that when it happens sometimes they will give you a a partial check. So they’ll give you a portion of it at the time they make the claim that wouldn’t give that to you and then the remaining will come once all the repairs are done. So you just relaxing have to come back out once all the repairs are done and they will have to inspect to make sure that everything that they put on that claim was taken care of was repaired up to their standards and then at that point they will Request Tulsa Roofing the second check for the remainder for you to go ahead and and settle up on everything and pay everything that’s left so, but just know that you know as long as you have a contractor there and they’re experienced enough that they can go through that report. The VA just was giving you that they can help you to make sure that that’s going to be enough to cover everything, so it does happen sometimes where they don’t necessarily put everything on there or maybe they don’t account for enough funds as far asrepairs go. When you have your contractor there, they can, Tulsa Roofing they can help and they can look at that and then they can in real-time talk to that adjuster and go ahead and have that fixed or start working on that to get that taken care of, so that you know The adjuster can get that approved, for whatever extra money is going to go into that now, but always always a good idea to have somebody there with you as a contractor to to help you know with that process. It’S not something that you as a as a homeowner do every single day. You don’t know how hail damage every day of the week. So it’s always a good idea to have them with you so that they can help you through that process or experience.

We know we’re doing we do this every day, so it’s really beneficial to have us, as you know, but somebody there just to help you in that process make sure you’re covered, make sure you’re taken care of make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. When it comes to your insurance claim and just ultimately that you’re you’re taken care of when it comes to all that, so you know it, especially if you’re in a area, so your entire area got hit pretty hard. So there’s a lot of insurance claims going on insurance companies. They just really don’t want to pay out money, they don’t so what they’ll do in some cases will actually lowball your your estimates, because you know there’s several other houses in the area that they have covered in there. Several other checks that are not to be riding and they just want to save as much money as possible. So in that instance, they may not really give you enough whenever it comes to getting everything done and that’s not the way you want to do it. So you want everything done you want it done right, so you want to pay for good work, good quality work – and you know that’s not necessarily cheap. So you want to make sure that you’re taking care of that they get you everything. They cover everything they need recovered and they give you the right amount for it. So the good thing about having a contractor there that does this all the time is, you know they do come in low. Then it’s very easy for somebody that does this all the time Quality Roofing to say, hey. I just had a very similar in sense of all this damage and here’s what they received and it may even be from the same insurance company. So why are you not giving them near as much as you gave this other person? So you know? Tulsa Roofing That’S! That’S a really good good thing to point out to him is hey. You know you made a claim on the house just down the street not too long ago. This is how much you give them same size house. I don’t know why you’re not giving these people the same amount of money. So when you have that comparison, it’s very hard for them to the robot that to really say hey, it’s not worth that. Tulsa Roofing So it’s really good too good to have somebody there with you handling that if your claim was denied, you can always ask for another adjuster to come out. So it’s especially if we’ve inspected your roof. We know that there’s enough damage, because again we do this. Every day, so we are very well aware of what qualifies and what does until we take a look, and you know we can say hey. This is enough to claim it. Your adjuster comes out and they don’t want to. You can always request a second adjuster come out, and that’s that’s really something that does Dustin happen.

We’Re dealing with that right now. So you just really didn’t give this lady enough to to cover all the damage that she sustained on this house as a result of a storm. She had a tree fall, she had roof damage, siding name, it should all kinds of stuff from the original adjuster was just not not working with her at all so they’re, just it was almost comical how much they were offering now. You know we’ve been working within its kind of in a drawn-out process. It’S not been very easy for the homeowner, but we’ve been working on that trying to get everything done and ultimately we will get there. But again we had to had to have her request. Another adjuster come out to take a look at everything and that was just kind of a kind of a big part, so you can also run into an instance where they deny the claim mean if they deny it completely. You know again, you can request another another. Adjuster come out and talk to your insurance agent directly and let them know, obviously it helps if you have a report from a roofing company where we can say Hey, you know, we’ve noticed plenty of damage. We do this every day, so that would be good to go and get to them, so they can say maybe they’re just having an off day. Tulsa Roofing Maybe we need to get somebody else. Take a look. Maybe I just rich not experienced enough, so they will try to get somebody else to come out and try to get you to try to get you the claim that we know that you should get because of the amount of damage there. That’S all I have for today.