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Quality Roofing in the quality time, podcast episode, number 31 and we are going over some tips for getting the best deal on your new roof talk about. Can I get the most bang for your buck? You know here to really getting the best deal on your new roof. It’S not going to be cheap, just going to go and let you know that it is not the cheapest thing in the world, but it is a very, very big deal when it comes to your home, because this is your ultimate layer of protection. So this is what’s keeping everything on the inside from getting further damage from the elements on the outside, so this is protecting the inside of your home from from everything they could just be working its way in there and Industry can have it so your roof is A big investment in one of the most important I think when it comes to comes to protecting your home, and so just be aware of that, and it’s not just a I need to know it’s not a little thing. It isa big thing and it’s your biggest layer protection and so whatever you’re going to spend on it, make sure you spend it wisely and you get the best, not just the best deal where you get the best material that you can ultimately that you feel good With so you know what does the average the national average for replacing a roof? The cost of that is about ,000. On average. Tulsa Roofing There can be so many variables in that, but that’s just kind of the the average cost of a roof and so a lot of people for some reason or another kind of reach, a point where maybe their house is paid off and then they decide. I don’t want to pay insurance anymore and they’re not covered, which I do not recommend to anyone ever for any reason whatsoever, but it’s very rare and when that happens, Tulsa Roofing they have to figure out how they’re going to be coming up with with ,000,000 ,000. However, bigger Rufus have to figure out how they’re going to come up with that money and then it’s a very common common thing that we deal with, but a lot of people just don’t have that laying around they actually own a home that they paid for that. They have completely paid off, it is a hundred percent, Tulsa Roofing there’s they don’t have insurance and then they’re trying to figure out how they’re going to get cash to pay for a roof, because, ultimately, if they don’t get it fixed, if, if anybody doesn’t get the roof fixed, I shouldn’t have further deteriorate the home. I mean I can ultimately result in you not even being able to either it just that’s what I can do so always keep Insurance on your home.. I mean just FYI. When you pay it off, you can actually get a little cheaper insurance and you probably do right now, I’m just a little side note, but it’s just so common and we come across it. Everyday people are prepared for that. So if you’re listening right now you’re like – I think I just know, if you go to be paying cash or the insurance going to be paying for it, the national average cost of a ,000 to just it’s, not the cheapest thing in the world. But again it is a huge part of what’s going to protect your home and keep your home lasting. I mean it’s just. I can’t stress enough how how important it is to have a good roof on your home and don’t let it just go to the dumps because you’re neglecting it neglecting it.

So if that’s something that you need, you need to plan for it. You need to get somebody out to look at it and get a plan together and get it taken care of. So don’t don’t just let it keep going and going and going cuz. You don’t think that you can figure out how you’re going to going to be able to cover it. So whenever you’re you’re, at a point where you may need a roofer, really destroy anybody. I kind of recommend at least getting an inspection. I recommend you yourself inspecting a couple times a year. The phone is free, but maybe once a year actually have a professional roofer come out and take a look at everything and see what they think and see. If you have any problems, so there may be some things that you don’t notice right away. The professional roofing company will notice in home. It’S definitely worth having somebody come out and and take a look and give you their opinion, just kind of kind of see where you’re sitting some people charge for an inspection. Tulsa Roofing Some doubt we don’t, but you know it’s just one of those things that it does take time, and so, if we’re just kind of coming out to that would conversation okay, but I mean really right now we don’t charge for for a roof inspection. We don’t charge you to to come out and take a look and see if you needed a roof, but again some companies do I get in the meantime money, but Quality Roofing, roofing company. We won’t charge you not right now, anyways so as of today, and you know just just definitely have somebody come out. Take a look in like I said. Tulsa Roofing I got a kind of recommend that at least once a year, as far as having a professional come out and take a look outside of just whatever you’re going to be doing on your own. And then you know if you miss your roof pull out your old warranty. So maybe you were actually the one that had the roof put on in the first place and you hopefully still have your paperwork as far as all that goes locked away somewhere safe, but check to see if you have a warranty because it may cover whatever issues You may be having so it it’s very important for you to not only get that warranty whenever your roof is complete, but to keep it and keep it safe, because you may need it to definitely check to see if your your current roof is still under warranty And then, if it is, you know, hopefully you can still call the same company. You can call us because we’ll be around forever, but you can call us and you know, for the ones I put on your roof and Saturday yeah. I have a warranty here and I got some issues. Tell me if it’s covered, and so, if it is, we can definitely try to help you out whenever it comes to that stuff, but always always check your warranty. If you have one,

hopefully you have one to see if, if you know whatever whatever happening can be covered, and then you need to decide whether you’re actually going to replace your roof for going to repair and I get nothing to come from from a professional. Take a look at it and seeing if you know whatever areas that you’re having issues with, maybe it’s just a simple small area that we can just throw repair on you’re going to be good. But it very well could be one of those where we just need to get the whole thing replaced, and in that case you know we’re going to help you out we’re going to handle as much as we possibly can for you and get you taken care of. But will also be the first one to tell you whether you’re going to need a full replacement or repair. So are our goal is not just to get as much money as possible is to get you taken care of, because that’s all we want to do at the end of that we want to get you taken care of. So if it’s something I can just be can be repaired and that’s easy then and we’ll do it we’ll get it done, but you know you very well might need a mean. You might need a full roof. Sovery common. You know it again. A lot of people kind of neglect, things and overtime – is going to deteriorate further and further so because of that weed from what would have been a repair, an axle replacement, so I would get a couple quotes. I recommend it sure. Do it make sure you get the best deal just because somebody cheaper doesn’t mean that they’re better.? Tulsa Roofing It never means that to anybody can come in and undercut somebody or do whatever. But are you going to be getting the best material or you going to be getting the best bang for your buck, and so we know we have a strong belief in what we do and what we use when it comes to comes to those things. So because of that, you know, we think that we’re going to give anybody the best deal.. So don’t just go out and just because somebody cheaper, it doesn’t mean anything.. So it really doesn’t. So you got to compare apples to apples when it comes to any quote that you’re going to get and make sure you’re getting the best deal on the best. Tulsa Roofing Materia land then me to look at look at whatever options are going to have as far as as payment goes, so it’s insurance is covering it obviously they’re going to cover the bulk of it. Tulsa Roofing Hopefully you’re going to be responsible for your deductible. Sometimes people don’t just have that cash laying around some deductibles are much higher than others, so there’s options, but these will also fall into you if you need to pay cash for your roof, there’s options there as well. So you know you can always maybe get a cash-out refinancing your home and you can you can get some cash that way. Maybe you can get a home equity line of credit and do it that way, a lot of makes you even do like a personal loan for you. I am so if you just need money to cover your deductible or maybe they’ll, even give you a line of credit up to the amount that that it’s actually going to cost you for a roof kind of depends on you and what you can get done. But there’s there’s ways that that you can get that stuff paid for. So it’s not just us really, I’m going to be dipping into my bank account and deleting it. So I can pay for new roof. There’S other options.

So just be aware of that, and then I would say, don’t put it off so I’ve said this a little bit ago and I’ll keep saying it, but you know if you know you have issues with the roof, don’t just let it go, don’t just let it Slide and think that I don’t know I mean I hope you don’t think that is just going to go away on its own, but doesn’t work that way, but definitely don’t just let it let it go and get worse and worse, you would you want to take Care of as soon as you possibly can, when it comes to any kind of damage, your roofer or leaks or anything, and then ultimately, you just need to need to decide on on the right, material and and what you think is going to be best for you. When it comes to come over, so whatever you can get the best bang for your buck on for sure, but definitely get the best material that you possibly can. So you don’t necessarily have tothe Ferrari of shingles. Just because you want to you know, there’s so many options when it comes to types of roof material, just make sure that whatever you decide on is going to fit. You know what would you want that you’re going to have the best protection and and ultimately always check for that warranty? You know if we want to get that warranty but make sure you’re going to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to whatever material you choose when you’re out and that’s Quality, Roofing or Tulsa roofing company. That is all we have today.