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This is the quality time podcast episode. Number 40 is a Quality Roofing. You wear Tulsa roofing company and I’m going to go over some things that actually cause roof damage, so everybody may think of the the most common one which will be hail, but that’s not all. That’S not the only reason that did a roofing; it damages actually a lot of things that can cause roof damage and believe it or not just outside of a good Hail storm. So a lot of people don’t really take into consideration a lot of these things that may cause damage and may cause even more damage than just severe weather, and so these are definitely some things to to pay attention to and keep in mind whenever you know you May be having issues on the roof and what causes them or something to just watch for preventatively so that you don’t end up with with issues on the roof later so most common thing that we see actually, but that causes damage to any roof, is actually tree limbs. So when the tree limbs fall off the trees, you know some of those can be pretty heavy and as if all they just take a flat land right on the roof, Tulsa Roofing and they can cause a pretty significant J match now, not just them falling. But even the fact that you know me maybe some of your tree limbs actually reach over to roof and they come in contact with you as the wind blows or or those tree limbs, and you know they could essentially puncture shingle. They could scrape across it enough to where it where is it down, and maybe that’s not just one shingle and maybe that’s multiple scanner depending on the path of that sin, but tree limbs are very common when it comes to pay, the cost for damaging a roof. Now something else, probably people don’t really consider a lot is leaves and sticks. Maybe you know me you’ll from the trees. Whatever I mean anything coming off of tree tree paraphernalia, I guess, as it accumulates on your roof and it actually just kinda gets wet stays damp and it will really cause deterioration of shingles. I mean I can cause it to rot as it just sits there. Tulsa Roofing  So you know, as far as maintenance goes for anywhere of keeping the roof clean, clear of debris, really big lot of people, don’t even think about it, and they never even jump up there to to get anything off the roof, but over time the Saints and can Cause issues and then once all those leaves and sticks and all that debris in tough actually gets wet, and then you with a good amount of wind. It’S just going to be stuck there, so I’m moving so you’ll have to physically get up there and actually clean that out to be a little preventative whenever it comes to trying to keep any future damage from a panic.

Now animals are a big thing when it comes to roof damage, so we will all her two squirrels moving in your attic or things like that, but you know raccoons and, and things of that nature they can actually get up on the roof. Third they’re pretty notorious for causing damage even woodpeckers, so they can definitely do some. Do some damage to your house now raccoons and squirrels, and other things like that that may be looking for a nice warm place to get to you know they could actually end up crying up, shingles or Benson, and things like that, so they can actually get into Your attic area so definitely things to watch for if you see any kind of any kind of prying of anything as far as maybe Vince Vince Gill ventilation, go see no check that out and see if any kind of animals maybe had their hands on it and and Try to get in there, especially if you hear animals in your roof in your attic, then probably good sign that they came in through through one of those areas and then guttering is a big thing. You know, I know it’s a pain. Nobody wants to do it, but I’m keeping your gutters, Clean and Clear debris will actually help a lot, because you know gutters are designed to take the water off of your roof and drain it off somewhere else, but when they’re backed up and the water just overflows. Really can cause some issues and cost of rock can cause it to Eurasian. Tulsa Roofing Amanda can cause your roof to really just be completely damaged and far less time. That really needs to be so and then obviously weren’t Oklahoma. So we deal with this a lot but strong winds. We do when tornadoes you name it, but maybe not everybody’s going to see a tornado in their lifetime, but they’re definitely strong winds in Oklahoma and that’s that’s definitely something that can cause damage. You know specially if Neo, maybe you were so little bit older and the shingles are starting to come loose a little bit. You wouldn’t otherwise notice, except for some very strong winds coming through in and causing some damage may have left in the shingles up. Maybe taking him completely off so strong win. This is definitely something that they can wreak havoc on anywhere.

If I mean even an Uber, you have, depending on the Wind rating of your shingle, assuming it’s a shingle roof, but depending on your wind rating and depending on hard this winter coming through, you know it, they could even wreak havoc on a brand new roof. So don’t cut Corners whenever it comes to to buying shingles. Definitely look at that. Wind rating is a big thing, especially in Oklahoma and plus. You may even get a good little discount on your insurance if you get a higher when rating shingle so definitely consider that snow and ice or another big thing. I still tend to build up, and you know specially when it’s really cold out, I school will melt and refreeze and when I refreeze is it can actually refreeze underneath your shingles. If you have any problem areas, and so when that happens, it’s obviously going to cause some separation in the shingles. Essentially, Tulsa Roofing it could end up leaking into your home once I’m out again so ice and snow or some some things that can wreak havoc on a roof. For sure – and you know, that’s proper ventilation should really helped to avoid a lot of ice buildup, but but it does happen so and then hail something that were we’re very familiar with in Oklahoma as well. I’M a lot of other areas, but he’ll can definitely cause cause damage to a roof, so icy Hill, so big that it can actually put holes through a roof and other forms. Where you know you may not even think you had damage, but your roots actually totaled. So really anytime, you have any kind of Hell, doesn’t matter how big and it doesn’t have to be baseball-sized hail. A man can be just small hell, but anytime you have any kind of hail come through your area. Tulsa Roofing It’S always a good idea to have somebody and come out and take a look at your roof to see if you have any kind of damage, because even a little hail can cause the granules to come off of your your shingles and when that happens, I can Actually end up totaling an entire roof, and that’s really all the preventive side, because the sooner you catch the more likely you are to be able to get that replaced by insurance for one and for two you’re catching it well before anything. Major end up happening as far as you know, the extreme deterioration guess but and then flashing you know, overtime flashing can come loose and when that happens, you know you can have areas where you can have leaks and in those types of things, so that flashes really Designed to be watertight and keep keep water out really and overtime yeah, maybe flashing brawlasaur separates from from whatever seal it was on it,

and then you know you can have a pretty big issue there, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be some kind of physical thing Or event that that cause I flash and come loose, it could just be loose overtime, but that is a common area. You see flashing around Chimneys in those types of things may be around a skylight, sir other areas, but whatever that flashing comes loose then loses its seal and then you’re going to have a couple weeks. And then pests are big thing, so termites, obviously being a lot of people. Think of termites with me around the the ground level of their home. But they can actually get all the way up to the top and wreak havoc on a roof. And then not just the termites themselves or bugs themselves, but maybe Birds coming down looking for those bugs and eating those folks that will cause damage to roof just simply going after this box. So has her big thing. You know the decking underneath your your birth material, some fishing or whatever, but typically the decking. Underneath this wood and you know well no termites like wood. So hopefully it’s good and it’s treated, but at the same time do anything that happened, and maybe they found their way and found a good spot that can cause water damage, so definitely consider pest. If, if you have somebody coming out constantly now maybe have some kind of agreement or something in play said to take care of pests meet up with, like maybe Mother, Nature is here and also, but you know, that’s that’s something that they can definitely have. I got a roofing, you want to catch well before it gets to that point and then lastly, the biggest thing to consider on a roof would actually be sun damage, so you need race, Tulsa Roofing will actually dry out shingles and me know I’m over time. You know just naturally with enough sunlight and it’ll actually deteriorate the material to the boy. Where there’s not much I can do. I mean it’s just total loss. So once you some point, then you’re definitely have to get it replaced, but UV rays are actually something that nobody really thinks about too much. But you know that’s going to cause your roof to to deteriorate over time, just just natural causes. So again, those are just kind of the rundown of some things that people don’t really consider outside of maybe hail damage that that can cause name is Sherry. This is Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company,