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This is Tyler. Why burn the Quality Roofing qawali Time, Podcast Tulsa Roofing today, to talk to you about your responsibilities, a homeowner when it comes to damage from a wind or hail storm? It’S actually. As far as your insurance company is required, there are involved. It’S completely up to you to actually mitigate any further damage is so it’s up to you to prevent anything else from happening after there was a hail storm. There was a windstorm. You actually suffered some damage because of that completely on you at that point. To make sure that nothing else happened, so what you need to do is you need to be very preventative whenever you see these things, these signs and going to take care of them as soon as possible, because otherwise, it you’re just going to call him yourself. Some pain, some money sometime later in the insurance, is just going to tell you you’re up the creek, because you didn’t take the initiative you didn’t take. Tulsa Roofing The responsibility to actually do the repairs that need to be done immediately to be permanent of on anything else from happening. So if you have broken cracked skylights, very, very common on the roof after hail storm as equally as others, so I get hail storm comes through and they will do some damage to those skylights. So if you have broken or cracked skylights, you definitely want to cover those as soon as you can make sure. No more water, no more weather comes into your home. So it’s remember: it’s your responsibility, yours only yours, to prevent further leaks, anything else from happening after that storm blows through. So if you have leaks in the roof, you definitely need to get a tarp, that’s something we can do for you guys a lot of times. You know we’ll go ahead and get a roof tarp and then work on getting your insurance to pay for all the repairs and thewill come out and actually do the repair. But we can actually come out and get that part for you first, so that you’re not going to have the elements coming in your room and they’re trying to eat dinner or watch TV. So if it’s still raining when you can’t type your roof, you know football. Kids, to put blankets down pants down something down, so you can catch that water. That comes in a specially if it’s still raining, so if you have blown off for damaged siding, if it’s, if it’s just hang in there, if it’s loose, if it’s missing, we can actually talk that as well, so that we can prevent any further damage to the Interior of your home, I mean that’s, that’s coming straight to the wall, so the last thing you want to do is be tearing out walls because you just left something on treated.

So if we can go ahead and get that tarp for you prevent any further weather from coming in hitting that, then we will absolutely do that for you, while we’re working onwith your insurance company to get that replaced or, however, we’re going to we’re going to get That fixed so falling tree damage so figure out cutting tree, and you didn’t quite judge that angle or correctly, and here it comes so if you do when your home definitely call tree company to come out, take a look at that and expect it. Because it’s going to be up to them to actually get that removed correctly, so you know they have the insurance that this is their job. So when it comes to getting the tree removed, let’s get a tree company out there to do that and then again we will come out. We will tarp that area for you, so we can move any further damage and everything together as far as getting you ready to go and get that whole area repaired. So you can also talk to us. We can get you with the tree company, so you know. Maybe it was a tree company that did it. Tulsa Roofing Hopefully they call us whenever they’re done so that we can do our job to get that area tarped in sealed off of it thing else will come in your home, while you’re waiting to get that repair so keep in mind whenever we’re talking about trees falling just A little tidbit for you as far as trees falling if they tree falls on your on the neighbor’s property at your neighbors insurance company, who will be responsible for the damage if the neighbor’s tree falls on your house, it’s your insurance company that we responsible. So your tree in your yard, falls on your neighbor’s house. It’S their responsibility. Their tree in their yard falls on your house. It is your responsibility, so something to remember there, because a lot of this Feud so out of backyard fights happen over that one. So yeah your tree falls on their house or responsibility before clean up again, so, whatever you know, you’re having a claim because of storm damage and really in all insurance claims, Tulsa Roofing you have to provide proof that proof of the damage to the insurance company so before we Actually, just go out and start cleaning everything up. You definitely want to make sure that you document with photos as many pictures as you possibly can of that entire area, especially before we come in and start typing everything off, get it all cleaned up and making it look as nice as we can before. We actually start getting to work. You want to document that, so we will do this, especially if we’re the first ones to come out for you. So you call us we will come out immediately before any clean.

A tapping move will do the cleanup, but just call us, so we can make sure that we document this the right way. So don’t just take the initiative to to get that tree pulled off and then do all that stuff and then call us after the fact and oh well. We didn’t take any pictures and we just happen to have this whole inside of her house. So we need to, we need to come out when you actually take all the pictures, make sure this is all done right. You can actually collect hailstones in a plastic bag. Put them in the freezer, use that as proof that there was a hit they came through. Tulsa Roofing Save all receipts for any immediate work, those completed. So if somebody came out again that tree fell on your house, yet a tree company, I got it all cut up till they get it removed, save every single receipt invoice. Anything you can to document that so pictures is a big thing. Take pictures of everything as many pictures of gospel can’t. You cannot have too much whenever it comes to documenting the crap out of everything that happened to your house, so that we can make sure the insurance company is going to handle the claim the way they shut. So so, if he’ll wind storm cause any image, you could be facing a lengthy process, but we try to make it as seamless as possible. We prefer to come out, you know, do our estimate do our job and then come back again and being with your insurance. Adjuster, so we actually like to like to be there at the time, if at all possible, so that we can, we can talk to them as well. You know we can all be on the same page so, but it could be lengthy and it just kinda depends on your insurance company, so I’m a little bit faster than others. So if an insurance adjuster is completely trained in all aspects of the claims, then you know that can maximize your chances of getting the full amount of money that you’re entitled to from your insurance. Tulsa Roofing So you know that’s the other thing. All insurance adjusters are created equally. So no offense to any of not there, but some of them don’t know everything yet they’re still learning so that can kind of hinder you from what you’re going to end up getting so when the storm hits just you know, keep an eye on everything and really You know what I said make sure any damage that happens to try to take pictures of yourself. Take many pictures as you can and keep those together and I’ll give whenever we come out we’ll take pictures of everything will take photo will take video.

I will probably pick up some things and maybe you didn’t get, but what you did get from that initial damage. Anything that you got is definitely going to be beneficial, so we need to get as much as we can to document that we keep in mind. You know just kinda personal safety note that whenever hail storms come through, yes, sir, probably going to hurt you, but you as a person, you need to be preventative on your personal safety, so it’s not really safe to be standing around and having projectiles coming from the Sky Shreveport, so, if you’re outside get inside, if you’re around any Windows Doors anything last day in the house get away from this as far away from those as possible, your cars driving in the driveway bring them in the garage make sure they be safe. You know anything outside like a blow away, get torn away for ever get it all picked up, throw in the garage get inside stay away from the windows and as soon as it’s over cause 24/7 give us a call we’ll come out. We’Ll take a look at everything after that storm has blown through and make sure that you do not need a new roof. So that’s all I’ve got for you today. How do I burn Tulsa Roofing Quality, Roofing, podcast