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Sissy called me Time, Podcast with Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company, and want to talk a little bit about the types of damage that we see most commonly when it comes to a roof. Now all the people really want just say that they have roof damage they, they won’t even think about it. Until you know it’s actually gotten to the point where there’s a noticeable leak inside of their home. That’S just the most people just neglect the fact that you know maybe something happened to the roof. Maybe they’re scared of the expense of whatever repair replacement might be. I don’t know, but a lot of people just don’t tend to make that initial phone call until there’s. Tulsa Roofing Actually a problem inside them and you really want to get any kind of damage inspected immediately, and you know you just want to make sure that that if there is a repair that can be done or if you do need to get a replacement, my roof. That is done as soon as possible to prevent any kind of major damage that could come from that later. Should you just neglected and not do anything for an extended period of time, so the biggest thing in the most common thing that obviously we deal with as a total roofing company is hail damage. We do see that often and why people don’t think that he’ll name is really that big of a deal, but it is decent. Halestorm can actually cause a reason for your entire roof needs to be replaced without even reaching the point where you actually have a leak. Inside of your home now, the most common roofing material we deal with as opposed to roofing company, is your asphalt, shingle, so shingle roof. That is typically what we deal with and I would say that they’re, probably the most susceptible to hail, damage you’re, just going to notice it very quickly if you know what you’re looking for and it can cause major issues pretty quickly or it can take awhile for, Tulsa Roofing For those major issues to take show themselves, but he’ll name is a big thing that we deal with us and Tulsa roofing company. The word essentially happens when, when the hell did, she will see areas on the shingle where it’s taking away the granules are on the shingles and Grandma will serve a purpose on either part of your shingles, underneath that is just basically asphalt, and so, whenever you have Those bare spots where the granules and come off then them and you your roof – is going to start deteriorating. I’M in a can be at a very rapid Pace, depending on the extent of the damage. But you know when it when you’re missing the essential part of the shingle. That’S not a good thing so, down from there you know, any number of things can really start wreaking havoc come in a can just be UV ray, so it could just be the sunlight itself.

The search really wreaking havoc on it. They can be Puerto Rican, be rain in Can by when you name it bake me a number of things, but once you have that granule lost from a hailstorm, you know that’s just really going to be what starts deteriorating quickly, sale if there is a helmet in your Area, maybe you don’t even know that your area hit with hail, but once you start notice, your neighbors actually getting a roof put on. You should probably get yours inspected right away, because if multiple people in your neighborhood are getting worse put on, there probably reason for that, so you should definitely get your shot down. At the same time now I hate being the biggest thing that we we deal with. Also deal with a lot of wind damage and we are in Oklahoma City to deal with tornadoes. So when damages is another thing that we deal with a lot, you know the easiest way would be if you have missing roofing material, so you have missing shingles and then pretty pretty obvious. Tulsa Roofing Something happened now that can just be from the age of your roof. The shingles are old, their deteriorating the Fallen apart and me. A little bit of wind can can just born right off. But if you don’t have a a strong Roofing, a roof with a good wind rating me know, then it’s just not going to stand up to a lot of things that we deal with as far as the toaster roofing company guess. But you know you should really be having your roof inspected regularly, so that you know if your roof is aging and into your reading that hopefully gets caught before we actually end up with with nothing missing single. Now that I, when she was missing, then you know you’re missing, basically a piece of woods protecting your roof in probably a week pretty quickly thereafter. So if you haven’t already gotten a room, we can you have missing shingles to then it’s probably coming pretty soon. So missing shingles are a big thing and he notices from the ground. But you know that’s that’s common man again that can be from from wind damage that can be from you know. Just it could even be from Port Roofing job. You know where they just weren’t put together properly attached to the roof properly and then being a little.

The saying can you can actually make those come off, but they’re definitely something to keep an eye on and there’s just multiple reasons why you can have that. But missing shingles or missing roofing material, whatever roofing material. We have that it is really not a good thing. So that’s where you’re going to get to see damage and and you’re going to see major issues. So another thing is going to be flashing areas that have flashing so like around. Where were the roofing material actually touch? The wood such as you know, maybe have a table or something on your roof down. We have flashing, maybe around a skylight. We have flashing. So those are areas where damage occurs commonly it’s just multiple things can cause that it can be from from Ice. That’S gotten in there, maybe flashings, actually gotten old and rusted, maybe whatever that was you sent at some flashing, has actually brought it out of the wood. The words attached to so there can be multiple reasons why, on flashing kid be an area where you have a problem, but that’s a major one and we see a lot more damage has occurred and then, when flashing pills away, then you’re probably going to leak inside Around pretty quickly in those areas too, so that flashing deserve a strong purpose, Tulsa Roofing and you know if it’s not sealed right, if it’s not attach the way that it’s supposed to be when you’re going to start seeing some issues inside of your home outside of just you Know maybe an eyesore on the outside on the deck still going to be a problem in those areas. So that’s that’s very, very common. We also noticed a lot of times where you know trees around the house. Maybe the limbs are actually touching the roof and those can can cause a lot of damage to whatever roofing material you have until that’s a common area. Where we see it is, you know, people just neglect to keep their trees trimmed in a way from from the roofs, and you know blows or whatever you know those branches are going to rub against whatever from Material you have, and essentially there is going to wear Whatever material away, so they can take shingles completely off your roof and just take the granules or or whatever Material off of the single itself, which will cause into to deteriorate he’s faster than they’re supposed to so you know, keeping three strands is a big thing and That when people failed to do that and then we see a lot of problems could have simply been avoided.

Some just might run a couple branches on some trees and then the next thing you know you need an entire new roof just because of neglect. So you really don’t want to deal with that, but we do see that often and then you know the ventilation on a roof weather down properly or improperly that doesn’t really matter if it’s been a Wastin single around it through seals to go around typically, you know Pipe jackhole have these rubber boots around them and those can actually wear the weather from you know just being exposed to the elements and you actually notice leaks in those areas, so very common for whatever see you later or Boudoir. Tulsa Roofing What have you to turn around your ventilation systems on your roof to the age and and maybe dry out Crack, but we we do come across a lot of areas where we see leaks there simple fixes, I mean just this – may be repairing those seals around those Areas but very common to see that be a problem for for homeowners and in an area where a lot of people actually notice leaks inside of their home. You know me personally: I had one that was just a boot around a pipe Jack and it ended up being a week that we just couldn’t find and couldn’t understand why it’s happening until we get up and take a look and then really the only area concern On the roof was just a a cracker boot around a pipe check, so common area where, where you can see a problem,