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This is equality, Time, Podcast episode, number 42 Quality, Roofing Tulsa roofing company, and today I’m going to go over some of the most common problems that that people come across. So this isn’t everything. Definitely not. Everything is ever happened to Taurus problems with a roof goes, but these are definitely going to be the most common. So when it comes to Bruce I mean really, you know you think you seen it all, but there’s really some things that that just happened that it’s like. I have never seen that before. But again these are just going to be the most common, so roof leaks. Obviously, that’s going to be the most common problem anywhere is a week, so I’m really with any roof. It doesn’t matter what type it is you is if you got to leak, you got a problem, so if we are just the most common several reasons why I could leak but yeah, that’s a that’s just going to be the most common problem that anybody’s ever going To come across, you know weeks going to curve for many reasons you know, Tulsa Roofing but just several things that can be a storm damage. They cause a leak. It could be poor insulation that cost a week. It can be flashing, this just rusted out and overtime could be. They just brought it over time, so there’s a lot of things that they could actually cause that, but I mean really: everybody knows that all week is probably going to be the most common problem that anybody’s ever going to happen. Amanda civically what everybody says on the first phone call is: I have a leak and I need help. Tulsa Roofing So that’s just going to be the most common problem. Anybody comes across now this one., It’s kind of common, but you know as far as flashing and flashing me and installed improperly, it can cause some things that we called Blow offs and sees me exhaust issues where the roof doesn’t necessarily hold up to the wind, like It says I’m too, I’m so there’s several things that can happen whenever something’s not done properly and flashing is a very, very common area where you know somebody just got lazy and didn’t do the job right for insulation, which is common with with Bad Company swimming. Obviously, there’s a lot of people out there trying to take care of people and do root for them and they’re not all up to our quality standards of Quality Roofing. So there are some of those, but faulty insulation can really increase problems and really will reduce the life expectancy of any roof.

So whoever does your roof needs to be doing things properly and up to par, and unfortunately there’s some people out there that that don’t do that. So we can do a poor insulation on a roof. You’Re definitely going to deal with future problems, and you know the last thing you want to do with is the fact that you know you got a roof supposed to last many many years and unfortunately it doesn’t because somebody was lazy and they didn’t take the time And then do the job correctly, so poor installation is a big reason why we see issues later now. This one kind of falls back on a homeowner, but you do need to actually maintain your roof, and so, if you fail to maintain your roof menu actually neglected, then that can actually cause a rift interior ate before it’s. Tulsa Roofing It’S really supposed to. So there’s there’s a lot of things as far as meeting the roof goes, that that you need to do as a homeowner definitely be looking for any kind of build-up and in valleys and gutters. In those types of things, keep the the sticks in the leaves and whatever debris may end up on the roof really needs to be cleaned off. It doesn’t need to be sitting there. When it sits there. It gets wet the roof underneath it gets, wet and then moisture just stays. And when you have moisture around anything would obviously not good until the roof is designed to reflect, moisture and water and all those things and and keep those away. But when you have that build up, and then you just have a constant source of of moisture on your roof and that’s definitely not a good thing. So there’s other areas where you was a homeowner can can help on the maintenance of your roof. But that’s the biggest one that we see is just making sure that you clean up any kind of debris or anything that get onto your roof so and then kind of in the same area of moisture would be when you deal with areas of the roof. That actually hold water or retain water in Kennewick a pond so not like he big fishing pond or anything. Tulsa Roofing But you know what a little little pond water build up and stay. So it’s really not good, because you know again,

the roof is designed to deflect that water and get it away, and so, when you have just standing water in moisture issue, Houston, ultimately you’re going to end up damaging, not just the material but also you know the Wood underneath because the majority of roofs have wood decking, underneath whatever material and you know but ton of water built up and moisture on those things can wreak havoc in and actually end up being of destroying the material underneath and then, as far as actually people walking On the roof, but traffic that can actually end up damaging your roof, so at that point you might deal with puncture through your ear for penetrations after installation. So puncture is really something that in high traffic areas it can be a problem so yeah. I really don’t recommend getting up on the roof. Often I don’t really know somebody that would or why. But if that’s something that you do just regularly his get up and just walk around, not a good idea, but just simple foot traffic from somebody walking around on the roof and damaged it. And then I, depending on what type of material you have been, really depends. How how easily it can be damaged that roof? So you know when you’re doing with that would Shaker pile or something of that nature then yeah. We definitely don’t want to be dealing with a lot of foot traffic shingle, maybe a little bit more durable, Tulsa Roofing but at the same time that’s still not a good idea to you. No have a constant foot traffic on a roof and then, as far as repairs go repairs are just kind of kind of difficult. You know. Sometimes I can be easy, but when you do what repairs you got to deal with being able to match the shingle being able to actually repair the area up to a certain standard and for the most part, repairs are just really not recommended when it comes to You know your typical reverse, like shingle wood, slate tile and those types of things, repairs or just kinda kind of difficult. But when you deal with a riparian me and come across somebody that it’s actually willing to to do it for you and they don’t really do a good job.

and if that’s the case and then you’re going to end up with problems later, because they just kind of stuck a Band-Aid on a bigger problem, so repairs or just not something really recommended when it comes to. You know if you have a problem on your roof shrinkage, that is a is common, because yeah, just material over time will will heat up and cool down, gets wet dry eyes off you name it. So there’s a lot of things. I can actually end up being Victim of Love shrinkage, not just the the shingles or that material, but actually flashing and and wood in those types of things. So shrinkage can actually cause breathing problems over time and then lastly, you’re going to deal with blistering blistering three common and when the roof blisters are really just comes down to whether or not the proper ventilation on the roof. So obviously, when he beats down builds up, you know in your attic, so your dad can be pretty warm and that heat pushing back up on the shingles as well as the sun, just beating down on them can actually cause blistering over time. So if you don’t have proper ventilation, whenever roof is done, then you can really deal with some issues when it comes to come to blistering. So ventilation is a very big thing to consider. So every roof should should have some sort of ventilation and there’s several different types, but properly ventilated roof is going to last a lot longer than one. That’S not so that’s all we have for you today call the roofing your Tulsa roofing company,