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This is equality Time, Podcast episode, number 11 Quality Roofing. We do Tulsa Roofing and today I’m talking about how to hire a great contractor. Somebody that you know is going to take care of you, somebody who can handle everything for you just picking that right contractor when it comes to getting your roof replaced on your home. You should definitely get a list together of who you want to use. You get get a few for sure, and then that way you can kind of go down the gamut of figuring it out, seeing who’s good who’s. Not really diving into checking these people out. I’D love to say that everybody in the world is as honest and great and does what they say: they’re going to do, but that’s just unfortunately, not the case. So, especially when it comes to such a big investment on your home. You really need to be prepared, and you really need to do your homework before you just hire somebody to come out and and do some work on your house so get a list together, Tulsa Roofing obviously step one pick out who who you want to use. You know like. I said get if you ask people, you know: go online, Google reviews, that’s a big thing. Look at the Google reviews. You will notice. If you look at Quality Roofing, we have more Google reviews in any other roofing company in Tulsa Oklahoma and that’s for reason. Tulsa Roofing We do what we say we’re going to do and we do it right. So we have a five-star Google rating and more Google reviews and Company in Tulsa. So that’s a big one. Look at those look at the Better Business Bureau. Look at just definitely do some online homework so go and look at their actual website. Do they have a website or they just you know, barely on the internet. To this is an age where everybody really need to be on the internet. That Google is the phone book anymore, so if they don’t have a legitimate website, if they don’t have ratings, then they’re, probably not somebody that you want to in this day and age. You really can’t do anything without it showing up on the Internet. So if they’re not there, then that I really don’t know why they wouldn’t be so there should be some in there and check them out. Make sure they’re legit make sure that their license is in good standing. So that’s another thing: all licenses should be listed, so they should have everything out there in the open for you and if you find them online, make sure that everything kind of matches up so deserted their office match.

Does your phone number still work? So a lot of companies just maybe a little listing out there and do tin roofs a year and that’s about it. But you know, look for look for that online presents that’s definitely a big one and then, when it comes to websites, look at the overall appearance that website make sure it looks legit. So that’s a big one. You can make cheap websites. You can get what you pay for, but somebody’s making a cheap website, they’re – probably going to do cheap work on your house. So that’s something to check out definitely look at their. Their online presence. Tulsa Roofing Look on their website see if they offer any kind of warranties. So obviously, you want as much warranty as possible when it comes to all the work they’re going to be doing so. You want a manufacturer warranty, you want a workmanship warranty. You want everything that you can get to make sure that you are protected as a consumer when it comes to everything is going to be going to be done, go ahead and call him call me on the phone asking for references. What work are they done? Where have they done jobs at how many jobs are they doing so, but they’re only doing one or two then hopefully they’re honest and tell you they’re only doing one or two, but definitely ask for references. Other jobs are done around town. Some of that, maybe you can drive by check out, make sure that that everything’s good and then paint it so that I can be another one. Tulsa Roofing You know if you’re doing with insurance everything with cash, you got a couple different ways that you’re going to be paying for that, so ask them how they they handle those payments. What do they expect? How much do they expect? Do they want half up front half when it’s done, you know it’s kinda need to figure those things out. Side note when it comes to dealing with insurance is getting your roof replaced. I was think it’s a good idea to actually have a contractor come out with the adjuster and when an insurance adjuster is going to be, there make sure things are covered because sometimes they don’t necessarily cover everything. You know insurance companies on this really want to pay. They just don’t, but there could be other damage outside of just your roof, that they need to be looking at. So there can be screens on the the windows that were damaged, so I can be Windows themselves, it would be. Is there could be siding with been damaged and and guttering, and maybe even an AC unit on me, there’s a lot of different things that can actually happen, especially when I hail storm come through just tense of tear up everything. So definitely have somebody come out whenever you’re dealing with insurance now ask the contractor for a copy of their insurance, so make sure that they are covered. That’S a big one, and you know he don’t want anybody getting hurt on your your property, while they’re fixing the roof and then find out after the fact that the company didn’t hold the right Insurance whenever they started the job. So the last thing you want to be doing is paying, for some of these broken leg, so definitely figure out their insurance, make sure that they have the right liability, insurance, the right, workman’s, comp insurance.

There’S a lot of a lot of things that that have to be covered, and the last thing you want to be doing is paying out of pocket because they just try to do things the wrong way, so expertise with insurance claims. So you know especially like I just mentioned you know when it comes to dealing with the adjusters when it comes to actually assessing the damage on your home. Do they have experience whenever it comes to hail, storm or wind storm where you know other things that can cause damage to roof? Did they really need to have that experience in dealing with that, and especially with insurance? Otherwise they can be painful for everybody, so yeah. How long have they been around it’s kind of a big one? So you know if they they need to have some kind of experience when it comes to those types of things, and it may be, you know there could be a sister company, open them out and getting started, and I mean that something to check for and make Sure that you know they’re covered there’s experience in there, especially when it comes to dealing with insurance availability. So you know how much work are they really doing? Can they handle all that work or they staying around? So again, I really think anymore, with anybody’s online presence. Tulsa Roofing You’Re going to be able to tell pretty quickly what they’re doing and if they’re doing a right, Tulsa Roofing what kind of warranty they offer kind of covered that. But you know make sure you’re covered covered whenever it comes to come to all the warranties that you could possibly get. You want definitely the product more to you. With the manufacturer. Warranty you want the the the workmanship warranty you want them to be around. If anything happens, you want them to be a phone call away and then to be able to come right out and take care of things. So the biggest thing that I deal with is definitely people that maybe they try to save a dollar, and somebody can do it just a little bit cheaper, hey I’m going to go with that gas going to be cheaper. They didn’t do all their homework. They just looked at the dollar and the job suffers because of that, so they just don’t get everything done the way they expected it and that just end result is not good. So I’ve seen plenty of bad roof. Jobs done by Fly by Night companies and and other people in the area, and you know, but really it if you talk about homeowner and and really dive into how they got to where they are currently at. And then the answer 9 times out of 10 is going to be well. You know they were cheaper and I understand that you know you definitely want to get the biggest bang for your buck, but you also get what you pay for.

So when it comes to somebody saying they can do it a ton cheaper and somebody else, and you just really need to look at what material are they using? How long have they been around they do this all the time is this there there. You know bread and butter, so that’s that’s kind of a big thing. You know it’s easy for somebody just run down to Lowe’s to pick up some shingles and say that you’re, Tulsa Roofing a trooper but you’re not going to get the quality of material. The craftsmanship you’re not going to get everything that you’re going to get from somebody, that’s qualified! That knows what they’re doing it does this all the time. So I definitely don’t cheapen your home in what you’re going to get just. So you can save a few bucks because you’re risking a lot whenever it comes to resale of your home whenever it comes to potential damage again of your home. The last thing I want to be doing is replacing a roof that you just replaced a year ago. Just because the craftsmanship was terrible, the quality was bad, the material was cheap just because you tried to save a few bucks, so definitely watch for that. So that’s all I got for today.