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This is the quality time podcast with Quality, Roofing Door, Tulsa roofing company, and I want to talk a little bit about the differences between a local qualified license contractor versus non local somebody. That’S that’s made from out-of-state out of town. What have you and just really a difference is that you’re going to be dealing with between the a local company in between somebody? That is completely just not local somebody that maybe is a storm chaser somebody that comes and goes wherever major weather events are. They try to get as many roots done as possible after major storms come through and then they’ll move on to the next town to the next day and essentially do the same thing all over again. So the biggest thing that you’re going to run across whenever you’re dealing with a local company versus somebody – that’s not local, is going to be warranty. Work so, maybe you know your roof system has a warranty on it, but the craftsmanship for the roof should also have a warranty. So obviously you don’t have a much easier time getting any kind of warranty work done from somebody, that’s local. That is still going to be here after the storms are on after years of past what-have-you versus a out-of-town company that was simply coming through doing worse during a major storm event. So warranty work is going to be a big thing. So don’t get me wrong. You know that there are times that you have a major storm event that all of your local companies may be busy. I mean it’s just there, maybe so many houses too many press to get to right away in these guys. Who’Ll will centrally supplement that work and be able to to fill in work in a week. We just can’t get to everybody quick enough in that aspect it’s, really not a a bad thing, especially if you have an essential may to. You have an extensive amount of damage and needs to get repaired right away then, and out of vent. These guys can actually be beneficial to have. But it’s still kind of kind of scary that that somebody will come in from out of town and you don’t know where they’re from you don’t really know the quality of their work. You know you’re not dealing with the Tulsa roofing company of that point dealing with somebody from no telling where they can be from Texas. They can be all the way from Florida. I don’t know I mean you can be somebody just you know, they’re just chasing chasing work, basically and going wherever they can get the most work done, and so you know it as a supplement. It’S not necessarily a bad thing, but at the same time you know, I would think that you know it if there’s any kind of Patchwork or anything that can be done to to get you buy until we can actually get you scheduled and get your room taken.

Care of then, I would be doing that with a local Tulsa roofing company. Before I go out with somebody that was from out of town that I didn’t know about, and then I didn’t know if I’d be able to get ahold of in 6 days from now 6 months from now or 6 years from now, so you really want to Try to do with somebody local as much as possible now things that you’ll see as far as out-of-town roofing companies will be. You know. Maybe they can do work cheaper than somebody else. I mean the third really just out for work and they’re trying to get as much as possible in a short amount of time, so they may just see how easily undercut somebody, but you know I wouldn’t just go for for the cheapest price when it comes to Your ear, some very, very important piece of your home just having somebody do it just because there were a couple bucks cheaper than the next guy is really not a good thing, so you really want to do with somebody, local and somebody that you can essentially fat and Make sure that you know that there a quality company to make sure that they have good reviews and make sure they have a good standing and they’re going to be here, because you know again you’re going to be dealing with warranties on whatever you get. As far as work goes in, you want to be doing with somebody that you can actually get in touch with whenever, hopefully you don’t ever need it, but you know if there is a time where you need to have some kind of warranty work done, then you Want to be doing with somebody that you can actually get on the phone, maybe you can go see it in person. So that way, you know that that you’re going to be taken care of so I’m dealing with a local company is always always going to benefit. You and then a big thing you can do you know with a with the Tulsa roofing company, some of the local is, you may be able to ask friends and family and people you know maybe just got on Facebook check it out and see what people think Of whatever company you’re going to go with versus some out-of-state company and there’s a strong possibility, nobody Julian have anything to say about him, because I don’t know that so doing with a local company.

You’Re going to you know, be dealing with a company that other people are familiar with. Other people know I’m, surely you’re, not the only one that you know that that’s how to get a new roof. So you’re going to be able to ask you know people. You know for their personal opinions, of whatever roofing company going to be dealing with when you’re dealing with the local roofing company. Now you, when you’re not dealing with the roofing company, then that’s going to make finding out things about whatever company you’re dealing with a little more difficult, for you sure were in the day and age of the internet, where you can find a lot of things and You can pretty quickly tell if somebody is legit just right there on on their their online presence, and I mean that’s the biggest thing anymore. People don’t really use the phone book at all. People just simply go to the Internet and look people up. So you know if you come across a roofing company, that is not a toaster roofing company that you’re familiar with then definitely get online and look them up and down, and even if they are some of your familiar with look them up and see what they’re there. Google reviews are see what their website looks like to what kind of online presence I have if they don’t have any kind of online presence. That’S probably not a good thing. Tulsa Roofing I probably haven’t been around very long and you know that’s that’s just going to be the biggest thing, so anybody has been around for a while and you can find him on the internet. You can find just about anything on there anymore, so yeah, that’s really going to be the biggest size to go to interviews resource when figuring out a good company to deal with. So definitely look at Google reviews because people are going to most times. People are going to get on the internet and tell you how bad of an experience they had as quickly as possible and then the good experiences those going to be out there at those are going to be on there as well. Hopefully, there’s a lot more good experiences and bad experience. Hopefully there’s no bags for me to the fact. If you look at a Quality Roofing as far as Tulsa Roofing guess, then you will see nothing but great reviews on Google and we actually have more than any other company in Tulsa. So when you’re looking at that, that’s going to tell you a lot.

So people will will take to the internet, I will speak their mind and they will tell you whether they had a good experience or bad experience and reviews are are a very, very big thing and that you need to be looking at. And you know, aside from that, definitely ask friends and family and see what their thoughts are and as far as opposed to roofing company goes me know again, you’re going to be able to find that information a lot easier. I’M sure, then you are on somebody. That’S not local, just simply because you have more resources to your friends and family. We have the internet, you know you can ask anybody who may have had a rooftop use. Maybe they use somebody, they would never use again. Tulsa Roofing They’Ll be quick to tell you the other day had a bad experience. So definitely ask for referrals, look at views and if you can’t find anything on anybody, especially if you can’t find any kind of all my presents, then me personally, I would just kinda steer clear, really no way to to not have something on the Internet. At some point, be a good or bad as far as business goes, and so, if you come across a business, it doesn’t have any kind of online presence at all anywhere. I mean you just can’t find them at all and then I would just be steering clear because you know you really just don’t know what you’re getting at that point. So you know it’s really going to be beneficial to anybody, especially as far as you know, in the Tulsa area, with asphalt, roofing company, it’s really beneficial for you to deal with somebody. That’S local so always seek out a local company. A will review company like Quality Roofing before you even consider, maybe somebody from from out of town and not local,