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This is equality Time Podcast with Quality Roofing near Tulsa, roofing company, and I really just kind of went over some general general knowledge as far as the roof goes today, just kind of let you know two things about your roof material and just the things that they Probably don’t know, maybe even some things that, as far as that’s brousko on some things that they can cause damage on the roof, maybe outside of the normal obvious, thinks it’s kind of kind of a generalization on Roofing in 10 minutes or less about the components of Their several several things that actually make up the roof itself, and so you know it’s just easier. Just typical you know: what’s going to make up the roof, so the very first thing is going to be whatever covering you have on a roof, so they can be multiple types of material, hopefully not all. Multiple of the same time, I’m going to be several different types of material that they can make up. Whatever kind of covering you have, that can be single. Tulsa Roofing They can be metal that can be tile, they can be slayed. I could even be would time so there’s several several different coverings. You know that that somebody may have on the Roof. Then next thing is going to be feeding going to be the the sheet material or the boards that are fastened to the roof to the rafters. Basically, two to cover a house or building so you know I could be, would that could be some of the material, mostly but most common, obviously she’s going to be going to be wood, and then your structure of your roof is made up by the Raptors in the Truck the trusses that are really just there to support the Machining and then, whatever you know covering, is going to go on top of that that sheeting material, then you have flashing on, which is a very important part. That’S going to be typically metal and it’s going to be really anywhere. We have joints her or valleys of your roof. It’S going to be there to to prevent any kind of water running in and in those phone number areas, and then you have drainage, and so that’s going to be, Tulsa Roofing it can be just simply, you know the shape they could be the slope of the roof that Provides the drainage you know this could be the features of it but you’re anything drainage is just going to be the ability to prevent water from building up.

So it’s whatever you know the flex at that water and that’s just going to be and what you consider the drainage aspect of your roof Tom and then, as far as roof materials, that you’re going to to come across is most common just across the board. Very most common because the the starting materials for the Sheep, cheap material, but that’s going to be asphalt, shingles, just that’s the most common that we deal with when it comes to really the majority of the roots out there, and a lot of people will change if They have a different type of material, often times they end up changing to an asphalt. Just because you know it’s it’s a little bit, probably cheaper than whatever material they had. So that’s why she was really going to be the most common. Tulsa Roofing Then you can have wood, shingles wood, Shake shingles, you know those those are still around. You know. We may even see one on new construction still, but you know it’s possible to to have wood shingles and it’s a great book. But you know that’s, that’s still something. That’S why we tile very pretty very expensive tile as well. It’S late. I can be a another material DC metal. It’S a somewhat newer of the material that you’re going to see you in it on really any roof but metal to a great product, very long, lasting product. Not everybody does metal roofs as Forest Hills. Roofing companies go, but you know that is a very good material to have almost indestructible. That’S really going to last longer than I probably just about anything out there, and then you have you. Tulsa Roofing No other Roofing Products would sure like a synthetic or a composite. Something made to look like something else, so very common to see like a composite, you know, would Shake jingle. You know it’s something. That’S made to look like the wood shingle. Maybe it’s a lot stronger material and it’s a lot longer lasting material, but those are pretty popular too well as far as roof Roofing goes. You know you really need to consider ventilation and insulation for a roof cuz. You know I should really have adequate ventilation. I mean there’s all kinds of calculations can go into that, but we’ve been away too long. In fact, I could deteriorate much much quicker than you know the typical lifespan of any roof, I’m just because you have poor ventilation, so ventilation is really something important. It’S very important aspect for any roof that I’m so that’s something that should always be considered socially for doing a tear off of a roof, I’m putting a whole new system on, and I just want to make sure that the ventilation is is a factor so whoever’s Doing your roof for you, hopefully it’s cool everything here, Tulsa roofing company.

Now we need to make sure that ventilation is mentioned in that you’re. Getting you know the proper amount, just as far as replacing a roof goes just because they’re replacing it. Maybe they just replace the ventilation is already there an equally straight across the board, doesn’t necessarily mean that that Malaysian to act adequate, so you may have had a few improper ventilation in the very beginning which is possible. So you really need to make sure that there’s conversations happening about ventilation in the making sure that you get the proper amount of ventilation on any roof dumb and then some things that can really cause a deterioration of a roof outside of your typical high winds or Hail storm damage type of things. The sun itself doesn’t number on unruly any roof. You know UV rays, they’re not just killer on your body, but they’re killer on on materials. Well, so you know we can really deteriorate any kind of roof material. Tulsa Roofing You have, and it’s just one of the things that unfortunately she’s going to happen. I mean you can’t just get rid of the Sun, but UV rays are actually something they can. They can damage a roof rain. Obviously you know where you can get into a lot of areas. Hopefully, your roof was done done properly and it’s healed up nice and tight, but rain can actually get into the vulnerable areas and caused and really over time you have any routes going to going to age and start to crack and where and in the event, that Happens really need to get some seafood to rainwater in areas that you know you didn’t before, but you are now that I’m because you know just it’s, just getting old is getting towards the end of its life time, and so, when that happens, I can kinda help Speed up that process for you and I was Forrest, you know you’re referring to a point where it absolutely needs to be replaced, snow and ice. You know when snow melts that becomes water ice. Can you know water? Tulsa Roofing Can I set up so that I can really happen? You know it can get underneath and into areas and then freeze and then cause you no gaps and things, and it can really cause problems later found some snow nicer or just a very common thing, especially when it comes to the to the Milton refreeze aspect of It when you’re doing cold cold time of year, it can really do a number on the roof, moss and algae very common to start growing on a roof. So everything is holding moisture and it’s really not a good thing. Being more sure can eventually cause thinks rot. So on the roof, design really is too.

You know wikoff, that moisture and water, and that’s not really meant to retain it mean when you have things like moss and algae, holding that moisture Up on the Roof that you know that I can. I can call some problems for you: trees growing over the roof area. When the wind blows they can, they can scrape whatever roof material. You have truly not good for it, so I made for it now so I’ll make sure that the trees and everything or back time, so that you don’t have that the potential problem – and you know it’s just it’s a house and it’s very common – to see damage Caused by a tree bouncy, just when I prevent that as much as you possibly can to make sure you keep everything, trimmed the neat and clean and away from your roof and then flashing on ruining whatever material. Maybe even the most common metal found flashing just prone to to the weather, I’m just like anything else, So eventually that not flashing can can start to peel away and then, when that happens now, you’re going to start to see the effects of maybe some weeks. You might have water running in so you can be dealing with some some serious problems going to redo a flashing. Looking likely, you know if it’s caught quick enough areas with flash and can be repaired pretty easily. You know before any kind of extensive damage happens, but you should really have AAA Tulsa roofing company, like Quality Roofing, doing some kind of at least annual inspection for you that I’m looking for things and and seeing if there’s really anything out of the ordinary anything. You know – maybe I caught soon enough. They can just be a simple repair before you need a full-blown replacement on your ear. So getting this is Quality Roofing. You work, Tulsa, roofing company,