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Tyler wyvern and the koalaty time podcast talking about Tulsa Roofing. Today, I’m going to talk about what you should do after a storm hits and I’m at first when we go through your neighborhood and it’s a big hail storm or wind storm. Whatever big storm hits are going to be a lot of activity going on in your neighborhood, so this is some guidelines for you as a consumer, some things that you need to consider whenever the storm comes through and what your stuff should be. So when a big hail storm comes through neighborhood, it’s very common to have a lot of door. Knockers come through your neighborhood you’re probably have the phone ringing. You still have a landline. You know that made Target your address and get your phone number and there’s going to be a lot of stuff going on. So you got door knockers you got telemarketers, you might get flyers in the mail. Tulsa Roofing There could be all kinds of things coming at you right.
After that, storm hits so some things it people really go through at that time, as they just kind of get overwhelmed. They don’t know exactly how to react. What to do with all that information coming out of it once who to use so many options. So one thing that you really need to remember: the roof on your house is actually worth about 10 to 15 % of the value of your house, so just using some fly-by-night person to take care of that. For you, it’s really not a risk that you should take considering how much value is actually closed on that roof. So you really need to consider using somebody good somebody, reliable somebody that knows what they’re doing, Tulsa Roofing not just somebody that just shows up one day, they’re the cheapest and then got to go with. Tulsa Roofing so your provides a lot of protection for your home. So not only is it part of the value of your house, but that’s protecting a lot of the interior of your home. So you know you just got to be got to be very careful, find somebody that’s qualified and qualify local contractor. So there will be a lot of out-of-state people coming through whenever big storms hit. You just got to be aware. You know some of those out-of-state people, they just change the storm they’re, not necessarily there, because yeah they’re their local. So that’s going to be a big one, find somebody that’s this qualifies somebody, that’s local. Somebody reputable somebody experience somebody that really knows what they’re doing so they get the job done for you. Then the job done right and then they can. You know we will still be available considering their local, if anything does happen so that they can take care of any repairs or warranty work or any of those things.

You need to kind of know how to deal with door-to-door sales people. So if somebody is knocking on your door with a limited-time offer a freebie, you know if this deal is only good. If you take it today, why don’t you need to really get some background information for those people? First, really trust your instincts. If you know you don’t have a good feeling about the person, that’s there if they’re very pushy, then it’s probably not somebody that you need to go with, then you know we also may consider any of the big storm. You know that all these people going to be coming through there going to be knocking on the door. So why don’t you get any no soliciting sign up on the door? Try to try to weed out some of those people they’re going to be coming through that you don’t necessarily want to be dealing with and just know. You know somebody’s super pushy whenever they’re they’re showing up and then it it’s really not somebody that you you want to be dealing with and then understand that you know not. All companies are going to go door-to-door and not all companies are going to send out Mass Miller’s to your door to to your mailbox in a third and they’re, going to actually rely on on a referral to get you a call, but you know just know: you’re Going to be an undated by all of that, so there’s going to be a lot coming at you. After that happens, if you’re considering using a contractor, you should you know, check their licenses check their information, make sure that they check out whoever you’re going to be dealing with and then ask for references. So if you’re going to go with somebody or you’re interviewing somebody that actually going to get do the work for you, why don’t you ask him for some references? Ask him what other jobs I’ve done. Tulsa Roofing Are they done other jobs in your neighborhood? I didn’t have any of your neighbors: that’s that’s a good one, so if they actually have to take care of somebody that you know one of your neighbors, then you know you can verify that they did good work, that those are probably going to be the ones That you you want to use so definitely that those people make sure and then and then just know that there’s going to be a lot of disreputable, roofing companies out there, they may try to fool you with false names with aliases, because I didn’t intend to do Something dishonest, so it’s something that we deal with a lot. You know you got a lot of these, these fly-by-night Company, Z’s overnighters. If people had just come in from out of town, they just try to get as much business as I can do as much as I can, and then next thing you know they leave so that they could be doing something dishonest that could be just trying to Slam on as many reps as possible as cheaply as possible, so you actually end up with a product that you guys didn’t even discuss. You know if the typical bait-and-switch that we call it you know you guys decide on one thing: they do your roof. You come home from work, see your roots done and it’s a completely different color. It’S a completely different shingle, it’s totally different than what you guys discussed in the beginning, just because they wanted to cut some Corners.

I wanted to do things cheaper just so they can make as much money as I can and then skip town. So you got to be very, very careful of those people look into those people get on. Google look up, Google reviews for the company’s I mean. That’S! That’S a big one. People will go on there and they’re going to say you know if they had a good experience and they had a bad experience so check out those reviews and make sure that whoever you’re going to be dealing with has some kind of need. A good reference to to back up their work back up. There word make sure they have. You know website all kinds of things. I there’s all kinds of red flags you can find. If you talk to somebody – and they just say – oh yeah – I’ve been doing this for 10 years and then you can’t even find them on the Internet. So if there’s nothing about them, then they’re, probably not somebody that you’re going to going to want to use just simply because they’re, probably not being honest with you, so make sure that they’re in their license in the state that’s going to be a big one. So everybody needs to carry licenses. Everybody has to carry insurance so asking for copies of their license out for a copy of their insurance, make sure that everything’s valid make sure it checks out. Tulsa Roofing So again you can go back to Google. You can check out their license. Make sure that it’s valid make sure they’re, it’s active they’re, not just feeding you, some wine, I’m just so they can get up there and do some work. The last thing you want is somebody coming in. Maybe they don’t have the right insurances and then one of the guys up there on the roof. Doing all the repair and say the guy gets hurt, falls off your roof whatever. Tulsa Roofing The last thing you want to deal with as a homeowner is a fact that you know if they weren’t properly licensed and insured, then you may have to pay for whatever injuries at person incurred while they were working on your room, so definitely look into as much As you can about, whatever company you’re going to use the company be a contractor, no matter what you just need to need to look into those people definitely check those references and ask for work that they’ve done before this is going to be big things. So personally, I’d you know like for people to kind of stay away from the how to say, people that come running in just chasing the storm deal with somebody to love somebody it’s going to be here for the Long Haul. Somebody that’s going to be here. If problems do happen, because it can, I mean even the best company out there, they can do something as far as work goes, and maybe you know something break something happens whatever as long as it’s under warranty their local there. Here you can get ahold of them and then you can get all those things taken care of. So it’s a big thing definitely try to save some of the local. They can get. You taken care of