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Silsbee Quality Time Podcast talking about Tulsa Roofing today we’re going to be coming a little bit more. I’Ve talked about the three types of contractors you may encounter whenever storm hits and I’m going to go into a little bit more detail today about the qualified local contractor. Give me some pros and cons and some things to consider when ever you’re dealing with a qualified local contractor, so some of the negative I’m just start out there. Their pricing may be higher than somebody that you deal with the storm chaser companies. You know they may have very cheap price is just so they can come in and get the work done, but I qualify. Local contractor you’re definitely a deal with, but a little bit higher price. But you know I’m a big fan of big supporter of you get what you pay for. So that is one thing that you’re you’re going to see a difference in for sure the trolley, going to be a little bit higher price for somebody, that’s local, qualified and then the wait maybe longer so honestly, we just deal with a lot of a lot of customers Because a lot of people want to deal with the local company and when you do that, especially after a storm hits, you can only get to so many people so quickly, so that there can be a backlog. Tulsa Roofing And it could take us a little bit to to. Actually get get to your roof, get to your work, but you know that that is a that is a negative to consider, but it’s also a good thing to consider, because all those other people are trusting us, I feel, like you, should too the the good things. Are you know, Local Company supports the local economy, so you know I always consider always consider that we definitely have a customer first mentality vs. just the bottom line, because we’re going to be here. I am we’re going to be here tomorrow or to be here for a very very long time. Hopefully we can be here forever, so knowing that we definitely want everybody to be happy with our work for nothing but raving fans. So we’re definitely going to take care of our customers before we consider just the prophet. So we were often you know.

Qualified local contractors are often very active in the community Through you know, volunteer efforts. We have established reputations been here for a while longevity. So again, we’re going to be here for a while. We can offer a lot of warranties on labor lot extended warranties because you know local, you know to get ahold of, so we can definitely offer those things and then we can provide references for local homeowner, so local Russo we’ve done in the area. We can definitely provide references for that, there’s, Tulsa Roofing a high quality of workmanship and what we do have countless numbers of insurance job. So we already know the process. We know how to deal with this we’re very experienced in the local area, the local market, the local building laws. All of those things we maintain the proper licenses, the proper Insurance, Tulsa Roofing because we are here so again we’re going to adhere to whatever the local market State said that we need to the state. Whatever we’re going to have all those proper licensing and insurance is all in place, our crews are going to have extensive knowledge. We have a well-trained people, people who know what they’re doing people have been doing this for a long time. We establish good credit companies with with the major supply company, so you know we can get great products at a great price just because we would deal with you know, but just the same companies all the time in the local market. So that’s definitely definitely something was going to help you as a consumer, have high scores with the Business rating companies to the Better Business Bureau and others have the same crew for many years. Tulsa Roofing We keep the same. Tulsa Roofing People are sales, people have manufacturer qualifications, so they they know their product they’re, not chubby. We just hired yesterday and and threw him out there to go, knock on a bunch of doors and get business for us will have multiple industry. Certifications are products that we offer and you know we’re very, very professional and again it’s definitely good customer first prophet second, because we plan to be here for ever so because of that, we we don’t want anything negative to be said about us or or anything we Want to take care of every customer that we possibly can the biggest thing that we deal with as far as a negative can go. You know when would be on with the qualify local contractor,

just to wait till I’m. So when big storms hit there there’s a know, there could be hundreds of people that need roof, replace and because of that you know what we will get it back walk, but again they can be a good thing. I mean that’s a show that a lot of people are going to be trusting us to to get the roof done. So you know, because of that we can get a little bit backlogged. You know. Maybe we can’t get to him as quickly as is everybody would like to, but we will get to everybody, but you know that is something to consider in the biggest Advantage, with working with a qualify local contractor we’re not going to cut Corners the quality of our Work is going to be the best possible, the materials are going to be the best we can get. We are experts on homeland homeowners. Insurance claims were experts on dealing with the insurance adjusters in the area. So you know what we’re local. We know the area better than anybody else, so we we know how to handle everything in our area, proper licensing, insurance. So weird, if we going to have all of that, and then you know, that’s that’s a lot of things that the storm chaser companies that are going to have experience with with the local market in how to handle everything. You don’t remember that phone back on the insurance, the insurance adjuster, is going to look out for the interests of the insurance company and their bottom line, not necessarily yours. So that’s why you really need to qualify. Local contractor will ensure that the work is written up and it acceptable Insurance language. We know what they’re looking for. We speak their language. We know how to how to turn a no into it. Yes, especially whenever you’re dealing with a very obvious instance where the entire roof is going to need replaced, I mean there’s, there’s definitely standards across the industry where they say you know this qualifies for a full replacement and if they’re going to deny you – and we see It and it’s very obvious, then we’re going to push and push and push to go ahead and get you that claim.

So we can get you taken care of and help in any way that that we possibly can. We have extensive product knowledge with everything that we use week and we tend to use a lot of the same products so because of that you know we can get great pricing on those which you know the end result for you is a better price on a More expensive product and then just the extensive knowledge we have behind that product. So you know we we at certified by lot of companies and whatever reason their products. So that’s something to look for is certifications because you know a lot of these companies will send a qualified local contractor through whatever training necessary so that they know about the product. They know about the warranties that they offer and those are definitely some pros for you. When it comes to that now again on the insurance licensing, I don’t know if you know use a consumer know this, but if we’re for falls off your roof or damages your home in any way, you could actually be liable, for it mean I was assuming that You’Re using a company, Tulsa Roofing that’s not properly insured, properly licensed that’s kind of a big thing, so somebody’s working on your house they get hurt. You could actually be completely liable for it. So when dealing with this snow storm chaser companies, then you know that’s kind of a big thing. Is they they might not have all the right insurance and maybe they do the whole job. For you, everything’s great. Nothing happens in problem, but there are there those instances where you know they didn’t have the right Insurance in place and somebody got hurt and then the homeowner was actually responsible for that. So I can end up costing you a lot of money that you didn’t want to spend ever just simply because you chose somebody was a little bit cheaper, somebody that just said that they get to work done right then, as opposed to going with somebody that was Qualified local, so I’m a big advocate of definitely definitely look into whoever you’re going to use so again nothing against the storm. Chaser companies there’s some good ones out there, but they are kind of few and far just based on experience. They’Re, not necessarily somebody’s going to be around somebody is going to be able to offer the warranty, the insurance and those types of things that that you really going to need to be protected as a homeowner.