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The Quality Roofing Tulsa roofing company, we’re talking about getting paid. When you make a claim, so you made a claim on your insurance and how you’re going to get paid once a claim is actually filed and they will issue you a check sometimes and one part-time time. Is it in two parts? Sometimes it just kind of depends on the amount of that check on whether or not they’re going to give you the entire amount at once. If they’re going to break it up sometimes depends on your coverage, so a couple of things initially the first check so so you’re getting getting in the multiple Parts. Your first check will be the actual cash value of your roof. So of the claim that you made it’s going to be the actual cash value, so you have a lien holder on your house, so you have a mortgage. Tulsa Roofing If that claim is over say about 10,000, then a lot of times that will actually get made out to you and your mortgage company,
and so I mention this on a previous podcast, for what you have to do. Is you will you’ll sign that check? You have a notarized when you sign it, and then you have to send that off to your mortgage company, who will review everything and then ultimately issue you a check in that same amount back to you. So you can pay the contractor to get started on the work in and get everything going. So if it’s under 10 grand then sometimes they they will just go ahead and issue you that that fool check. But if it’s over then a lot of time so make it out to both of you, you and the mortgage company, so the homeowner and the mortgage company and then it’s up to you to get that turn off so that you can get paid on that now. But if this happens quite often to say that they issue a check, they’ve already made up their ass man, they say this is the name of the salon and now work has begun and then, in the midst of that work we realize hey some of your deckings Messed up, or there was guttering that that’s messed up flashing, Tulsa Roofing something that just was not notice on the original report that the adjuster made can in that instance. What we do is we file a supplemental claim, so you have your initial claim that everything is drawn out by the adjuster and they say you know this is all the work that needs to be done. This is the day that I’ve observed, but we get into the job and we start working on it and we realize hey, there’s, there’s excessive damage outside of what you put on that report. So then you have to file. What’S called a supplemental clay with the insurance company and that would cover anything, that’s not listed on that original report, so that can happen. You know I’ll be in there. There can be other damage that it wasn’t seen at the time of inspection, Tulsa Roofing for whatever reason the, especially whenever you’re breaking into things your turn things off and at that point you realize hey. They didn’t see this because they just couldn’t so that’s an area where I hope we have a good contractor or somebody that’s not just going to slam it out and try to be done.

They’Re going to look at it and say: Hey, you know you have this extra damage, it’s probably taken care of, and then I will help you when it comes to filing that supplemental in write that up and so that way you can get paid for that. Other work so that you can make sure you’re taken care of that all your damage is repaired when it should be so that is very, very common. Actually to have supplemental claims. Me know when you’re, when you’re doing a job, because they’re just give me some things that are Miss so the so you get issued a first check so say they do it in two parts. So you have your first check, which is the actual cash value of your roof or of the claim, and then the second check will come to you as a we called an RCV or recoverable cash value and that’s the actual cost to get the job done. So that’s the the extra and then that comes in after everything is completed, so we will actually, as a contractor, doing the job for you. We will actually go ahead and file a completion Report with the insurance company. They will come back out and they will make sure that everything was done. Accordingly. Everything was handled and all the work that they said to be done was done and when that happens, Tulsa Roofing we’ll issue you the second check. So that’s not for you to to take and run off and go to Disneyland with that’s really for us to get paid the remainder of what to do when it comes to all those repairs that we have just done that initially, the first text not going to Be enough to cover it so when they they give you that two-part check that second chance really to pay us the remainder so that we can settle up in and get everything taken care of. So if you did in the process file any kind of supplemental claim, then that will come on that second check as well, so anything extra that gets handled that’ll come in the form of that second check so say you get issued your first check and you need To mail it off your mortgage company of it’s made out to you and the mortgage company before you send anything off.

You need to make sure you call your mortgage company figure out exactly where he needs to go, don’t just send it to the same place. We seen your payments every month, you know if we need to figure out who’s, there claims department is or whoever is going to be handling that figure out an exact contact, exact address for them before you send anything. So you don’t want nothing just floating around out there and then try to figure out where it needs to go. Make sure you get it to the right person right when you send it and then don’t necessarily sign the check or endorse a check unless the mortgage company actually says that you have to some. Do some don’t? But you know that you don’t necessarily have to be just kinda depends on on the mortgage company. Some mortgage companies are better than others. So honestly, I’ve seen where some some mortgage companies going to take their sweet time when it comes to the processing. The check that you send in getting you your check back so that you can get everything going. So that’s just kind of kind of part of it and you got ta rely on a third party to get everything done so make sure you have the right person. You’Re talking to the right person, you have their phone number, you have their their address. You have everything so that you can follow up. Tulsa Roofing so if it’s been a little while you don’t have anything back yet you need to be following up to make sure they got everything and then make sure that when you send off that check you overnight, it don’t just stay in an envelope sending in the mail Overnight the check, so they get it directly, they will have it the next day. You can even follow up at that point, make sure they got in the mail so just overnight it express mail it and get it there, get it there as soon as you can. The last thing you want is in sitting around and the check kind of floating in the air. You don’t know what’s going on with it and then another storm coming through you’ve already got storm damage. Another one comes through while you’re waiting on this whole process.

More damage happens. If you don’t want that, so make sure that you get that directly to the right person. I know normally when it comes to to paying the roofer. The contractor is going to be taken care of everything you don’t necessarily have to pay until you’ve gotten the money from your insurance company or from your mortgage company. If you had to send it out over there so, but you know sometimes like I said the initial check directly to you and then in that instance, it’s very easy to go ahead and pay to get things started to get things going. You know so, but typically you know you don’t necessarily have to pay till you get that first check. So sometimes it happens same day, and sometimes I can take a week or two depending on on the insurance company’s process and and for your mortgage companies process. Tulsa Roofing And so the insurance company will actually make sure that you have a written agreement. Is a contract with a contractor to do the repairs so they’ll make sure that you have all that in place and I’ll make sure that that contract covers everything that they’re covering in clean as well? So they will can have a checks and balance system when it comes to what you’re getting and repair who’s doing it and then making sure that everybody’s on the same page when it comes to come. So those are what will happen once your insurance company pays for the claim and send you send you your check. Send you a check, send you the one and only check, send you part of a check. So that’s that’s going to be what happens when you get paid by your insurance company.