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This is the quality time podcast episode, number 39 Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company and today we’re talking about things to consider when replacing your roof so shopping for number. If it’s not really just like going out shopping for everything else, there’s there’s a pretty big difference on a roof. It’S not just something that you can maybe trade in like a car, something like that. It’S actually pretty pretty big substantial investment and one that you really don’t want to have to make it again, hopefully ever, but you may have to throughout your lifetime kind of depends on how long you’re going to be in your house. So but I mean really, if you take into account the right things when it comes to replacing your roof, then you know it could last for 20 years at least so just really depends on the material I mean heck. You could even get one. That’S that’s! 50 to 100 years asphalt roofing material go so just really depends on what to what you go with and really within your budget. So definitely look around it at all your options. She was going to be the best fit for you and I and out the best bang. For your buck, really you don’t want to necessarily break the bank if you can’t afford it, but at the same time you don’t want to cut yourself cheap when it comes to materials, and you know the best quality that you can get as far as material for Your roof so just know, you know when you do get a new roof timing is going to be a big thing for you, because it’s it’s very very loud whenever you’re getting a roof torn off and replaced it’s it’s going to be pretty loud specially on the Inside of your home, so biggest thing that I would say to consider is try to make sure that maybe you can be away from the house while they’re doing it. You know you could always stop byI check in and make sure that the works going on. It’S actually happening, Tulsa Roofing but I would definitely try not to be in the home whenever it’s all going on. Otherwise, you can have a massive headache to deal with hearing all that banging and everything going on for for that. That amount of time that they’re there and and working on everything. So I’m really you know if you can be away from the house, maybe work a little bit longer hours those days. That’S that’s probably going to be the best thing for you and I’m so definitely consider that now one thing you know how old is the roof on your house. So a lot of times when you buy a house, your insurance company is going to dig a Little Deeper to to figure out the age of the roof. That’S currently on house. So hopefully they did that for you and you have a pretty decent idea., I’m at least maybe the homeowner that owned it before you disclose to you. You know when that roof was actually put on.

So you have a pretty good idea that, or maybe you bought a new construction home but you, know a brand new house and not case. You would know exactly when that replace put on. But rule of thumb is most most reassuring to last about 20 years and that’s about their Mac lifetime. No other things can happen to shorten that time frame. You know I can be wind and hail storms trees brushing up against the roof. I mean there’s a lot of things that they can happen to deteriorate. Those materials quicker. However, you know in a perfect world 20 years, is about what you’re going to get out of a roof, barring any really any kind of event that may reek havoc on the on the roof itself. Now you know that’s Again by material woman, your most common is going to be shingles and so with asphalt, shingles and you know about the time frame, there’s going to be about 20 years, so now, whatever it comes time to to get a roof, you need to really You need to really look at it and see. Is it really something that needs needs to be replaced? You know just because storms come through and just because your neighbors got some hail damage doesn’t necessarily mean that you did so. You know you may see others around. You getting a new roof that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need one, but it’s definitely a good idea to have it checked out, especially if you notice a lot of activity around you, people getting roofs on their house. You know that’s just something that I would definitely look at, not just yourself, but maybe have somebody from koalaty Roofing come out and give you a roof inspection and then make it make it easier for you two to figure out. If you do actually need a new roof and then assuming you do, then it’s going to have time to actually decide on what material you’re going to go with. So you know if you currently have asphalt shingles on your house, it’s very common to just go right back with asphalt shingles, but you know, maybe maybe you want something to last a little bit longer. Tulsa Roofing  maybe you want something a little bit better. Looking to you, you know it’s all preference really, but you know maybe you want to go with a a metal roof which is almost virtually indestructible if you compare it to a shingle, but you know just like anything ever ever materials going to have a certain lifespan On it, but you know metal versus shingles definitely going to last a lot longer for you, but he’s going to come down to what’s in your budget and then, especially if insurance is going to pay to replace the roof. Typically, they’re going to pay to get you back with pretty much the same material that you had on before, maybe a little bit better, but you know jumping from shingle to metal as far as an insurance claim goes through or not going to happen.

So that point you’re really going to need to come out of pocket a little bit to make up the difference. You know suming that that metal roof is going to be a little bit more expensive than they just with the insurance is paying out to to cover replacing those the shingles and then when you do replace. For. If you need to really think about the importance of the insulation is one big thing in ventilation, so roof that’s not properly. Ventilated is not going to last at all, which is not the last fan on that is going to be shortened extremely just by the fact that it’s just not done properly. So you know: there’s certain calculations are going to how much ventilation you should have per square foot and all that and there’s all different types of insulation that you can do. I can do ridge vents, you can do I’m calling Turtle vents or pipe Jack’s some in there there’s several different ways to ventilate a roof, but ventilation is a very big thing to consider. So you definitely need to make sure that you’re getting proper ventilation and enough ventilation. So that’s something that I would bring up with anybody. That’S going to be putting a new roof on your house to make sure that they have accounted for that and they’re not kinda. Taking a shortcut, sir, Tulsa Roofing were short-changed you anywhere and they are in fact doing the proper amount of ventilation for the roof and then always ask for references. So you know take to Facebook. Take the Google, whatever you do, and maybe you should call a friend but always ask around, because I’m sure somebody you know has had a good experience or bad experience or both regarding roofers. So I would just reach out to to those that you can in and see if you can get a good reference from. You know. Tulsa Roofing Maybe people you know worst case or best case kind of depends, but I would definitely take the Google because everybody anymore will jump on and leave reviews for companies that their cans of paint companies that are not Fanta. So any company that’s going to be handling the roof for you, and you could probably look up on Google and you can probably see the reviews and you can tell pretty quickly if you’re dealing with somebody, that’s good or somebody. That’S not so definitely check out reviews on companies in and see what you can.

We can figure out check the company’s documentation, make sure they have the proper licensing. The insurance – and the last thing you want to deal with is somebody getting hurt on your roof, and then you have to pay for it, because the company that you chose didn’t have proper insurance so mean especially if somebody comes in and says they’re a lot cheaper Than than any other company, you know that there may be ways that they’re doing that one of those could be there not paying for insurance they’re not properly insured, and that’s not good for you, the homeowner, so make sure you get a a estimate with everything and Make sure that they offer a warranty and that’s going to be the biggest saying warranty will cover they should cover the material as well as the craftsmanship. So I don’t know, I think, is wrong. You should be able to fall back on that warranty so make sure to whoever is doing the roof, for you has a good quality warranty that you can check out ahead of time and and you feel comfortable with, and then. Lastly, whenever it comes to to getting a roof, make sure that you don’t pay for everything until the roof is done now, generally, just kind of rule of thumb they’ll be two payments to the referral one’s going to be a partial payment to get everything started and Then the other ones, Tulsa Roofing the final payment, once everything is stuck in – regards to that final payment, just make sure that everything is done to your standards. Everything is done according to how they said that it would be the materials are the same that they said it would be so make sure you’re completely happy with the entire job before you pay your final installment to any refer, and that’s just kind of rule of Thumb for you again, this is cool Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company,