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This is the quality time podcast episode number 19, and this is Quality, Roofing, Tulsa, Roofing and today going to talk to you about kind of what to expect on the on the during the process of hey, I’ve signed a contract now getting my roof done. What to expect on you start to finish basically from the time you’ve you’ve signed up to the time that they’re done and they’re pulling out of the driveway, the the things that you need to expect. So obviously, in the beginning you had somebody come out and you may have been through a week or two weeks at 3. We process it. Kinda depends on everything and if it’s insurance, if it’s cash there there’s a lot of things, that’s going to depend on how long it’s going to take to actually get to the point where we can actually get started, but one of the first things, obviously, is you Met with the roofer and maybe even the insurance, adjuster everything’s good, you figured out how I need a roof, and so you sign a contract moving forward from there. So there’s some things that that you’re going to need to pick out. Tulsa Roofing So you know, maybe it’s the the mini factor of the shingle could be one thing that you’re going to be picking out the color of the shingle. Are you getting new gutters, so you can have to pick those out. What color are those going to be there going to be any painting done? What color are they going to be painting whenever they get done? I mean there’s just a lot of a lot of things that you’re going to have to look at and pick out. You know what color is a big one manufactured one quality shingle wise. Tulsa Roofing are you doing a 30-year shingle you going to 50 years ago and there’s just a lot of other things that they can come into play whenever you’re picking out your shingle? So that’s that’s a process in and of itself really, so you know you’re going to spend some time looking at all those options and kind of trying to figure it out. I had somebody the other day that they wanted. Black shingles will okay, Tulsa Roofing it’s not just that easy, Tulsa Roofing there’s a few different colors of black so which black do you want so there’s it’s kind of a process that all picked out and if you’re a real picky person that that might take some time. So that’s! What’S going to be, the first thing is kind of getting all that stuff picked out and and organized and ready to get that all the contract that you’re signing the agreement that you’re signing get that all in there listed so that you’re going to get exactly what You chose – and you guys are both signed off on that so everybody’s aware now of the the roofer him call you or contractor that they’re going to call you to get everything scheduled.

Let you know when everything’s going to get started and kind of what takes back as far as start to finish completion so whenever, whenever they let you know kind of whenever everything is going to get started, I would suggest it if you got things in your attic That you’ve been storing away forever that you value at all. I would suggest probably covering those things up, because a lot of times whenever somebody is working on the Roof Inn in taking shingles off putting shingles on things, can come through that and and get some things dirty or maybe and get some things messed up. So what you want to do, if you want to make sure that you cover that stuff, so it doesn’t get excessively disgusting with all that work going on right above it. So that’s definitely something to to take care of they. Then maybe you live in an older house, but it’s kind of kind of rickety and just kinda depends on how well your house was built, but a lot of people will know this before leaving it up there. But if you know, whenever somebody is checking out your roof and you notice that maybe the walls were shaking in a little bit just for them being up there walking around going to take a lot more whenever they start taking shingles off, put it back on. So if you got breakables on the wall or or against the wall somewhere take those down get this out of the way, because that just can’t happen so just make sure you prepare for that and get that stuff taken care of cuz. Tulsa Roofing The last thing you do, you have all your stuff falling off the walls and break in with some buddies up there. So then, from there you know what your your contractor is going to go ahead and order all the material have that deliver to your house. Probably early so I’ll, probably the day before a couple days before they’re actually going to perform the work but go ahead and have it all delivered, have it all ready to go so that whenever the gas can to put a they can just in and out, so That’S one thing that we do a lot of just go ahead and order everything as early as we possibly can get that stuff in the driveway, but that’s a sitting there so that we can have you know, but basically it’s just all part of the schedule. We want to move as quick as we can. We want you to be inconvenienced for as little time as possible, so what we’re going to do is I’m going to try to get everything there early so that we can get done quickly and get out of there? So that everything is done as fast as possible for you and, like I said the biggest thing as you’re just going to be an inconvenience for the the least amount of time now, typically depending on the size of the roof.

But typically it can be a one-day install. Everybody will show up first thing in the morning and it may be kind of later on in the evening kind of depends on the size of the roof and if they had any problems, but typically we can knock out a room one day. So that’s good for most people, and you know, especially on the Monday through Friday, if they’re at work. You know it’s really not too bad that somebody’s doing all that, but if you’re sitting at home all day, I would probably consider taking off that day. Go to the light. Go do something, but I wouldn’t necessarily sit around the house all day, especially inside. While you guys are being on the roof all day long, so it gets loud. I guess noisy it’s a Ruckus, so you should probably consider not necessarily sitting around the house all day whatever day that they’re going to be putting on that roof, but it will be it’ll, be a pretty quick process. Always you know, especially considering you know, especially when you take the shingles off the roof and and and I felt and everything you’re going to be exposed to the elements. So I really need to move quickly and I thought we try to do so. Take everything off so quick possible, but everything on it possible because we don’t want. But you know you inconvenience for too long and we don’t really want your house exposed to open raw what, if it rains or anything, we just want to try to get it done. As quick as possible Tulsa Roofing and that’s that’s going to be a good thing for you that we’re going to get done quickly but, like I said the biggest thing, is you don’t necessarily want to be there cuz you’re going to have a headache at the end of the Day from all the banging going on, on top of your so consider that and go ahead and consider where you’re going to be spending your time, Tulsa Roofing if you’re a person that’s at home, whenever they’re going to be installed, just figure out something to do, go shopping, then At once, everything is done and there’s going to be the the the whole cleanup process. I would be there as a homeowner fire you whenever they’re cleaning everything up, because the last thing you want to do is be upset because there’s some shingles in your in your or there’s some Nails Left Behind or something so I would try to be there around Finish time and clean up time and make sure that they get everything taken care of up to your standards. Now we meet, we obviously try to get absolutely everything that we possibly can, but sometimes little things you missed. You know very easy, for out of thousands of nails are coming off. The roof is very easy for one or two to to miss our our scope and just be left somewhere so be there. Look at everything make sure that everything is cleaned up to your standards. You know it it’s a pretty extensive process to get everything cleaned up, so people can tend to get upset about some things. You know, like I said shingles in the flower bed. That’S not the best thing,

but it’s unfortunately hit it can happen. So we are taking a lot of material off of a roof and you know it’s got to go somewhere and it’s going so we try to get every single thing that we can in the dumpster. We try to clean up every single thing that we can, but just unfortunately, sometimes little things might get pissed so just make sure that you’re there so that you’re happy with with the cleanup you can kinda check off on that part and make sure everything’s done the Way you want it done and then the final thing is you know you should definitely get a copy of your warranty of your manufacturer’s warranty and then your contract should say something about the extended in a workmanship warranty. This me an offer to you as far as how long that’s going to last and and what’s offered there as far as the workmanship goes. But there should be a separate warranty should be a manufacturer’s warranty depending on the company, depending on the shingle, depending on what kind of things how long that will last. Tulsa Roofing But definitely you should we get a copy of that warranty so that you have it in case. Anything happens, hopefully, nothing ever happens and you never have to use it, but definitely a good thing to have thrown in your filing cabinet keep it. But that should be the last thing that you you get should be copies of your warranty so that you have all that stuff and that’s that’s pretty much the the quick synopsis of the start. To finish on I mean the roof. The roof is done so biggest thing like I said all homeowners, you should probably be there come clean up time. If you love your grass, if you love your flower bed, make sure you’re there on clean-up day, because you want to make sure that everything is done and you’re happy with it.