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The koalaty time podcast episode number 22 and this is Quality Roofing. Your Tulsa roofing company. Today we’re going to be going over some things that use a homeowner should consider as far as maintenance. So will call these maintenance tips to make sure that your your roof stays intact and you don’t have any problems issues later. Tulsa Roofing So the biggest thing that I would tell anybody if you were from the very beginning so so you’re you’re buying a brand new home on this early brand new but new to you and even bring you home. So I would have to check get a roof inspection. Every time just get it inspected, because once you take possession of that house once it becomes your house on closing day, then whatever issues it has become your problem. So what you definitely need to do is is how things checked well before they become your responsibility. So you can, actually you know if your buying a home and it has issues on the Roof, then you can actually negotiate with the seller and try to get them to fix it and if they don’t fix it, and then you still want the house and ultimately, Where you’re taking on, as whatever issues are going to come with that, so you know obviously a roof is a big part of the home and and a big part of protecting at home. So you don’t want to have that checked out. So I would definitely say that in the very very beginning I would have that checked out it’s as quickly as possible. So a lot of times it cost to have a roofer come out and just jump up there and and take a look at some guys might charge. Tulsa Roofing But we don’t so if, if you feel like there may be an issue or you just want to have that piece of mind, then give me a call we’ll come out, we’ll take a look and make sure that everything looks good. So then, as far as maintenance goes, you know, trees are a big issue, so trees tend to grow and they grow into the house at they’re close enough when they do that their branches will scrape on the shingles, and you can do things that are not good. So you definitely want to make sure that you’re keeping your trees trimmed back. I’Ve even notice whenever people buy homes, sometimes those trees are actually have to be trimmed before an appraiser or somebody will sign off on it or home inspector or something you know will take note of that, because that’s not a good thing. So it’s nice to have the shade it’s nice to have the trees around the house, but it’s not nice, whatever they’re growing towards the house and and messing with the roof, because that can I can cause some issues for ESO to be preventative. Early. Definitely make sure that any limbs or anything that may come in contact with the house or are turned back and then you know really check it out.

If you have big branches hanging over the house, if we get a big storm that comes in one of those just falls off and leaves on the roof, that’s not good! So, whatever kind of Maintenance you can take as far as keeping those trees, trimmed back and away from the roof that that’s going to be a really good in the long run, make sure your gutters are are cleaned out. That’S a big thing, so people may do it once a year or so, but you should definitely get up there at some point or pay someone if you’re not comfortable, but you should get up there and make sure that you clean out all your gutter debris leaves And things that get stuck up in their sticks – you name it I’ve seen all kinds of things are gutters. Kids toys find their way up there somehow someway. I don’t know, but definitely make sure that you’re you’re getting those cleaned and you don’t have a lot of build-up. So, what’s the water can’t run through your gutters like they’re supposed to then it’s going to go somewhere and it can cause issues as far as weeks and things go water damage, you name it so make sure that you have the right ventilation on your rear. So there’s all kinds of different types of ventilation that will you know be there. There’S there’s pipe Jack’s Ridge, vanswers Turtle, Vince, there’s all kinds of eating apparatus, as I guess, but definitely make sure that you know you have enough. So that can I can cause issues. So make sure that you have proper ventilation and if you don’t know which you probably don’t, because you’re just not necessarily so does Roots everyday, but we are so call somebody. I was going to take a look. Do you need extra ventilation, and it’s very easy for us to tell so-called professional has come, take a look and then to not that expensive and for a small price to you can add more ventilation your roof and save you a lot of money later so insulation Is another thing too check for you know, make sure you have proper insulation, saying your your attic area. Tulsa Roofing Those are going to that. It’S kind of going to help you, you know, permit heat loss in those types of things, so that’s going to help with it kind of goes hand-in-hand with your your ventilation, so believe it or not. Those can be tied together so make sure your installations good, as well as your ventilation check your check, your attic, you know it it’s it’s a good idea to get up there every so often you know how Me Maybe you you never get in your attic, but It may be a good idea to to take a look every once in awhile and you can notice pretty quickly on the inside of the attic. If you got any kind of moisture water damage, you know look around your decking so get in the attic and look up the first place to look and just kind of take a walk around get your flashlight. Tulsa Roofing If you need but see, if you have any kind of areas of may be concern, Tulsa Roofing you know maybe see a big old wet spot on your on your on your decking or maybe you see, but I stain from from pass. It’S definitely something to check out. Look at it – and you know it could could be. A current issue could be a previous issue. It’S already fixed, but once you find it the first time, you’ll know where it’s at and you can kind of make sure that that nothing cause any problems.

They’Re drinking and something to to look for Tony Russo pay attention to the coloring to a lot of times. It’S a lot happens, often on maybe a a brown tan, colored shingle you’ll see it a lot, so you’ll see streaking and it’s really areas that could actually, if, if you ignore it – and you don’t really pay attention to it, you know that street in Canby, Canby Molder, it can be algae, it can just be dirt, but if it’s one of the previous ones it, if you don’t take care of it and then you know we can actually the tyranny of the material, so it can actually cause damage to your shingles. So the streaking on a roof is not actually something that’s supposed to happen. It does sometimes I like, I said – sometimes maybe it’s just some kind of dirt or something, but I’m some kind of just you know for coloring. I don’t know I mean there’s a lot of things. It could be 2 to cause a streak but Subway something to look at and consider so there’s ways to prevent the mold growth in the types of things on your roof. But you know once you notice that shrieking I would definitely have somebody come check it out and see if, if there is any kind of issue currently and then is there a way that we can prevent it from from going any further, so there really aren’t any Issues later you know, as a result of those check for signs that you know we are your shingles, maybe maybe bad so check for granule loss is a big thing check for loose shingles happens all the time. Somebody didn’t put them down ride, or maybe you know big wind storm and come through at one point or another, and it actually loosen things up. So those are some things to check out. So definitely look at your shingles to see if there’s any kind of kind of damage there. Let me know if you see some that look, maybe a little out of place, maybe just give its light little little tug and see if it’s just actually. You know that craftsmanship and they’re on their study or sturdy, but you know maybe they are – are pretty loose and you’ll notice pretty quickly, Tulsa Roofing if that, if they are losing, that’s not a good thing, so you definitely want to have somebody come out if you have blue Shingles or or deteriorated damaged shingles. I would stay away from do it yourself: roof repairs, because the good thing about having somebody come out. The is ensure that is licensed. That will do these things for you that will repair your roof. The good thing is, we can offer you a warranty. A lot of people were hey. You know I’m going to save some money. I want to do it myself. When I get up there, I’m going to go to fix whatever I can and then you fix this little spot when it turns into a big spot.

There’S no warranty cuz, you did it yourself, so who’s ultimately responsible for getting it fixed. Tulsa Roofing Again, it’s going to be you, so definitely look for a professional to to do these things for you. I really don’t recommend you know just having a weekend, projectors of fixing anything on the roof and then, lastly, when it comes to having somebody, come out, work on the roof or you just make sure that you’re getting Cody work from a quality company like Quality Roofing. We we definitely take pride in what we do and we you know when do something anybody going to do on her own roof, so mean I make sure that you’re getting taken care of and make sure that whoever you’re using it is a quality company. Is you know up to par and their reputable tip again? This is Quality Roofing, your total roofing company and that’s all I have for you today.