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City Florida, Town podcast with Qawwali Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company, and I just wanted to cover some ways that you can go about finding a good roofing company and really making sure that you’re taken care of. As far as you know, getting connected with with somebody. That’S going to be there from start to finish somebody, that’s not going to need a new number on you and somebody’s going to get to take care of you really, and so, first and foremost, the easiest thing for anybody to do is ask for referral. So when you’re dealing with the Tulsa roofing company, you know you obviously have have friends and family truly know somebody. If you don’t know somebody, you got a co-worker something, so you definitely have people in the area that you can reach out. To.. If you don’t have a co-worker, you have a neighbor, so you have people around you that you can ask as far as a referral goes on who they would recommend for a roofing company. Somebody that you know maybe they had a bad experience with. Tulsa Roofing Hopefully it’ll be the first one to tell you that you know I got my route done by 7, so it was a bad deal. Don’T do it now and then obviously you can take whichever one that was right off your list as quick as possible. Then you know, but hopefully they give you some good referrals people who gave you and that’s the easiest way to to start building your list as far as who you’re going to use for your Tulsa roofing company. Now the other place for anybody to look is obviously going to be on the internet. So nobody uses the phone book really at all anymore, and so, what’s going to happen, is you’re going to be able to find some type of online presence for whatever roofing company you’re going to be dealing with so thumb look at their website make sure that their website Looks legit and you know what professional and you know their website alone. Can you can tell you a lot so look up a company look up their website, so it looks like she’ll get. It looks and again you’re just really looking for a a professional appearance when it comes to you know, whatever website of the company you’re looking into then aside from that we’re going to companies reviews, so people will take to a lot of Avenue. I just had to give him use on a company, be a good or bad thing of Facebook’s, a common one, so we’ll get we’ll get reviews of air, but also look at what you do and see.

What they’re saying is so, for example, if you looked up Quality Roofing as far as you were told to roofing company, is she going to notice that we have more views than any other company and we also have more good reviews than any other company? So that’s really a a quick and easy place to tell all companies doing is just simply by their reviews. So look into that as deeply as you can and definitely deal with somebody that has the best reviews and the most reviews, and hopefully five most reviews. They include the best reviews, so I’m assuming that the most amusing and they’re all bad, then you just want to see your clear that company found make sure you’re dealing with with somebody that’s very well-reviewed, and that way you can pretty much tell instantly that that’s a Reputable company that you’re going to be dealing with and then aside from from diss reviews and referrals, you know what will you can do is maybe narrow it down to. Tulsa Roofing Maybe you got a couple of companies out there that kind of pass your test. As far as who, you might use, based on their rating for the referral basis and to which all do at that point is, maybe you should interview a couple of companies, so you know see who you’re comfortable with is going to be the big thing. So maybe it’s just an initial phone call to him to kind of see what you think, but maybe you should actually have a couple of companies come out and actually give you a full-blown inspection on your roof and then, when a company does come out, you want To be looking at, a lot of things will get the vehicle they show up in will get there at apparel that what they’re wearing them and do they have a very professional parents from, the vehicle to their personal appearance, to the way that they approach you and speak To you or they professional throughout the entire process and tell you just want to be making sure that you’re dealing with somebody that that’s experience and somebody that’s for Fastenal.

And so you can tell pretty quickly just by talking to somebody their knowledge base and how professional they are until they should be taking pride in everything they do and so you should just be making sure that you’re dealing with somebody you’re comfortable with and somebody that you Feel is knowledgeable experience in and very professional, but is going to be the big thing now, with a total roofing company, like Quality Roofing you’re, going to notice, you know, but really professionalism from start to finish in everything that we do. But if you have a couple of inspections done by companies that you’re more less interviewing, then that point, you know, take an account there infections and and see what phone company says versus another. Now, maybe they both say the exact same thing, and maybe one is, is much cheaper than the other than I wouldn’t base. Really any decision. I personally don’t base any decision just solely on how much something costs, so it’s somebody’s is cheap it, Tulsa Roofing doesn’t necessarily mean that and that you’re still getting the best deal. So don’t just let price be your final. Deciding factor in that should be really in anything that you do, but you really want to make sure that whoever you’re dealing with is competent is an audible, is going to have your best interest in mind and is going to be able to take care of you And so I’m just going with the the cheapest possible is probably not the best option. You know everything just to simply based on what the lowest prices, so the other thing to do obviously is to compare the estimate that you’re going to get from those inspectors and see what all they’re there, including and and see, really take a look at the warranty That they offer.so you know, maybe one has a much longer or better warranty more coverage than the other company, and so definitely take a look at the warranty they offer for you and then you know, did they offer any kind of any kind of contract? Tulsa Roofing Did they say you know how long the work was going to take when they can get started on what kind of materials they were going to use? You know you can you can really look at that and see. You know what one company may not be using as good of quality materials as another, so I’m definitely take into consideration what type of material there going to be using the quality of that material.

The warranty that comes with that material, so typically any type of material that you get should have some type of manufacturer’s warranty. So you really want to make sure they’re getting a very good, strong warranty on whatever product you use to make sure that they’re they’re offering that and make sure that a good warranty. You know, and it has a lot of coverage, so you just really want to be going to be checking out the the warranties for sure that they offer and then outside of the the warranty on just a material. You know consider what type of warranty they may be offering on their their their work on their craftsmanship, so any company for adults, roofing company logos – should be offering some type of warranty outside of just the manufacturer’s warranty. Tulsa Roofing So you want to be take a look at that. Let that have a lot of consideration in a while and whatever decision you make, because if somebody’s going to do good work, then they’re probably going to offer you a very strong warranty on their craftsmanship and if they’re not offering any kind of warranty on that part Of the roof, if they’re only offering a a standard manufacturing warranty and then the trolley reason for that, I don’t know, probably not the best choice, for you know, probably not doing the best job out there so just make sure that you’re covered as far as warranty Work goes especially when doing with a a local Tulsa roofing company, like Quality Roofing, and I know that you’re going to be. You know that you’re going to take care of you know that those warranties are going to be offered and available for you, and you know that we’re going to be here to do whatever warranty work needs to be done. Hopefully, you never need warranty work done, but in the event that you do, you know that that is going to be offered to you in, and that is going to be something that you know we’re going to take pride in and we’re definitely going to come back And fix anything. Absolutely was our fault, you know again. Hopefully that never happens, but if it does, then then you know you’re going to be taken care of