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Sadiq qawali Time, Podcast episode, number 8 and we’re talking about Tulsa Roofing. I’Ve talked previously about the three types of contractors in I’m going to go in a little bit more detail on today. The the out-of-town storm chaser, the out-of-town fly-by-night companies that are coming in just really following any storms, home in any area, logo from state-to-state, city-to-city and really just trying to capitalize on any more. If it were, a lot of damage has been done. They know there’s a lot of roots that are, you need, replaced and then they’re really just come in and try to get as much business as I can before they move on to the next area. Tulsa Roofing So I’m going to go in a little bit more detail about those out-of-town Storm Chasers and their companies and and just show you a little bit little bit more. What to look for the the pros and consof those of those company, so they’re, Tulsa Roofing not all bad per se, but you know it’s it’s ultimately up to you who you’re going to use so just some things that you need to know as a consumer before you know Deciding exactly who, whoever you’re going to use to repair roof to to replace your roof. So some of the pros that for these out-of-town Storm Chasers, they can often speed up the renovation process in a given area. So you know they’re there to work there there to work fast, and then they want to move on to the next think. So they’re definitely going to get everything done for you pretty quickly, there’s no denying that they may they really do that. Tulsa Roofing they do have a great deal of insurance expertise because that’s pretty much all they deal with and you know, they’re they’re chasing storms are chasing insurance claims, so they really only deal with insurance and cell granted. They do have a lot of experience in that area and you’re. Definitely probably go to be dealing with an insurance claim for hail. Storm comes through and takes out your roof, so they do have a lot of experience with that. No on the inside on the the negatives of they’re going to have against, then they don’t have really any any knowledge of local area. They don’t know the laws in the building codes of the local area on the third just coming through from out-of-state, wherever there’s often a large turnover for not just their salesman before their crew. So you know why people get fed up of life on the road, so they leave pretty quickly.

So there’s a lot of turnover when it comes to those companies often not properly trained on this type of work. So you know they haven’t gone through many factors, training or there’s a lot of areas where they can go through different types of training. But let me know again when you’re dealing with a company that has a high turnover rate, then you’re going to be dealing with new employees, all the time and those people probably aren’t experienced they’re alright, but they aren’t trained, there’s a really good chance. So they’re going to have a bad reputation just because you know they’re there fly-by-night company they they definitely Rush on everything they do again, they’re just trying to quickly move on to the next area. Just as fast as I can so when you know people rush through really anything there’s going to be inconsistencies, the quality of the work is going to take a hit so they’re not necessarily focused on how good can we do this job? There’S focus on how quickly can we do this job so that we can do the next one and then the next one, and then the next one? So you know you’re going to sacrifice a lot of craftsmanship a lot of quality. If those people were just looking for the next to you and moving on as quickly as I possibly can and a lot of times, they don’t offer warranties and what warranty they do. Offer they they may not even be able to back them up, because you know it as soon as they’re done in an area they’re on there they’re going home they’re going to the next place, wherever they’re not even going to be there. So there’s going to be there to replace roof and then gone forever and good luck getting a hold of them and they they also might have low standards on material quality, again they’re just trying to make as much money as I can as quickly as I can. So they’re going to buy the cheaper materials are going to try to cut Corners wherever they can they’re they’re really just looking for the profit, so they can just keep going and going there’s. Definitely some benefits some positive to him. Tulsa Roofing You know it may be, especially if a big storm hits that you know local local contractor might be backed up for days, maybe even weeks as far as the amount of roots are there going to have to replace, and then you know you have this company coming In but they say they can take care of it right away, so there is some benefit to how quickly they can get two things, because I mean really that’s that’s their their goal there in game. Is they just want to be done as quickly as possible? So you know they say they help supplement the fact that a lot of us local contractors will be backed up whenever they come in. They know that so they’re going to get a lot of business that way, but you know but again back to what I said about how quickly they’re trying to get through everything. So a lot of that that quality of the work is actually going to be negate. It just simply because they’re just trying

to get done as fast as I can. I can’t tell you the the number of homeowners that have their insurance policy for over 10 to 20 um 40 years and their insurance claim gets denied, even with obviously image. So you know if it’s very common, so regardless of who using storm chaser somebody local, whatever they need to be experienced in my insurance claim it happens all the time. So, for whatever reason, maybe insurance companies don’t want to pay out and you’re going to have to deal with them? You need somebody experiences going to deal with them. You know I’ve said it before, but you know these the storm chasers. They definitely deal with insurance. Quite a bit so they they probably will have some some insurance experience and know exactly how to deal with that. But you know you just got to be just be careful. Unfortunately, due to the nature of their business, they will be gone because they’re in and out. That’S it that’s an illegal move on just as quickly as I possibly it’s almost time to a Gipsy Vagabond somebody, that’s just really going from place to place to place. So you know, don’t necessarily somebody that’s going to be around for the long-haul somebody there going to be able to get a hold of. If anything, bad happens. They’Re hiring practices are our kind of questionable because you know again there’s a high turnover rate because people get tired of that going on the road all the time and for whatever reason to leave so then they’re, just looking for the next guy somebody they can get In there they need a body, Tulsa Roofing so they can keep working as fast as possible. So dealing with that you’re going to deal with a lot of inexperienced people. You know that they may not hire somebody. That’S got plenty of experience to hire somebody that just says hey. I’M here at work, I want to go to work and makes me know they’re up on the roof, so they definitely can have some some questionable hiring practices and again when it comes to their sales people. You know a lot of these companies that hire as many people as I can tell people just work on commission, so they only get paid whenever a roof actually gets done. So you know these. These people can be very questionable as well. They just try to hire as many people as they can go out and knock on doors as much business as you can. It’S just a numbers game to them, see what sticks.

So I’m going to be doing with inexperienced people on that side as well, and then you know they don’t really have time to to weed out those sales people, so you might be dealing with some pushy. Somebody is very aggressive. Somebody that is really doesn’t know what they’re doing so, there’s a lot a lot of things that are going to come into play as far as the people that even work for that company that’s coming in do a lot of this is just from experience. There’S a lotta, over-promising and under-delivering, so it can come to come to the product. I can come to the the time frame, there’s a lot of things where they can just kind of maybe even it’s the old bait-and-switch, but you know there’s a lot of things that they will do to just try to get the job just so they can get Paid and then they move on their own, the next state, wherever they’re going to place, you can even get a hold of them. They don’t even care. Tulsa Roofing So that’s that’s going to be a big thing. They’Re not really worried about their reputation in whatever area, because they’re just going to move on to the next, so you know just got to watch for a lot of that a lot of times. Tulsa Roofing They will pretend to be a local company. We see this a lot too, so they you definitely need to check their licensing, maybe check the the Better Business sure I’ll see if they’re even on there see if they’re really who they say they are see if they’re local, because a lot of them will tell You they are just so they can get the job in that kind of goes into the to the bait-and-switch area as well. I mean it’s just build, will tell you one thing: just completely lie to you just because they’re really just chasing that dollar trying to get that work done. So it’s all have about that. So Quality Time, Podcast, Tulsa, Roofing,