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Says the qawali time, podcast episode, number 30 Quality Roofing until it’s a roofing company and we are going to be going over, you know basically buying a roof. So what you need to know when it comes to buying a roof and there’s something you need to consider. I mean there’s, there’s some things in your home that you can definitely put off for repairs to go. You know, maybe your kid put his head through a door punched, a hole in the wall cuz he was angry. I would spank that child, but that’s just me but anyways. Maybe that actually happened, and so you know those are some things that you can actually put off. You know those aren’t things that could actually affect your home. Ultimately, from you know, it couldn’t cause more damage. I would say the things that you can put off: you can wait a year. You can wait 5 years, whatever you patch a drywall move on out. There are some types of repairs that you can probably just put off, not worry about, Tulsa Roofing but your roof is in something that you can just kind of put often and think that, well you know it’s leaking a little bit. Tulsa Roofing Maybe in a couple years will will get a new one. It’S really not that you can’t do that. So what comes your roof? You know it’s! It’S really the only thing protecting your home from outside elements, and so I see you have a leak and you know you have a week and you just ignore it. So you have a small drip, just a little drip and then maybe next time it rains that drips a little bit bigger and the next thing you know you just keep putting off put it off 2 years from now hope, and that’s the last thing you want. I mean it just going to get bigger and bigger bigger, so it’s not something that you can just keep putting off and putting off as far as repair goes, because, ultimately, it’s just going to cause a lot more damage to others of your home that you would Even think of so I really really recommend if you have anything wrong with your roof, we have any kind of damage that you are wherever. Maybe you aren’t even aware of just just have somebody come out and take a look, because you know what can start off as maybe right now, it’s just a simple repair. Maybe it’s cheap in comparison. You know to have somebody actually just repair whatever you need done, but the more and more you ignore that and it just let it go the bigger it’s going to be and then eventually it’s going to turn into a whole project.
It’S going to turn into a whole new roof. Tulsa Roofing I could turn into a whole new ceiling. It could turn into so many things and there’s a lot of things that can get damaged just by putting things off. So it’s definitely not something that you can just kind of put off and ignore and and get to it when you get to it. But it’s something that you really need to address as soon as possible and get it figured out now. Some things that you need to know is, you know I don’t necessarily recommend just everybody risk their life by jumping on their own roof. But you know if you can definitely look ground level and see if you see any issues before actually getting up on the roof and and going that route, Tulsa Roofing so I would definitely start there. You know it. Maybe you know you have issues, maybe you’re just kind of do when your your annual biennial was kind of what I prefer inspection, but you can do a lot of it from the ground.
You know I mean if you get a three-story house or to your house or five-storey house, maybe he might be a little more difficult to spot things from the ground and I said when I want to recommend a homeowner getting up on it anyways. But you know realistically a lot of things you can actually just noticed from ground level to take a look and see what you can see. You know look for areas that are cracked or curled. You know check for missing shingles and those are all you know easy. Signs you know that you probably need a new roof and then also you can check it flashing around the chimney is, if you have skylights and roof valleys, and those types of things check. Your rubber boots around around your vents make sure that they’re, not cracked, because those do crack overtime. I know from experience, and you know if you, if you have a an actual leak, if you’re aware hey. Yes, I do have a leak. I know I have only been call somebody get somebody out there, don’t just let it go, and so those are just some things as far as you get. It checked out some things to look for on your own and then some point where you just need to get somebody out there. So obviously, if you have a leak, don’t just assume I have a leak and then just keep a pot ready every time it rains. You definitely need somebody to come. Take a look because, eventually, that’s going to turn into a big big problem. So you really just can’t let things go when it comes to your room now, some some things that you need to consider as far as Roofing guess you know, if you need a new roof, will come across this all the time. Somebody may have currently a couple layers of shingles: they literally shingled on top of shingles, not good, because it just can cause a lot of issues and then realistically, if it’s going to be up to code whenever you’re getting a new roof, Tulsa Roofing then all that’s going to Have to be stripped off so it’s not like hey, I have two players and then let’s just put another layer on top. No, Tulsa Roofing it doesn’t work that way, or maybe I have one and then maybe you could just put another layer on top of that one.
No it just if it’s going to be up to code is going to have to be taking off completely and then something to consider. I mean as far as a couple layers of shingles there heavy. So you know, if you decide, you want to replace two layers with two players, but it’s going to be heavy, I mean, even if you go with the heavier shingle, so why not just go with a single layer with an even heavier shingle, just one single layer, But I have your single I’ve said before you know: there’s a lot of a lot of different types of shingles and wind rating as far as shingles go and things that you can get in as far as bang for your buck. But you know it’s: it’s probably a good idea just to go with a heavier shingle. It just get that single single layer, because you know the weight of two layers of shingles is really just. Obviously I mean it’s just going to be heavier. Then then, a single and then I can actually cause some issues except another thing you need to consider as far as actually getting everything removed before putting a new roof on is because once everything is removed, we can check for, would rock it. So your decking can can ride over time, and those are some things that you may not be able to see you and just from a nag space. You might not be able to see it until you actually get the shingles off and then you’ll notice, hey this area over here is definitely rod and we need to replace this area of decking. So those are some things that won’t be completely visible until an entire roof comes off. As far as you know, the existing shingles and cheating, and all that because then it’ll be able to see any kind of kind of problem areas, and then you know it whenever a new roof is put on a old roof is going to be removed.
You’Re going to need a new underlayment and trust me this far as his underlayment goes, it’s going to be going on the roof. They’Re making changes all the time, they’re always improving that. So whatever you have curly to get a 10 year old, roofer, 15 or maybe even bought the new underlayment that is available is going to be a lot more. It’S definitely a lot longer there going to be a lot stronger than what you currently have for sure. So that’s another thing to consider as far as not just shingling over an existing layer, you definitely want to do a strip down and get all do everything that you possibly can say. That’S really a my opinion. That’S was going to give you the the most protection. Just get rid of the old out with the old in with the new and get that all taken care of, and then make sure you know whatever. Whatever you do make sure that you’re going to get a warranty not just on the the workmanship but on the materials well to make sure the reason good material, with a good quality warranty which should be offered from the manufacturer. But you know another thing. You definitely want is going to be that workmanship warranty. So sometimes it happens where you know. Maybe it was mr. overlooked or not done correctly, and then you know what few weeks later after a new roof put on, you might notice a little leak somewhere. That could be, you know something simple. Just me on somebody miss something: it happens, everybody’s human, Tulsa Roofing but you definitely want that workmanship warranty so that they’re going to come back out and they’re going to fix it there to get you taken care of and if any damage was actually caused from that, but that They’Re going to take care of all of that, so you know you really want that workmanship warranty. You really want that manufacturer’s warranty, Tulsa Roofing so you want to be protected as much as possible and then that’s something that I always tell everybody look for in the best thing. With dealing with a local company is just basically going to be the fact that you know they’re going to be there when, when you call there here today, they’re going to be here tomorrow, so always do your homework. I can’t say this enough, and I say this several times and in multiple episodes. You always do your homework as far as roofers go and deal with somebody that has been around that will be around that’s going to get you taken care of. That has experience and somebody local, because the last thing you want to do is be calling somebody on 20 working and you can’t find them because they don’t live here. They live in Massachusetts. I don’t know they’re just out chasing storms and getting roof done and been going about their business, so those guys are not going to be able to get you taken care of when you need it always call local call, Quality, Roofing, Tulsa, Roofing,