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This is the quality time podcast episode number 12th, and today I’m going to talk about inspecting your home, how to determine if you have hail damage. So what you need to look for, after a hailstorm to see if you really had any damage at your house and see if you need to move forward on getting anything repaired or fixed Quality Roofing, we do Roofing in Tulsa Oklahoma, Tulsa Roofing. So you need to look for after a hail storm. Just because of hail storm hit. Send that’s really mean that you have damage just because it hail doesn’t mean it was even big enough long enough hard enough, for it actually do anything, but I definitely recommend taking a walk around as a homeowner and take a look at some things does Siri stand see If anything’s been been damaged, anything’s actually at a point where maybe you need to get the insurance company on the phone and and come out and take a look I’m going to hit? It doesn’t necessarily mean that your roof is totaled, but there could be some other things around your house, so you need to look at to make sure that everything is good. So there’s been a lot of stuff. Tulsa Roofing You know that I deal with them, people you know they don’t really think that they have hail damage, because I don’t see any obvious signs around the house, but they just don’t really know what to look for when it comes to the roof, particularly so maybe in That case, nothing really got damaged around the house, but the roofs actually at a point where you can make an insurance claim on it. And it’s it’s that bad. But you know you as a a homeowner. You don’t necessarily know that, because you don’t deal with these types of things everyday, you don’t know you’re not trained on what to look for so some people do but most cases they don’t necessarily know for sure.

So it’s always a good idea to call us have us. Come out take a look, and I will help you will look at everything. Will look all around the house will look and see if we can find the image really anywhere just to make sure that you’re covered. So if you don’t need a new roof great, but maybe something else happened around the house as a result of that hail storm, and we can tell you you know what we see and what to look for, and that way you can. You can get that stuff. Taken care of so the obvious is you know when he’ll hit your roof, granules on the shingles will actually become loose and the fall off, and so as a sailing is also raining today and so it’ll actually wash those granules from your shingles down. So you can find obviousend of day Monsieur shingles, Tulsa Roofing just by looking for green rolls around your house, so those two will tend to collect in the gutters is a big place for that ago, obviously run off straight from the roof into the gutter. So if you look down your gutters and you see granules from your shingles, then you probably got some damage or another place to look for would be downspouts on your on your gutters, so where the water actually drains out, you may actually have green holes in your Driveway they make it into your yard. So look around those downspout areas and make sure that you don’t have any any granule loss and in those types of things, and if you see that and then that could be an obvious sign, that you definitely need somebody to come out. Take a look and see how bad is it image so Greenville lost, it happens. Sometimes it just some old loosen up a little bit and it’ll come off over time, but at the same time you knowonly check for those things after Halestorm to see. If those are are laying around somewhere, because that that can be a a very obvious sign that there’s something happened to your roof and then he’ll damage really accelerate the the aging process of your roof. So it’s maybe the beginning, isn’t necessarily bad enough for a claim. But over time I’m just the result of impacts on your roof will will tend to make it last a little less, not quite as long as it would have had not seen any of that damage. So I don’t think to look for you know the kind of obvious. If you don’t park your car in the garage every night, then after Halestorm, then maybe your car got hit,

maybe got some hail damage on your car and see. If you see that and then you don’t necessarily need to get up on the roof, because pretty obvious, if your car got hit never got it so at that point again definitely call us. Have somebody come out take a look and make sure that the damage you know about it is. Is it so bad that you need a new roof? Did you kind of look out and the roof didn’t get hit that bad, but unfortunately the vehicles did, but that can be a very obvious sign very easy place to look right. There is just the cars in the driveway and see where those that may or may not have been hit by hail. You can have damage to wood to metal minutes. So if you look up on the roof there there’s all kinds of Vince up there, but their ding a dented all over the top. Then that’s a pretty obvious sign. Your roof got hit. So that is a I, don’t necessarily recommend everybody getting up on the roof to take a look, but you know a lot of times. You can see that from the ground, but that is nextto. Look for those discoveries are pretty pretty thin metal. So if they get pounded, then it becomes pretty obvious that they’re hit and again it doesn’t hit your roof. It there’s really no way around that for a roof with wood, shingles, look for indents in the shingles or something that has hit it with a granule loss. Again, so look for look for all that and you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly. Tulsa Roofing You know it if you had some damage specially on a granule loss, but not every thing that you see on the roof that maybe looks got out of place is necessarily a hail hit. Tulsa Roofing so there there’s other things that can actually happen to cause that you have. Maybe a tree was rubbing up against your roof or there’s actually something that we called blistering. That can happen, so those types of things can happen and in those can get kind of confused with. Maybe that was hail damage I don’t know so definitely call a qualified person a somebody to to come out. Take a look at that for you to make sure that you don’t need a new roof and if you do we’re actually here to help come on. You know I shake roof. Look for scraping, shakes, May Splinter if they’ve been hit hard enough with hail, and so that’s something to look for on a tile roof slate roof those those withstand hail damage a lot better than then most of your other material. Tulsa Roofing but it’s possible for us to crack and ship them, so they should definitely look at metal roof. Obviously, you know Metals pretty strong, but helping me pretty strong, so look for dents in the metal and see you know make sure that it didn’t get pounded too hard, because you know you just you just need to make sure gutters downspouts those types of things doesn’t Get hit, that’s the gutters and downspouts are kinda a pretty thin material. So when they’re, when they’re metal, you can tell pretty quickly if they’ve been hit by hail, the mule see dings and dents in their siding, siding can get damaged so watch for that leaks in the house. So you know that I can be an obvious sign that you had storm damage and then a couple other places to look. I would look at the screens on your windows because he’ll hits hard enough and it comes down. It’Ll it’ll put some dents in those screens.

It’Ll tear him up pretty good so that I can be pretty obvious obvious area to look at to see. Tulsa Roofing If you have any kind of damage in another place would be actually look at your AC because you know who the citing the side around your AC there’s. There’S a pretty thin screen around there, and so it can be pretty obvious when, when that gets hit with the biggest thing is, if you think at all that you’ve been affected by Halestorm, then call somebody, that’s qualified somebody local to come out. Take a look. Call us Quality, Roofing and we’ll just make sure you know. That’S that’s the biggest thing. We just want to make sure that you don’t necessarily need a new roof. If you do, then we’ll help, you handle every aspect of that, but you should definitely have it checked out, because the last thing you want to do is actually have hail damage and then you get outside of your claim. With your insurance and a result of that Hail damage that you got today and takes a while to to become prevalent, two to actually appear and and cause you any kind of pain to the point where, like I will it’s time to call insurance and then they just simply say at that point that it Was due to neglect – and you didn’t claim it in time and then it’s not going to be covered. So if you have any kind of inkling that you may have any kind of hail damage, then it’s definitely a good idea to go out and have somebody come out.