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Susie Quality Time, Podcast episode, number 41 Quality, Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company and today going to be talking about something very important and that is replacing your roof. So I’m when it comes to repairs around your house and and some things that make it put off for quite some time, replacing a roof is definitely not one of those things. So I’m just so you know your roof is a very important aspect of your home. That keeps all the elements from the outside of your home. Getting to the inside, so putting off replacing leaky roof is really not a good thing today. So we should probably consider is before you go ahead yourself as a homeowner and get up on the roof. You should definitely see what you can see from the ground, so obviously it’s going to be a lot safer for you. If you’re not up, you know on the roof, yourselfI don’t risk it. If you don’t have to but see if you can notice anything out of the ordinary just from ground level, so what you’re really looking for is, if you do have a problem area that you know about, maybe have a leak inside the home in 10. Tulsa Roofing You know that you have issues at that point where you’re going to be looking for is anything out of the ordinary been most time you can spot some of that from the ground. To look for you know, shingles are messed up. She wants her curling. You know just where they’re they’re kind of raising up on the edges, which they can do overtime and maybe have your missing shingles completely. That could be blatantly obvious just from from ground level things that you’re going to be looking for, and so you know, if you do have a leak, I would definitely recommend having someone come out, a professional come out and actually take a look at your see. What the problem is and to see the best way to take is it actually going to be something that needs to be completely replaced. Is it something that can simply be repaired? So if we have somebody come out and look at that for you and make that determination and see exactly where you’re going to have to go from from week to nobly so now, as far as Roofing goes, if you’re going to actually get a completely new roof, Layering, on top of an old later is not necessarily the best way to go. It’S really not recommended, and it’s really not up to code.

If you do that, so sometimes people will. I don’t know why you would, but just know when you know, when codes actually require an older to be completely stripped of the old shingles, all the way down to the sheathing, and you know, on top of that, you know a lot of home you’re, not actually strong Enough to support multiple layers, so what you’re doing is your central, adding a ton more weight? And you know it’s not necessarily designed for that, so you can run into some issues and something else you know if, if somebody were to just shingle on top of old shingles, are not looking at the the decking in the wood underneath of the existing shingles they’re. Not going to notice any kind of water damage rot, or maybe you got a infestation of insects. Tulsa Roofing You know it’s just those are some things that are not going to be usually viewable. If someone were to just slap some new shingles on top of some old ones, and then just you know whenever it comes to replacing a roof cost as far as roofs go, Tulsa Roofing are done by the square 100 square foot area and that’s going to estimate not just How much material you’re going to need, but there’s typically cost per square and the every refer has paying that’s where they’re going to come up with the not just the amount that you’re going out to pee, but as well as the amount of material that you’re going To need to be a good gauge of a time as well, obviously, when you’re dealing with an experienced roofing company like Quality Roofing here in Tulsa, near Tulsa, roofing company you’re, going to find out that you know just through experience, we know pretty much pretty quickly how Much material you’re going to need and how long the job going to take. Then you know there are different types of roofs and roofing material, so obviously the most common that you’re going to see you’re going to be asphalt, shingles they’re, pretty light they’re easy to install and they pretty much fit just right. Everybody’S budget, so you’re most common material. Ever I just going to be an asphalt shingle, then you have me a slate roofs.

You have maybe a fake slate which is actually stronger than then actual slate. You know composite material made to resemble slate, but that’s a very strong sturdy material probably will last a little longer than just regular asphalt, shingle and you have metal, roofing, metal, roofing very, very common. These days, I’m getting more more popular, so they’re, not just on metal homes, anymore they’re, actually on a stick-built house a lot of times, but it’s a good material to go to. If you know durability is a big thing for you, I would say, because a metal roof cannot last pretty much any other material in the long run. Typically, a a shingle roof is good for about 20 years or so. But then, once you start dealing with with a metal roof, you know that likes man could could be 70 years 100 years, Tulsa Roofing so you can wash your entire lifetime. I mean really so. Metal is a really good material, but it’s going to cost you because maybe you’re upgrading from from shingle to metal, there’s, obviously a difference in that huge difference in the material. And so you know it’s going to be a little bit more costly. As opposed to just a regular asphalt, shingle roof how many known as materials are, you know basically just some areas were you know you have options as a homeowner on what you’re going to go with as far as under roof? Guess I’m a maybe you to shingle? Maybe you choose metal, maybe have a tile roof, Olga materials and there’s really nothing that I would say, or just incredible over another just really comes down to preference. So but you have several options when it comes to a new roof and then, as far as what to expect whenever, whenever somebody comes out to inspect her roof, regardless of whatever material, it is obviously depending on materials going to depend on if they’re actually going to Crawl up and around on your roof, it’s not really recommended for an Alexa.

A wood Shaker Kyle for 2 minutes early, just be crawling around on it unless I absolutely have to. But what you can expect whenever something comes out to inspect your roof is all started. The ground level, typically looking around to see because most recent are, are asphalt, shingles, but probably start around at the ground level. Looking to see, if there’s any kind of granule loss or anything at the the downspout to the guttering and there going to take a general observation from the ground and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary before they have to actually get up on the roof. But really nothing is going to be completed until somebody does get up. At the very least, I haven’t rolled her view of the rooftop itself and then from there you know they’re going to determine if you do have damage, and at that point, is it going to be significant enough damage to? Where are you going to need a completely new roof, or can it just simply be a repair most cases? A new roof is going to be your best option. If you have reached a point where you have damage, then you know getting a full new roof is actually going to benefit you when it comes to things like warranty in those types of other things, plus typically, when a root pass the image for the most part. It’S reached a point in its lifetime, where it’s probably a good idea to replace the entire thing, and then, at that point it’s really going to come down to. Is it something that your insurance is going to help you pay for, and hopefully it is, but in some cases it’s not just kind of depends on the extent of the damage, but you know there’s that say after a hailstorm, Tulsa Roofing if you have hail damage, then obviously Back in warrant full insurance claim to get that roof replaced and were very good at working with with insurance companies and getting them to give you the full amount of your claim so that you’re you’re covered as a homeowner taken care of so you’re paying your insurance. Every month they should take care of you and we’re very good at at helping with that process, so total. How are you today? This is Quality Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company,