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This is a quality time: podcast episode, number 44 Quality Roofing, your Tulsa roofing company and today, I’m just going to go over a few things as far as some signs that you may need to replace your roof, and these are just some general things. There may be several other reasons why you may need replaced or just going to hit on some of the basics and as far as some things, to look for some things to consider and definitely, if you’re, at a point where you have any of these call Quality. Roofing, your toes roofing company will come out. Take a look, will make sure that you’re taken care of and your roof is done properly. So the biggest thing is making sure that if you notice any of these issues on your roof – or maybe it’s just simply a time frame when you need her, you need to get the room checked out. Tulsa Roofing You need to make sure that you’re taken care of you need to make sure if your roof needs replaced or repaired that that’s done before it becomes a big problem later on. So you really don’t want to neglect anything when it comes to your roof and the minute you notice something you really want to have it checked out. You want to see where you stand and see if it really is a big issue and try to get it taken care of before it becomes a much larger issue that maybe that currently is so now. The most obvious thing is going to be the age of your roof, so you know if you’re, reaching AA 20-year Mark or maybe even a 30-year mark on a roof. It’S probably done especially if it’s an asphalt shingle, so I’m just simply by Angel own. You may have to be at a point where you need to completely replace your roof. Tulsa Roofing The ruin just now made the last forever and they do have a life span of about 20 to 30 years and knowing that, if you’re reaching a point where you’re near that, that lifespan definitely have it inspected and take a look. Have somebody take a look to work? You know they can tell. If you know, you’ve really reached a point where, if you need to completely redo your roof and when so, they just very easy want to keep track of, but yeah so 20-30 years tops and really, if you’re nearing even that 20-year Mark, you should definitely be having Your roof inspected, if you haven’t already just to see you know that the current condition of it and really maybe get some kind of about. How much longer you have left now anything can happen after that inspection. You know someone who could come Thru and and expedite that damage, but you know it’s definitely worth having somebody take a look at specially when you’re near and that the end of the the lifespan of the roof and then curling shingles very common.

To see this a lot, especially on her older roof, but there’s really a lot of reasons why shingle could curl and when they do curl, you know it can. Actually, it you’re not getting the full production of wooden, whichever shingles are actually curled up, so water or moisture in those types of things can can get in and get underneath that that shingle and then that can lead to damage so curling shingles are are not a Good thing, and then so, if you notice any of that going on, you really need to have it take a look at you know, may not be something to be taken care of right, away yeah, but then again maybe it is, and you definitely want that looked at By a professional before making a decision before costing you a lot of money later so and then, if you have shingles completely missing from the roof common, see it all the time but missing shingles is not a good thing. It’S just. I don’t know why you would ignore that man let it set for even a back to the minute. Tulsa Roofing You notice, you have missing shingles, you need to call Quality, Roofing house come out and take a look at your butt. You know. Sometimes people throw patch on the area where shingles are missing, not fully recommended kind of depends on the situation, the circumstance, but I would definitely have that inspected and Cy see if there’s really a reason why to see. Tulsa Roofing If it looks like any more going to be coming off anytime soon, because just seen one or two shingles missing could be a sign, that you have a lot more damage than then you’re, aware of so definitely get that inspected and then shingles at that are cracked overtime. That’S just going to happen, especially on an old roof for me, just like that. The curling and buckling of the shingles, but she was – are cracked. There could be other reasons why they’re cracked and you know it. It really could be a precursor that there’s other damage and you’re going to need a replacement, so curling cracking buckling shingles. Anything is fine, just laying flat and looking pretty should definitely be looked at by a professional, because you know again. Last thing you want to do is end up so far down the line that some smaller Sheena Kevin fixed turns into two very large problem for you and.

Then, if you’re, finding granules in the gutters or on the downspouts of the gutters, pretty common to see, you may see this little buildup of almost looks like sand on the ground where your gutter downspouts are now. If they’re the same color shingles is very obvious. But what that is is as it as it rains it’s washing off granules from your shingles, depositing those into your Gathering and then eventually slowing down. They may be more obvious signs actually inside of the gutters. So if you get up early and you actually take a look stupid in the gutter and see what you can see, then you may notice that town that there’s grain was in there several reasons why you can have granule loss on a roof. But when you do start to have that, and you start to notice the signs truly, a sign that that you’re probably going to need a replacement on a roof and because your roof is losing its Integrity. Slowly. But surely so those granules are meant to stay on the shingles and once they start coming off of the shingles you’re, going to start out as having issues so definitely watch for for granule loss, always Moon if you get moss or algae start growing on your shingles. That’S really not a good thing: they retain moisture, moisture on a roof, snot good research of us to deflect moisture, not hold moisture so moss and algae yeah. They do make a a cleaner and sealer. Basically, where you know you can get this taken care of and you can get it removed if you do have moss and algae growing on your roof. And hopefully this point you don’t have any other problems as far as you know how long it’s been there and it actually causing other issues to your roof. But if it’s just simple have yet to Moss, I got some allergy, then you know when you can probably get that wash off in the end, not have a problem but then again and just kind of depends on how long it’s been there. In the extent of it on whether or not you’re going to have a problem, Tulsa Roofing but moss and algae growing on a roof are not things that are good there to shop and then, as far as your roof goes, if you notice it’s sagging doesn’t necessarily mean that You have a full-blown problem area and you need it replaced just because it’s sagging, but it’s definitely something worth looking into and having a professional come out and inspect so saggy on a roofing come from many many reasons, but you know it if it is a point Where you do damage, once you notice that sagging, depending on how far along it is, I mean that that decking underneath could be so far gone, that it’s just literally going to crumble under any kind of pressure.

So if you notice sagging, it’s definitely worth having somebody come out and take a look for you to see. Kind of where you stand is a really an issue. Is it not worth worrying about what have you, but if you notice it, I would definitely have somebody. Come out and take a look at that for you and again just kind of see where you stand and then, if you can see daylight, if you’re in your attic and you can actually see daylight coming through from the roof area, not a good thing. Just not you should be completely covered, your entire roof should be watertight and being watertight. You should not be able to see daylight through any cracks or crevices anywhere whatsoever. So if you can she brought a light from inside of your attic area, then you probably have a problem, and so if that is something that you have going on, make sure that you call Quality Roofing your Tulsa roofing company will come out. Will take a look at that, for you see what we can do see how far along it is see you the extent of the damage and really getting taken care of, because again, you want to be taken care of any of these issues as quickly as possible Before they become a larger issue,