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This is the quality time podcast episode, number 21 and roofing company today we’re going to be talking about the top 10 tips for roofing. So a lot of these are actually going to apply to a roofer like myself, coming out to your home, but some of these could apply to you as a homeowner. Maybe you want to take it upon yourself to check things out. Maybe you got some issues with the roof and Soul, Eater kind of the top things that you might want to look for check out going to do very first thing that you need to consider if you’re going to do anything regarding your roof for going to get up On top of that thing is safety, so Summers have a pretty steep pitch and I don’t remember me, and anybody just getting up there and and just walking around and check things out, hire somebody to come out. Take a look will come out. Take a look for free, but safety is the the biggest concern with anybody who’s ever going to get on the roof all kind of high up there. Tulsa Roofing So the last thing you want to do is roll off fall off,
have to jump off. If you lose your lighter too safe to use the biggest biggest thing that you’re going to have to deal with, you got to make sure that you’re you’re comfortable and safe. So you know if you’re not getting up there and dress shoes or flip-flops or anything like that. You want to make sure you got some some good shoes with with a good grip and. Then, Tulsa Roofing let’s say you’re you’re looking for a leak, so say that you know your roof leaks when it rains and you’re going up there. You want to check it out. You want to try to find that leak. Take a garden hose with you. Tulsa Roofing That’S that’s the easiest way to do it. Tulsa Roofing That’S what we do very often and just take a hose up there with you. Can I get to the water turn it on and take it up there and start spraying around on top of your roof, and this would really work better. If so, you have a cell phone. When you have somebody else in the house with the cell phone, you guys are both talking to each other and warriors on the Roof. Then they can tell you now: hey you’re in a spot, Tulsa Roofing it’s leaking, and then you can really kind of knock it out and tell where that at least coming from. So that’s really the easiest way that way: you’re not up there any kind of crazy storm or anything, just a simple, simple garden hose is the easiest way to find any leak,
so I can set it it’s probably at least man job have somebody in there around word, Meaning of the leak is, and then you’re up there with the hose and make it make it pretty easy to figure it out what things I do. I try to do. Every time I get up on the roof, I’ll notice it you know – maybe there’s some stuff in somebody’s got her, but just by default I buy reaching there and throw some of it out clean it out for a little bit, but definitely keep your gutters clean. That’S that can actually cause your roof to leak. If your gutters are all clogged and backed up and then that water is going to have nowhere to go so I can start putting pressure on on places that it doesn’t need to be so it’s better there for a reason and when they back up it’s going To cost you some issues so make sure that you’re you’re keeping your your gutters clean them for sure avoid dry, rot, that’s the, common, very calm and I’ll just try. Anyhow, it’s not really related to water damage, but more so lack of ventilation. So you’ll notice, a lot of houses have what we call pipe Jack’s little pieces of PVC pipe coming up out of them. Some houses have what we call a ridge vent switch up on the ridge of the the roof, there’s some ventilation in there.
But basically what happens is you know? The lack of ventilation can actually cause wooden things around your roof to dry rot. So the plywood and everything it just starts said deteriorate because it doesn’t really have the the right ventilation. If you don’t have obviously enough ventilation or there’s something wrong with your current ventilation, or maybe it’s not adequate enough that happens often so those are some things to look for preventing buildup of ice. So you know whenever it gets cold outside and we get snow, we get ice. That’S not necessarily a good thing for a roof because you know sometimes I can they can get underneath your shingles. I can get into areas that were already problem areas and I’m with water expands and contracts. It can cause some things to break and cause some issues, caution weeks, so having a a ice Shield, but we call it very good things to have in the right drip edge along the edge of the roof. Tulsa Roofing Those things will help prevent ice buildup, but it is very common for people to have issues after an ice storm. Like said that, the biggest thing is that water will get into places. It’S not supposed to be then will expand when it turns to ice, and then, when it melts next thing you know: do you have a bigger issue than than you had before? Roof boots are a common issues as well. So I just recently had this on on my personal home, where the pipe Jack’s coming to the house. There is a boot around it, so that little white pieces of PVC pipe sticking up the roof ventilation. There is a rubber boot around there to keep water and moisture from coming into the house, and sometimes those can get old and dry and rock crack and when it happens, water just going to find its way in. So those are definitely something to check out.
Also a lot of times when somebody says they have a leak from the roof, then that’s actually a an easy fix just by fixing those boots. But that’s that’s kind of the common common area where we run into the so. That’S definitely something to to check out and then the shingles themselves. I mean you want to want to go around. You want inspector, make sure they’re in good shape, make sure that they’re, not cracked or broken it’s pretty easy to notice, hail damage. I mean they look like little hits in your in your shingles you’ll notice. Little areas were maybe some pecan granules, where those are missing, and maybe you can just see almost like a black tar looking area inside a little circle and that’s pretty easy to tell that that that was actually a hail damage. So definitely check your your shingles on your roof if you’re having issues or maybe you just want to check them out after the storm and make sure that that nothing happened but check on those. For me, like I said, any kind of cracks or missing or are they loose? Do you notice any hail hits are the any nails pop it up? I mean that that can cause an issue as well. So when an elf starts to pop up, then you’re going to have a little bit of an area where you’re, not single anymore cuz, I do is not all the way down, so I definitely will look for that as well. Bally’S check your Valley. Those are common issues as well. The Valley of the roof is where a lot of your water is going to run off,
accumulate straight into the valley and then come straight down from there and those are areas where a lot of things can happen. I mean that’s where the majority of water is running so that’s, where a lot a lot of stuff can happen again with with ice as well as can build up in The Valleys. So those are just common problem area, sell beer up there with your water hose at my via a good place to be looking for hitting it because I getting a lot of water is just going to go directly towards that Valley, anyways, and so that’s coming down That way, I can call some issues and then don’t really get discouraged. Tulsa Roofing If, if you can’t find a leak that it’s really just a trial and error, I mean you, you really have to know what you’re looking for and kind of know the areas where you might have. Your problems, so you know I’m kind of going over some of those areas we’re going to have problems. Pipe Jacks are going to be issues making sure your gutters are clean. You know anywhere where you might have ice. It has built up your pipe Jack’s for your wear. Your boots are, maybe your shingles themselves are having issues or nail pops or what have you, but we have some. Some issues are not that easy to spot, but you should be able to to figure it out. You know, like I said it’s at least a two-man job, but a lot of this new process of elimination and trial and errors just going to evolve somebody up there with a water hose and somebody down below now, I’m in a lot of times, you will have A pretty good idea where your leak is at least in the house. So from that, and you know you can kind of go around the areas on your roof close to there and you know make sure you have your your spot already been watching and you know a lot of times. That’S what we’ll do, but just so you know, don’t get frustrated if you can’t find it. If you can’t find it on your own, then call US call it professional and will come out and we’ll take a look and get everything taken care for him up. For you so Quality Roofing near Tulsa, roofing company and that’s all I have for you today –